Stretch N Seal Review and Product Info

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What is Stretch N Seal

It is a seal for your kitchen containers that promises to offer you an easy and instant way to store food.

Stretch N Seal maintains that now you can store food at home conveniently and also make sure that it stays fresh longer because of the air tight seal you get every single time. You take time in the kitchen to make your favourite dishes and cook them with a lot of passion. That’s why it’s annoying to have to throw them away because the leftover go bad. The same is true for fruits and vegetables, and you know that it’s a complete waste. You wish you had a food storage system that is easy to use and doesn’t need you to buy expensive containers ever so often. Stretch N Seal asserts that now storing food for later is a lot easier for you.

Stretch N Seal Features and Benefits

Stretch N Seal works with all containers
To begin with, you have to know that Stretch N Seal is made using durable and stretchable silicone, according to its claims. That’s the reason it can stretch up to two times its size. Importantly, you can stretch it over any shape container and get that perfect air tight seal. As a result your food will stay fresh and taste good too. Stretch N Seal also claims that it is an ideal solution for individual or family sized servings so that you can make the most out of it.


Stretch N Seal is microwavable
Stretch N Seal emphasizes on the fact that not only can you use it to store food but when you want to microwave it too. That’s because it’s perfectly safe to be used in a microwave. In fact it is temperature safe from -40 degree Celsius to 180 degree Celsius. Stretch N Seal is also dishwasher safe and saves you a lot of time and hassle on a regular basis. Moreover you can reuse it over and over again, thus getting yourself good value for your money while you get the best out of your food items too.


Stretch N Seal has several advantages
Since Stretch N Seal can be reused, it works a lot better than cling films and can end up saving you money as well. You can also do away with the annoying foils and since there are three 20cm x 20 cm sheets in the pack you can use them for most of your regular needs. If you are environmentally conscious you will find Stretch N Seal a sensible option too because you will be using the same containers every day. You can save yourself time by cooking delicious meals and enjoying them throughout the week.


What do I get?
Get two Stretch N Seal 3pc-Packs for £9.99 plus £1.75 Admin and shipping. Official website:

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