Streamboxx Review

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About Streamboxx

Streamboxx claims to be an innovative way of connecting your existing TV with the internet streams that are readily available for viewing. It asserts to replace all subscription-based connections and provide unlimited hours of entertainment for free.


How does it work

Streamboxx states to be devised in a way that it can directly connect to a TV via the HDMI port and cable available along with it. Also a 10MBPS or faster broadband connection is required for Streamboxx to function. Streamboxx alleges to crawl through the web and find all the available streams for free. It basically looks for all kind of programs that a user desires to watch that may include movies, TV shows, live sports, music and much more. Streamboxx declares to be very simple to setup, all one needs to do is plug it in the TV, connect to the internet and look for favorite streams to watch.


Unlimited hours of television viewing for free

If you are a TV buff who likes to watch all kinds of entertaining programs on television, then you must also wish to do always with the hundreds of dollars you end up spending on your subscriptions. Streamboxx asserts to let you do that by using internet to provide all types of entertainment media for free. Streamboxx proclaims that it has an in-built technology that is designed to crawl through the internet for getting access to over 1,000,000+ HD movies and TV episodes including hits like Gilligan’s Island, Breaking Bad, House of Cards and much more. Streamboxx assures that no concerts, live sports, documentaries and any possible show across the globe can be missed once it is used.

Features and benefits

Streamboxx convinces to be very cost effective since there is no type of subscription or hidden charges levied upon the user. Instead, one time purchase of the device means lifetime viewing of free media streams from the internet. Streamboxx guarantees that such a fascinating feature will help in cutting down subscriptions to costly connections and cutting down the regular cable connection or purchasing a simple basic connection. Streamboxx promises that it functions perfectly well if the internet connection is up to the mark. Also the device is designed in such a compact shape that it looks like a Wi-Fi router and hence can be simply carried anywhere, say to a friend’s place to stream media for a house party, connect it to another TV set in the bedroom without the need to get a separate cable connection. Streamboxx also assures that it is extremely safe to use as it breaks no laws or copyrights issues will be faced since it does not have the ability to download, upload or store media. Instead Streamboxx states to take whatever streams are available on the internet which are safe and legal to watch and broadcasts it to a television. Also since most streaming media today is available in HD, Streamboxx promises to provide a great visual performance even on the sharpest and largest of television sets.


What do I get?

You get Streamboxx for $349. Official website

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