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What is Spa-fx?

As the name suggests, Spa-fx is a hand-held facial brush that imparts spa-like treatment by cleaning, massaging and exfoliating your skin with its special spin brush technology. Spa-fx promises to transform your skin by softening the dreaded fine lines, minimizing dark spots, clear clogged pores and more to make it look impeccably beautiful and healthy.


Your at-Home Spa Treatment Appliance! – Spa-fx is a water-proof and cordless facial brush you can hold comfortably as its rotating brush gently and safely pulls out dead cells, oil and dirt.

Smooth Operator – Spa-fx is a versatile beauty treatment appliance that can be used with any cleanser. Spa-fx boasts of revolutionary spin brush technology that pampers your skin with cleansing, massaging and even exfoliating. If you act fast, you get a free deluxe body brush which, when attached to the water-proof handle, will allow you to enjoy a head-to-toe spa-like pampering experience. Other add-ons include pumice stone and facial sponge that will smooth dry, cracked heels and help deeper absorption of moisturizer for splendid results.

Suits all Skin Types – Spa-fx suits all skin types and guarantees beautiful, youthful looking skin. If used regularly, the promoters of Spa-fx assure you of incredibly soft skin and great looks.


NICOLE Hunter in her review states – “Though Spa-fx is a decent appliance, it does have some flaws. Its battery compartment is not water tight so there’s a chance that its positive terminal can decompose. I have to keep cleaning the terminal with sand paper every now and then… Spa-fx needs a lot of maintenance and care. Still, I’d say it’s not too bad; it’s quite effective. Just that its design should’ve been better.”

EMILY Riley complains in her review“Initially, Spa-fx works well but gradually it starts losing its speed. Either its batteries drain quickly or the quality isn’t good enough. Invest in a better appliance instead.”

SHEILA Richards too is not very happy with the SPA-FX, in her review she states – “I’m not impressed with Spa-fx. It gives out a burning smell whenever it’s switched on. The attachments are also very small. Spa-fx needs a major revamping I’d say.”

LESLIE Dennis says in her review“Spa-fx is more like a doll’s kit component. It’s so tiny and delicate…”

AMBER Manning mentions in her review“I have sensitive skin so I have to be extra careful while picking beauty products. Thought Spa-fx would suit me, but I was disappointed. It isn’t gentle to the skin nor has enough power. There’s not much difference between its high and low settings. Spa-fx didn’t work for me, so I have returned it.”

SUE Kinney complains in her review“I’m so disappointed with Spa-fx. It simply doesn’t do what it claims. Even if you press it a little hard on your skin for deep cleansing, it slows down and doesn’t really turn. Worse, its exfoliating attachment actually tore into the first layer of my skin. It hurt badly and pained for days. The other attachments were ok, but Spa-fx just didn’t give me that feel of deep cleansing. Guess washing your face normally isn’t any less effective.”

JESSIE Irwin states in her review“The motor of Spa-fx is too feeble. It doesn’t spin even if a slight amount of pressure is applied. I Have discarded it.”

Claudia Dale shares her SPA-FX experience, in her review she says – “Buying Spa-fx has been such a waste of money. I had to buy its batteries separately. What’s more, no detailed instructions are supplied with Spa-fx. And it’s too small, I think it’s useful only for people with small hands.”

Becky Whitfield says – “I give Spa-fx 3 stars because I found it satisfactory. It’s designed well and has two speeds- high and low. The brush attachment did a good job of cleansing my face (I used an all-natural face wash). Still, Spa-fx does have its issues; some attachments are rather rough. Batteries are not provided with it, so you end up spending extra. Not really a VFM product.”

FELICIA Burt mentions in her review“Spa-fx caused abrasions on my face the first time I used it. When I used low settings, it worked fine. I even scrubbed my face with Spa-fx after switching it off, and the results were good enough.”

BOBBIE Hyde mentions in her review“I didn’t like the sponge of Spa-fx. It’s actually harsh and caused irritation to my face even though I didn’t apply pressure. It even hurt my knees and elbows. I’m used to exfoliating my skin with stronger facial scrubs, but Spa-fx was just too much.”

SHELLY Barlow claims in her review“Spa-fx doesn’t clean even when set on high speed. It conks off when used on high setting and the moment it touches your skin. Total waste of money.”

