Splattie Review

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What is Splattie

According to the infomercial, it is versatile silicone lid that prevents messy splatters in the kitchen. It proclaims that it can be used to as a roast pan and also a table mat.


Avoid mess and cleanup in your kitchen

Splattie asserts to be a new way to make cooking a more convenient and cleaner affair for you. Splattie promises to let you opt for a home-cooked meal without turning your culinary passion into frustration. Splattie claims to do this by preventing messy splatters and cleaning afterwards. Splattie states that it will keep the kitchen cleaner when you cook. Splattie convinces that it is the most ideal splatter guard you could ask for. The makers of Splattie assure that you just need to cover any pot or pan with it to prevent messy splatter and forget about cleaning up. Splattie proclaims to be patent-designed in a way that it encloses the heat inside the pan but lets the steam out. Thus, Splattie convinces to prevent boil over. Splattie also promises to cut down your cleaning time by half.


The most versatile splatter guard

Other than avoiding splatter and mess, Splattie proclaims to let you use its convenient handles to drain water from the cooking pot. Splattie guarantees to work as more than just lid and splatter guard. You can keep Splattie under your pans and pots and convert it into a countertop protective accessory. Splattie asserts that it gets its versatility and amazing features from its silicone construction. Claiming to withstand up to an amazing 450 degrees of temperature, Splattie declares that it won’t melt no matter how hot the cooking pan. Whether baking cookies and cakes in a hot oven or making a yummy pizza, Splattie maintains to have a non-stick surface that glides food right over.



For baking, microwaving, roasting and more

Unlike regular baking sheets, with Splattie you do not have to worry about uncooked or overcooked cookies and cakes. Splattie convinces that because of its patented air vents the food cooks evenly in an oven so much so that cheese also slides right off. Not just oven, Splattie claims that it can be used to cover bowls in a microwave to prevent splatters inside. Splattie also assures to let you double your space in the microwave by allowing you to stack up two bowls to cook or reheat food. The silicone construction of Splattie also promises to make it super strong and last forever. If you want to roast chicken or beef or anything else, Splattie maintains to let you use it as a roasting pan that drains the oil and grease right out of its air vents. Not just preventing a mess on your kitchen countertop or microwave, Splattie asserts to be just as hassle-free to clean too. You just need to wipe Splattie with a cloth or toss it in the dishwasher. Splattie also proclaims to be easy to store along with your dishes. The 8” or 10” Splattie claims to fit various sizes of bowls and pans.


What do I get?

Please see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLsxj9_oTf0&feature=youtu.be


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