T Ball Tablet System Review

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What is T-Ball Tablet System

It maintains to be a tablet handle that also works as a stand and storage compartment to let you manage your pad without fumbling.


How does T-Ball Tablet System work?

Tablet handle, stand and storage compartment
T-Ball Tablet System is a tablet stand that claims to work as the much-needed third hand when you need to view, type, or browse your tab without losing its control. With regular cases you end up fumbling with the tab especially when you are multitasking. Then there are problems like finger prints on the screen when the tab exchanges hands. But T-Ball Tablet System proclaims that you won’t face these problems because it’s a handle, stand and storage compartment in one single contraption.


Ideal for any kind of tab use
Ideal for any pad, tab or e-reader, the secret of T-Ball Tablet System alleges to lie in its patented 3M Dual Lock Fastening System that holds on firmly to your tab and does not come off unless you want. It lets you view and record on your tab, so no more weird angles for taking selfies or shaky video recording of sporty events, awkwardly placing the tab to watch TV shows or movies; and you can even use the tab to give presentations. T-Ball Tablet System also states to have a compartment to store USB cables and earphones. It claims to be compact enough to be carried in your bag or purse and even turn the headrest in a car into a theater.


What do I get?

Get 2 T-Ball Tablet Systems for just $10.00 + $11.90 S/h. Official website: BuyTBall.com

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