Strain 7

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What is Strain 7?

As shown in the infomercial, Strain 7 claims to be multi-utility strainer that comes in very handy in the kitchen. It can strain pasta, steam vegetables, microwave bacon, reheat leftovers and rinse fruits and vegetables. Being small and compact in nature, it can be stored easily and washed without any hassles. Strain 7 assures to cut down the use of multiple tools and smoothens functioning in the kitchen.


How does Strain 7 work?

For a lot of us cooking is great way to relax, enjoy and have fun. While cooking may be fun but it’s the prep work and cleaning afterwards that takes away half the joy out of the process. While innovative kitchen gadgets and tools do serve the purpose but more than often, it also leaves a lot of clutter in and around the work area. Having considered this issue, Strain 7 seems to have come up with an easy to use, multi-utility strainer that does the job of straining, steaming, cooking, microwaving, reheating, rinsing and even serving. It’s tough on our part to pass on any judgement or comment about the product as we haven’t come across any Strain 7 reviews that would support these benefits that Strain 7 promises to deliver. If you have used it, why don’t you let us know in your Strain 7 reviews.

Strain 7 is a 4 piece system designed for ease, comfort and of course replaces the use of 7 different kitchen tools. Firstly, it acts as a two piece strainer to drain the sauce pan of oil, vegetables or a big bowl of pasta. As per the claims, draining tuna or any other canned food seems like a cakewalk with the mini strainer of Strain 7. It also acts as a microwave steamer whereby one can pour water in the tray and microwave the food, be it vegetables that need steaming or any other food that requires steaming. Strain 7 asserts that the food tends to stay moist, steaming and full of flavor. In comparison with other strainers where vegetables lose their nutrients, Strain 7 assures to lock in the nutrients.

Frying bacon in pans can cause oil to flutter and make a mess on the counter, whereas Strain 7 claims to drip the fat away and yet maintaining the crispiness of the bacon. Plus Strain 7 can also be used to keep food warm and serve as and when needed. Reheating leftovers is also an easy task through Strain 7. The lid of Strain 7 ensures that food like spaghetti doesn’t splatter on the walls of the microwave. Strain 7 also promises to steam and serve buns and breads as fresh as found in the bakery. Plus it is dishwasher-safe which means easy-to-clean and it also comes in handy while in picnics or barbecue parties. All the claims sound too good to be true and we are definitely on the lookout for Strain 7 reviews to affirm whether the benefits are really worth it.


What do I get?

Get 2 Strain 7 for just $10 plus $13.98 shipping and handling. | Official website:

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