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About Sonic Groom

Sonic Groom states to an all-in-one precision grooming body trimmer that is the first trimmer to combine Sonic Power with Microtouch Technology to give you the most comfortable, faster, smoother and neater grooming ever. Sonic Groom claims to give the closest results all over your body just like a blade but is safer to touch. With its interchangeable heads, Sonic Groom asserts to give you the most precise grooming everywhere from small areas such as the nose and ears to big body parts such as the chest.

Sonic Groom REVIEW

Waste of money – Rita who bought this groomer complains in her Sonic Groom review that she was taken in by the hype and bought it for her husband. But much to her disappointment it did not work at all. According to her, he touched it to his head and tried using it as recommended but it didn’t cut hair at all. It was a complete waste of money and she wanted to return it. But the problem was that they hadn’t given her the required papers to return the product. That was another letdown for her.

Junk product – Kyle who used this razor exposes in his Sonic Groom review that it is just a piece of crap. Firstly, it is one fifth of the size of the regular razors for men. So if you want to use it on your entire body then it will take forever to get the job done. It took him over an hour to remove hair on one leg. He also found the advertising of the product insulting to his intelligence because according to him it’s just a tiny electric shaver but still they don’t use the word “shaver” at all. It claims to be a full body hair remover that does the job fantastically well but it doesn’t do that at all.

Bad product, shoddy customer service – Richard who reviewed Sonic Groom revealed in his Sonic Groom review that it doesn’t work at all and he won’t be recommending it to anyone. It is nothing more than a shaver with an LED light though they want to call it in fancy terms as a “complete body hair remover”. The worst part is that it isn’t even a good quality razor and you might want to stick to depilatory creams in case you want to eliminate body hair. He advices to not be impressed by the flashing lights and fake reviews, which don’t tell you how bad it really is. Getting hold of anyone at the customer service desk was another hassle for him. But that wasn’t the case when he was buying the product and he felt harassed by marketers trying to upsell.

False advertising – Todd who bought Sonic Groom exposed in his review that the advertising for the product is fraudulent and it just doesn’t work as a good quality body hair remover. There is absolutely no technology involved here and it is just another electronic razor to get rid of long hair or stubble. It takes as long as any other shaver and the hair grows back just as quickly too. The advertising for it promises you the moon but falls way short of it. That’s why he thinks it is a complete waste of money.

Our Verdict

In our view SonicGroom is a clean FRAUD trimming product. The Official website of does not mention what is “Sonic Power” technology, in our opinion it is nothing but some cheap blue color LED light which has no use, it is very similar to the blue light on Mother of All FAKES – the Finishing Touch Yes. SonicGroom is NOTHING miraculous what it claims to be, it just cheap plastic trimmer (or clipper) with a cheap blue light which does nothing. Don’t get fooled and ridiculed by such sophisticated words like SONIC TECHNOLOGY, SONIC POWER, MICRO-TOUCH TECHNOLOGY etc, these are just empty words and nothing more.

Sonic Groom is not worth the price at all. Also they don’t mention how Sonic Groom is powered, assuming it is battery powered – they are not included with the groomer. A lot of technical information like specifications, strokes, material, safety features, speed etc is missing on the official SonicGroom product page. Sonic Groom cannot be used in shower. Sonic Groom cannot be an alternative to more expensive branded trimmers. Do not waste your money on this Sonic Piece of Crap, just go to and buy a hair trimmer that actually works.

The Micro Touch Sonic Groom seems to be back-ordered as there are not many reviews available.

How does Sonic Groom work

Sonic Groom guarantees to have a technology that no other trimmer has. It asserts to combine Sonic Power and Microtouch Technology. The Sonic Power proclaims that it helps in lifting the hair and sweeping it away so that you will get the most comfortable and the closest grooming on any area of your body whether your nose or the chest.

The most precision grooming ever

If you want the closest and neatest grooming all over your body then the all-in-one precision grooming Sonic Groom promises to be the device for you. A single unit of Sonic Groom declares to have two interchangeable heads unlike any other trimmer on the market. It maintains to have an Advanced trimming head that is ideal for sideburns, beards, mustaches, nose, ears, and other such delicate areas of the body including the back of your neck. The Snap-On Guides of Sonic Groom emphasize that you can trim your hair as easily and quickly as combing them. With this, Sonic Groom guarantees to give you style trimming between haircuts. Sonic Groom promises that you can switch to the Micro-Foil shaving head to quickly and safely work on your face including grooming tough beard. Sonic Groom states that if it’s safe enough for your face it is safe for any other part of the body such as your neck and chest.

Safer than a blade

Sonic Groom claims that the shave it gives is as close as with a blade but it’s safer to touch. Sonic Groom assures that you won’t have to worry about nicks and cuts or razor burns like in a regular shaver. The trimmer gives precision grooming every time and is an all-in-one groomer for your entire body that will make every other groomer obsolete. Sonic Groom proclaims that it does not use electricity and fits right into the palm of your hand so you can use it practically anywhere you need. Sonic Groom alleges to be lightweight and compact so it can be easily carried around on travels. Sonic Groom asserts to be so fast that you will save a lot of time and use it to do something more productive.

What do I get?

You’ll receive your SonicGroom by MicroTouch for just $39.99 plus $4.99 S&H.Official website

5 Comments on "Sonic Groom Review | Sonic Piece of Crap!!"

  1. Thomas Cosgrove | March 21, 2016 at 11:00 pm | Reply

    After reading these reviews I won’t be buying Sonic Groom.

  2. Almost cut myself on ken’s edge.

  3. It takes a 12v car battery.

  4. what size battery dos-it take

    • It’s apparently rechargeable, Eddy. I couldn’t find any specific stats, but it looks to be a rechargeable Ni-Cad. That would be common for this type of device.

      More and more, manufacturers are abandoning single batteries (like AA & AAA) and opting for a permanent, rechargeable.

      But I don’t think it matters in the end. I haven’t been able to find one good review. A lot of words like “Crap” and “Rip Off” are being used to describe the performance and the quality of workmanship. I think I’ll stick with my twin blade 10pk and my Barber.


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