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What is StrikeOutPain

It claims to be a revolutionary topical pain relief medication that is targeted to sooth and provide relief from chronic pain. The pain can be anywhere including lower back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pains, muscular pains, neck pain, neuralgia and more.


How does StrikeOutPain work?

A sure-shot pain reliever – StrikeOutPain proclaims that it is the most unique and innovative pain reliever that helps in soothing and relieving any type of chronic pain. At this point though there are no StrikeOutPain reviews that can attest claim. StrikeOutPain promises that it is very different from other solutions and can be just bought over the counter without a prescription as it comes with any side-effects. At this given time there are no user reviews to back such a promise.
Features and Benefits – StrikeOutPain assures to provide top-notch pain relief with its non-prescription formula. StrikeOutPain alleges to achieve this with three different snake venom and natural homeopathic ingredients. Together these powerful ingredients are highly effective in soothing any type of pain. StrikeOutPain emphasizes that these venoms are in a diluted quantity and extracted in a humane way. The contents of StrikeOutPain sound very fanciful but their effectiveness is a question better left to answer upon user reviews. StrikeOutPain promises that the breakthrough formula is non-narcotic which is why there is no chance that people will get addicted to it.

Is it really non-addictive? Send us your review.

Also there is no ingredient in StrikeOutPain which makes the user drowsy. Another major benefit that is claimed by it is that it does not smell and dries up quickly without leaving any residue. So basically StrikeOutPain promises to dry up without leaving any stain on clothes which is a claim that will be confirmed once it is reviewed. StrikeOutPain is mentioned to be anti-inflammatory and homeopathic along with FDA registration for safety assurances.

Easy to apply – StrikeOutPain alleges to be very easy to apply and will be proved once users review it. One has to simply apply StrikeOutPain rolling head onto the painful area and wait for the pain relief to begin. StrikeOutPain guarantees to start working up in the first hour of application and becomes stronger over the next 6 to 12 hours. But such fancy claims can be only substantiated once StrikeOutPain is reviewed by users. Since StrikeOutPain is topical it assures to be safer than pain reliever pills that can affect the liver and are highly addictive. But how well is StrikeOutPain as compared to doctor recommended medicines can be only revealed once it is reviewed.


For all kinds of pain – StrikeOutPain asserts to be very good in treating chronic pain conditions. These conditions can be due to various types of health issues right from a basic pain, diabetic in nature or arthritis based. Is StrikeOutPain really helpful in relieving all these type of pain? Send us your StrikeOutPain reviews. StrikeOutPain guarantees that the rolling head is easily reachable and applicable for all parts of the body. StrikeOutPain basically promises to relieve pain in the neck area, shoulders, elbows, wrists, lower back, hip joints, knees and ankles. These pains might be chronic in nature; rheumatoid arthritis based joint and muscular pain, neuralgia from diabetes and more. All these promises and claims by StrikeOutPain are too far-fetched, will be confirmed only after StrikeOutPain is reviewed.


What do I get?
You get a 3 oz. topical roll on unit of StrikeOutPain and a Power Band for $29.95 + $5.95 S&H. Official website:

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