Super Spiral Slicer Review

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What is Super Spiral Slicer?

Do you find yourself spending too much time chopping your vegetables and fruits? Now there is a fast, simple and easy way to cut and chop vegetables and fruits in a jiffy.
Here’s introducing the revolutionary new slicer, the Super Spiral Slicer, designed to slice and shred fruits and vegetables in just seconds. The Super Spiral Slicer is simple and easy to use. Just set it up and go!

Slice and shred all types of vegetables and fruits

With the Super Spiral Slicer slicing any type of fruit or vegetables is a breeze. You can use the Super Spiral Slicer to shred carrots, cut cucumber and chip potatoes instantly. Use the slicer to prepare gourmet salads, quick cook stir-fries, fancy garnishes, exciting slaws, curly fries and vegetable noodles
The Super Spiral Slicer gives you great results, you will simply love it.

Effortless and Saves time

Using the Super Spiral Slicer to cut, chop, slice and shred vegetables and fruits is simply easy. With absolutely no effort, the Super Spiral Slicer will do just the perfect slicing, cutting and shredding job for you.
The Super Spiral Slicer lets you stop wasting your precious time and effort chopping and cutting so you achieve chef-standard results.


No electrical power

This revolutionary slicer does not run on electrical power, simply set it up and it chops, shreds, slices and cuts to perfection.


Three blades for great results

The Super Spiral Slicer is designed with a choice of three blades (a shredder, a chipper and a straight blade for flat ribbons) for three different slicing and shredding settings to deliver a range of exceptional results.
Made with high-quality, these blades are impact resistant stainless steel and the nifty storage compartment keeps the other two blades safe and in one place.


Safe to use

The Super Spiral Slicer is designed keeping safety in mind which means your fingers never get near the blades, and the suction feet ensures a secure grip.


Easy To Clean

The Super Spiral Slicer is made with detachable parts making it easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


Helps prepare exciting dishes

With the incredible Super Spiral Slicer you can prepare delicious, tasty and mouth-watering dishes. The Super Spiral Slicer is great for Paleo, Atkins and gluten-free diets.
Order your Super Spiral Slicer right now and stop wasting your time and effort tediously chopping o need to waste your time and effort tediously chopping – get chef-standard results instead.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Super Spiral Slicer for $49.95
  • Official website:
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