Startastic Laser Light REVIEW

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What is Startastic?

It claims to be an advanced laser light system that can project holographic stars on the entire home covering up to 600 square feet, takes less electricity and weather proof.

Startastic Laser Light REVIEW

Bright from up close only – Martin who bought Startastic complained in his review that you can’t see it unless you are really up close to it. He knows where it is, but he can’t see it when leaving the driveway. He reminds that the box says it looks very beautiful from up close and that’s all it is. The light emanates from lasers so you shouldn’t look too close when installing or let your kids, pets come close to it. But if you want to see it from far; like about 40 to 50 feet driveway then you need 3 to 5 of these.

Not worth the price – Richard who used Startastic exposed in his review that you pay substantial amount for them and they just stop working after a month. He hopes they are redesigned with a fuse for reset. The design doesn’t allow you to replace parts and once warranty runs out you have to throw them away. But it’s not like they last a few years. It does the blinking lights in the dark well but unfortunately the green light goes out pretty quickly.

Just not consistent – Sander who reviewed Startastic revealed in his review that it worked well when he set it up. But the next time it just didn’t come on. He brought it home, warmed it up and then it seemed to work. He had to repeat this process several times and it was annoying because outside temperatures were around 30 degrees and not minus 30 that it has ratings for. On a cold frosty night, the red light went out completely. He now thinks that for $40 these lights are cheaply made.

They don’t last – Kevin who bought Startastic complained in his review that a day after he bought them the green light died and then the red. The other one he had came with broken wires. He also thinks he would need about 5 of these just for the front of the house. You barely see them if it’s moonlight but in a dark room they look nice. Only other advantage is that you don’t have to struggle to hang lights outside your house.

False advertising – Corey who reviewed Startastic exposed in his review that the lights are cheaply made in China and just not bright like you see in the infomercial. The TV ad also says you can leave them on when it rains but you definitely shouldn’t. There are design issues like a 14″ cord, and plug with no prong, which could lead to electrocution hazard in wet areas. It says you shouldn’t plug it in outdoor outlets but that’s difficult with a short cord.

Below expectations – Sol who used Startastic revealed in his review that it might be weather resistant but not weather proof. You use an extension to connect power and as soon as it gets wet the lights are gone. You are told that they turn on when it gets dark but he had to put his lights in front of them first. When he took them for returns he was asked which of the lights had gone off. They clearly are used to them not working and an apparent 40% failure rate is clearly disappointing.

Startastic Claims

Stars on a House – Startastic emphasizes to be a unique laser light system that can project beautiful looking stars on the entire house. Startastic claims to be a system that simply needs to be plugged at a particular distance to start working as compared to the hassles of regular lights. Such comparison will be verified once Startastic is reviewed.

Advanced Lighting System – Startastic claims to cover up to 600 square feet of area to light up an entire house and can be even used indoors for parties. Startastic declares to be waterproof and cold-resistant working below -35 degrees too. It alleges to consume 99% less electricity than normal lights and switches on and off automatically during night and day. The red and green lights of Startastic do sound highly interesting; user reviews will expose the truth.

What does Startastic Kit Include
1 Startastic Laser Light for $39.99 + $7.95 S/h. | Official website:

14 Comments on "Startastic Laser Light REVIEW"

  1. Worked great for about a week than the green light stopped working completely! Also, neither the red or green lght would come on automatically at dark as advertized. I would have to go outside to turn them one! Very disappointed!

  2. Purchased two on 12/3/18
    12/4/18 – neither light will come on at dusk. If you think I’m going out to turn them on every night, your out of your mind. They are going back for a refund. On a side note, I have 2 Star SHOWERS for over 4 years with NO issues. My hubby purchased the StarTastic, thinking it was the same as the Star Shower. Nope! JUNK.

  3. Anne Marie Tonner | October 17, 2018 at 10:45 pm | Reply

    i bought one last year motion didnt work so was sent back at my expence of £17.00 my cousin sent me one today for a present but didnt work at all know know some work cos ive seen a few on other propertys am i just unlucy

  4. Maura Sheahan | January 8, 2018 at 2:47 pm | Reply

    Can my startastic laser projector be repaired ,red light went first .now green light gone,was happy with it

  5. Bought these laser light from high street tv
    Every one I got there was a fault
    When I received the light I checked to make sure it worked and it did once I set them up they wouldn’t work I don’t know how many I have sent back but the one I received today didn’t work either after spending an hour setting it up
    Total waste of money

  6. Bought 3 on Dec 22nd.
    None of them will turn on at dark. I have to turn each one on every night.
    They will be returned.

  7. Peter Rowthorn | December 14, 2017 at 7:19 pm | Reply

    Totally not fit for purpose. Claims to be weather resistant etc, but only works for half an hour outside, bring it indoors allow to warm up and functions again. This is not what l bought it for. When the first failed it was replaced only for it to happen again. Lesson learnt wouldn’t purchase a tv shopping channel piece of garbage again

  8. Bought one last year and to my disappointment it quit working after 2 days. I only had it outside one day and it stopped working. So now I am without one and out $40.00. Will not buy this product again.

  9. We have purchased 3 of them this year and none of them went on at dusk as advertised. Really disappointed. We purchased 1 3 years ago that was very dependable. What a great disappointment. Don’t buy if you want dependability.😥

  10. I love mine but they have been replaced twice. It seems to be if there is very heavy rain they fail.

  11. Startastic, Got mine on 30/9/17 set it up and at night full, then Startastic came on.whats everyone on about, they work fine and grate. UNTIL 2/10/17 went outside to see them working. 🙁 and found only the red laser light working. turned off and on the green came on then green light went off. What a disappointment. now I know why everybody complaining. about Startasticsic.
    Should of read the reviews first.

  12. So far I’m very disappointed. I ordered mine November 17th. At no time when I was placing the order did they say they were out of stock but the day after I ordered I checked just to make sure the order was received etc and a note said temporarily out of stock. It is now December 7th and they are still out of stock. I never received any notice letting me know they were delayed. They sure took my money immediately though. I did purchase some in a store; not sure if they are the same but they say they are. Love the lights but the don’t shine bright enough to be see very far from the house.

  13. Haven’t had any problems with these. I’m a technician and was able to get into these units, I compared the parts to Star shower and found that although built in China, they have better quality lasers. I run mine for about 8 hours a night, I don’t recomend any more than that. None have failed after 3 weeks of constant use. So far tested in 32 degree weather with no effect, except it takes a few minutes more to warm up and reach full brightness. Haven’t been able to test in the rain yet. So far I like them better than Star Shower.

  14. I like this new StarTastic Lazer Projector. It has very cool lighting effects. I can shine it on my wall or ceiling e.g., in my bedroom at home. Besides during Christmas, I can still use it year around. I purchased it from a store where I work at. I can also use it as my relaxation tool, with music, to relieve my stress, especially at night.

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