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About Solar String 100

Solar String 100 states to be outdoor LED string light that decorates your home or landscape without long and messy power cords. The string light asserts to have 100 lights that work for 8-10 hours each night after a full daytime charge in direct sunlight. Solar String 100 claims to be easily accessible and mobile because the solar panel anchors right into the ground.


How does it work

Unlike electric string lights, Solar String 100 maintains to work on solar power. Solar String 100 comes with a remote solar panel that needs to be kept under direct sunlight for an entire day to give bright light for 8 to 12 hours each night. Alleging to be high-efficiency, the solar panel of Solar String 100 proclaims to anchor right into the ground to receive direct sunlight to charge the lights. You just need to switch on the button on the panel to get steady or flashing light at night.

Solar powered string lights

Solar String 100 emphasize to be outdoor LED string light that can light up your home, landscape, or any other area without all the hassle of regular electrical lights. With regular string lights you need to run the power cords along the house or your yard. But Solar String 100 assures that it works on a solar panel that anchors right into the ground eliminating the use of long power cords. Solar String 100 convinces that it is easy to use and all you need to do is switch on the power button on the solar panel to turn the 100 lights on. Solar String 100 claims that a full daytime charge in direct sunlight can give from 8-10 hours of bright light with steady of flashing light at the push of a button.


Eco-friendly and saves money and energy

Whether you want to decorate your home, deck, patio, fence, porch, gazebo, bush or column, the 35-feet long Solar String 100 guarantees to the perfect way to light the area up. Solar String 100 emphasizes that it is a safer option than electric lights because there is no fear of electric shocks. For the same reason, Solar String 100 also declares to be eco-friendly and save your money and energy. Solar String 100 proclaims that its solar panel lodges into the ground quite easily so you can move the light around to different areas without getting into the hassle of moving the power cords along. Solar String 100 also maintains to eliminate the hassle of remembering to switch off the light in the morning because it will turn off once it is discharged. Solar String 100 convinces that you can use it throughout the year and add accent light outdoors.


What do I get?

You get SOLAR STRING 100 for $69.99 .Official website

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