Star Shower Patriot

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About Star Shower Patriot
Star Shower Patriot proclaims to be a brand new way of lighting up the exterior and interiors of the house with patriotic light color theme.



Star Shower Patriot Features

One needs to simply stake it in the yard at a distance where its lasers cover the entire house exterior, can be used in the interiors with its base or can be utilized as accessory for landscaping.

Patriotic light theme for your house – Star Shower Patriot promises to help display patriotism with its two color setting that projects red and blue lights or simply blue lights to Independence Day, Veterans Day or other holidays. User reviews will prove its claims further.

Less power consuming Star Shower Patriot assures to cover over 600 square feet area on the entire house. This sounds highly impressive but will be confirmed once Star Shower Patriot is reviewed. It maintains to be less power consuming and has sensor that switches off automatically during the day. Currently no Star Shower Patriot reviews are out that will substantiate with its claims.


What do I get?
Buy Star Shower Patriot Laser Light with Base for $59.95 + $8.95 S/h at and

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