Spa-fx Questions and Answers

Question: Does Spa-fx counter-rotate?
Answer: Nope

Question: Is it effective on wrinkles?
Answer: Other that cleansing, this scrubber does not have any other role.

Question: Is it battery operated?
Answer: Yes. Requires two AA batteries. Batteries are not included.

Question: Can I use it in shower?
Answer: Nope, though it says “Water-proof” refrain from shower use.

Question: Does Spa-FX Vibrate?
Answer: No. It just rotates.

Question: What is the warranty?
Answer: No Warranty. Stay away from it.

Question: Does SPA-FX work with Dark Spots?
Answer: Not really.

Questions: What are the Dimensions of the Spa-FX unit and brush-heads?
Answer: The official Spa-FX website does not bother to reveal this information. Could be very small.

Question: Can you buy replacement-heads separately?
Answer: Sorry, we don’t know. We don’t think heads a re sold seperately.

Question: Is it compatible with Clarisonic brush-heads?
Answer: No.

Question: What is pumice stone for?
Answer: For your feet, not much effective though. Not to be used on the face!!!

Question: What is youe opinion about Spa-FX?
Answer: Do not buy SPA-FX, this is not the only cordless facial scrubber available. There are plenty of them which are in the same price range and have been tried and tested and have good reviews and ratings. A simple search at for “cordless facial scrubber” will lest them all. We personally recommend OLAY PRO-X.

Question: Can you use Proactiv with SPA-FX?
Answer: Yes, Great.

Question: Will Spa-FX remove whiteheads?
Answer: No, but it may loosen them.

Question: Are the brush-deads LATEX free?
Answer: Not sure, nice question though, please ask the manufacturer.

Question: How do I know the Spa-FX batteries need to be changed?
Answer: The power will be reduced, thats the only sign.

Question: Will Spa-FX cuase acne breakout?
Answer: Million dollar question, no one can answer that. By the thumb-rule don’t use Spa-FX if you have acne-prone skin.

Question: Is Spa-FX crash-proof?
Answer: Very fragile will break easily if it crashes to ground.

What do I get?

  • 1 Spa-Fx Battery Operated Waterproof Handle
  • 1 Spa-Fx facial brush
  • 1 Spa-Fx Body Brush
  • 1 Spa-Fx Pumice attachment
  • 1 Spa-Fx Facial Sponge

Price: $19.99 plus $6.95 p&h. Official website:

2 Comments on "Spa-FX REVIEW | Exposed"

  1. Michelle C. | June 4, 2018 at 5:27 pm | Reply

    Unlike the article, I bought mine at Wally World (don’t know if I can say the actual store name), and it was not a deluxe package, but came with one brush for the face and one brush for the body. I used it daily on my face. I think it helped to some degree. I’m turning 50 in July and I do not look it. It isn’t because of genetics, I can promise you that. I cleanse, moisturize and do what I can to keep my face looking youthful.

    Back to the cleaning brush. It is poorly designed. The instructions warn you to pull you hair up as it can easily get tangled up in the spinning head. This is true. I always pulled my hair up/back, but sometimes, it would still get caught around my face and wrapped up. Thankfully, it was easy to turn it off and pull the brush head off of the unit and thus unwrap your hair. (I’ve since purchased another unit and due to the design, it is not as easy for your hair to get caught, as the brush head sits inside of a spinning mechanism, as opposed to on top of the unit itself.)

    Another poor design is the battery compartment. It easily comes open while you are using it, weather your hand is wet or dry, soapy or not. Then the batteries are free to fall out and you have to stop, dry your hands, and reinsert the batteries and put the end back on it.

    It is not sealed well where the battery compartment is. So water has gotten inside of it. So the inside is rusty and gross.

    As I mentioned, I’ve purchased another brand now. It operates on 2 batteries rather than 4, and it has two speeds. But I liked the brush bristle length better on the Spa FX and I liked the single speed better on the Spa FX. Even though the new brand I bought has two speeds, I think perhaps because it only uses two batteries, it just doesn’t operate as well as the Spa FX.

    My intentions when I got on the internet was to contact the manufacturer of the Spa FX, but I haven’t found a website for them yet.

    Oh, and I think I purchased the Spa FX for $20, but it might even have been as little as $10, it’s been months since I purchased it and I don’t recall.

  2. How do I properly put the batteries in?

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