Storytime Theatre Review

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What is Storytime Theatre

As per the infomercial it is a fun projector that helps in connecting to a smart device and project stories from the world of Disney. It projects animated images that go with the story and tells a wonderful tale to help children sleep in joy.


Bedtime made fun:

Storytime Theatre promises to be the best thing that can make bedtime storytelling fun. Can Storytime Theatre really do provide such a revolutionary change? Send us your reviews. Storytelling during bedtime for kids has prevailed since ages and there are many books available for the same. Storytime Theatre emphasizes to take it one notch high and project these stories by utilizing the digital medium. At this point of time there are no Storytime Theatre reviews available that will attest the same.

Bring stories to life:

Storytime Theatre proclaims that its unique projector is the reason why it is so different over other mediums of storytelling. Such a comparison can be believed upon only when we get to analyze Storytime Theatre reviews. Storytime Theatre alleges connects to a tablet wirelessly where all the story books are saved. These storybooks can be read over the tablet or simply played over the projector. Such fancy claims by Storytime Theatre will be only verified once it is reviewed. One has to simply touch the Press n Play character that comes with the story to the tablet for unlocking the story. Later Storytime Theatre states to project it with animated pictures bringing the story to life. Although there are no Storytime Theatre reviews available that will attest to its claims. Apart from the narrator’s voice kids can read it out and even record it in their own or parent’s voice. Is Storytime Theatre really this fascinating? User reviews will soon reveal the facts. The bedtime mode in Storytime Theatre asserts to help kids sleep while listening to their favourite story. Again this is such a promising feature that should be furthermore validated by Storytime Theatre reviews.


Fun stories:

Storytime Theatre claims to have stories by Disney that have mesmerized children since generations. Currently we have no reviews of Storytime Theatre that verify such claims. The default story that Storytime Theatre alleges to come with is the classic Toy Story. It has vivid animated pictures that tell the story of Woody and Buzz Lightyear’s adventures on a large screen. How well the story feels and whether the kids are fascinated by it will be known once Storytime Theatre is reviewed. Kids have a chance to add a bonus story amongst Cinderella, Sofia the First, Frozen, DC Mcstufins, Rapunzel, Finding Nemo and Cars. User reviews of Storytime Theatre will surely reveal if it is the right bedtime storyteller for kids or not.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get the Storytime Theater projector , “Toy Story” Press and Play storybook, a Press & play story of Your choice, plus the “Under Water Adventure” Digital Book for $89.99 with $9.99 P&H.
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