SpinMaid Review

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What is SpinMaid?

As per the infomercial it is a new age cleaning solution that derives its roots from professional cleaning machines for all types of flooring at home.



Cleaning floor surfaces made easy

SpinMaid guarantees to become the household name when it comes to cleaning floors with ease. Currently there are no SpinMaid reviews available that will substantiate its claims. SpinMaid states to be derived from professional machines that are used to clean floors, minus the bulk of the machine and the cost attached with hiring a professional. Although there are no SpinMaid reviews available yet that will either prove or defy any of its claims. SpinMaid promises to be designed in such a way that it’s easy to use and can function to suit everyone’s requirement. Did you find SpinMaid helpful? Send us your SpinMaid reviews.


Professional spinning technology

SpinMaid declares to be created using the proven and true professional spinning technology in a lighter form so that anyone at home can handle it with ease. At this point of time there are no SpinMaid reviews available that will attest to its claims. SpinMaid maintains to be perfect for use around the house as it is compact and rechargeable making it completely cordless while using it. In fact, SpinMaid alleges to provide about 1 hour cleaning without needing another charge. Such claims by SpinMaid do make it a fanciful cleaner; user reviews will expose the truth. SpinMaid convinces to be great at picking dirt thanks to its dual spinning heads that draw the dirt out and even polish the floor as it hovers over it. We will come to know whether the claims of SpinMaid are true or not once it has been reviewed. SpinMaid also assures that it is so lightweight and simple to use that even people suffering from arthritis can use it with ease. SpinMaid does sound extremely promising but we will get to verify its claims once we receive user reviews to analyze further.

Multiple cleaning options

SpinMaid assures that its lightweight home unit design comes with multiple options to clean the floors. One can easily change the pads in the SpinMaid kit to suit the requirement. The blue scruffier pad in SpinMaid is to be used for deep cleaning well suited for stone, tile and marble. The sponge pad is perfect for all surfaces including delicate flooring such as linoleum, soft wood and laminate. Additionally, the microfiber attachment helps in cleaning floors perfectly. Well on paper SpinMaid sounds great but will be validated once evaluated in the user reviews. SpinMaid emphasizes to function like 5 tools in one to clean basic floors, deep clean, polish and buff areas easily. Plus the use of spray and clean system where the cleaning solution of choice is to be put before use makes SpinMaid unique yet unproven due to lack of user reviews. SpinMaid further promises that it’s pads are reusable due to machine washable property. Does SpinMaid really replace every other cleaning tool in the closet? SpinMaid reviews will soon reveal the facts.


What do I get?

You’ll receive 1 Spin Maid with 2 MicroFiber Pads, 2 Sponge Eraser Pads, and 2 Scruffer Pads for 2 Payments of $24.99 + $14.99 shipping and handling.Official website spinmaid.com

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