Stand N Type Review

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What is Stand N Type

It claims to be a body friendly table top stand that lets anyone work on a laptop or a computer by standing upright. It helps in relaxing the body and takes away the pain on the back as there is no need to sit while working on it.


Stand N Type CLAIMS

Stand and work
Stand N Type proclaims to be the best solution to help ease the stress and strain on the body while working long hours at office or home. Currently there are no Stand N Type reviews available that will substantiate its claims. Stand N Type assures to be a very different way to ease up the body by letting people stand up and work instead of providing solutions to sit more comfortably. Such fancy claims by Stand N Type will be verified once users review it. Stand N Type states that sitting all the time for every activity may have an adverse effect on the back. Stand N Type claims to remove sitting out of the equation but does it really work? Stand N Type reviews will expose the truth.

Lightweight design:
Stand N Type declares to be very light in frame and is completely compact. Although at this point of time there are no Stand N Type reviews available that will confirm its claims. Stand N Type asserts to have a frame design that can be folded into a compact size and can be set up easily in few seconds. Can Stand N Type really be so flexible? Stand N Type reviews will soon reveal the facts. Stand N Type emphasizes to be the thoughtful solution that can be mounted easily upon work table. This makes it easy for users to go from sitting to standing instantly. Stand N Type promises to have a size that is compact and yet can accommodate different types of laptops and tablets easily. It can also be used to place work screen and keyboard of a computer. Such far-fetched claims by Stand N Type will be validated once we analyses Stand N Type reviews.


Exceptional Features
Stand N Type convinces to be handy as it also provides a place to keep the mobile phone securely and hold a cup or glass of drink while working. Stand N Type users reviews will help believe upon its promises. Stand N Type states to also help organize wires and cables neatly out of the way to provide a mess-free workstation. But can Stand N Type really do it will be known once it is reviewed. Even though Stand N Type is light, it alleges to be sturdy to hold the heaviest of laptops with ease. At this point of time it is difficult to accept Stand N Type claims and will be confirmed once users review it. With these features, Stand N Type promises to relieve pressure on bones and muscles, improve blood circulation and ease niggling pain due to sitting. Is Stand N Type everything it claims to be? Send us your Stand N Type reviews.


Stand N Type REVIEW

According to the Stand N Type reviews the Stand N Type is light weight, but fills for a laptop.
The Stand N Type desk is super easy to adjust up and down for the times that you want to stand up and work on the computer or talk on the phone. Use a desktop monitor with a keyboard, so placed a big book under the monitor to raise it up and the keyboard is placed on the Stand N Type desk and can already feel the difference in the posture. Love it!

The sides of the Stand N Type can be removed or switched depending on your preference. The slot for a tablet is a great feature as well; it fits a Kindle Fire 7 (even with a case on) and it most likely would fit almost any tablet. Stand N Type is very sturdy and of great quality!

Stand N Type is great for the back. If you suffer from discomfort at work because of pain then using the Stand N Type at work for a few hours a day the back discomfort will virtually be gone.

Stand N Type desk requires no assembly or anything. Stand N Type works right out of the box which was nice. Stand N Type is very sturdy and well made. With a laptop on top, it moved smoothly up and down even with the added weight.

Stand N Type desk is easy to use and light weight, making it convenient to commute with to work every day. Stand N Type desk works great in the office. It is helpful to use when following a recipe on the laptop as well.


Stand N Type Questions & Answers

Q. How wide is the Stand N Type desk without the attachments on the sides?
A. The Stand N Type desk is 20 1/4″ long without the attachments.

Q. Does the Stand N Type desk adjust to multiple different standing heights or is there only a single height for standing and a single height for sitting?
A. Yes, the Stand N Type desk can be adjusted to just a 1″ off your surface, all the way to roughly a foot. The increments are small as well so that you can find the perfect height. If you adjust it based on the way you are standing, it can change the needed height.

Q. What is the maximum height that the Stand N Type desk can extend to?
A. The maximum height of Stand N Type desk can lift to is 12.5″ inches.


What Do I Get?

  • You’ll receive your Stand N’ Type for $29.99 plus $7.99 S&H.

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