Sole Gliders

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What are Sole Gliders? – Shoes that mimic walking or running bare feet decreasing impact when in motion while providing natural and free movement.

Sole Gliders promise to have lightweight minimalistic design that enables your arch to spring back and get a natural boost with every step. Unlike most footwear that guides your feet to a heel strike movement, which can amplify shock from the force of impact on the ground, Sole Gliders guide your feet to glide on the ground. It claims to decrease the impact on every step by 350%. This intends to lower impact, therefore causing less pain and fewer injuries.


Running style with Sole Gliders

The fore foot strike landing position creates a natural alignment leading to efficient strides. This is said to reduce impact on ankles, knees and joints and prevents injuries, according to its claims from varies studies.

Barefoot running is beneficial if our running style is a forefoot strike.


Comfort and protection

Sole Gliders claims to have a structural design called a glove construction; referred to as such because of its right-sized glove or perfectly adjusted foot. This is akin to a latex glove instead of a leather glove. This way your feet can move about naturally and freely.
Sole Gliders are elastic and pliable, as they claim. Your feet will be cradled within. They take the shape of your feet; its elasticity gives you room to expand your feet comfortably with each step you take. This way your feet remain in its natural form safely within its design, protecting you from exposure, objects or dangers on the ground.


Unique features

• Imitates bare feet walking and running in a natural way
• Maximizes efficiency of strides
• Lightweight design
• Comfortable

Use Sole Gliders for comfort while maintaining natural movements at home, when strolling in the park, while shopping, to work or just about anywhere.


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