Soda Boss | As Seen On TV Soda Maker

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What is Soda Boss

It claims to be an amazing soda maker that instantly converts bottled water or simple tap water into sparkling water or tasty soda beverage. Since it is designed to make soda at home the calories and carbs are reduced to minimum providing refreshing, tasty and healthy soda beverages every time.

How does Soda Boss work?

Make soda at home easily – Soda Boss guarantees to be the favorite machine of every family member with its instant soda making abilities. How good the soda from Soda Boss is still something that will be known only once the user reviews for Soda Boss come out. Soda Boss states that one can simply make a soda out of everything easily and also control the amount of sparkle and fizz they require in the drink. This customization capacity sounds very impressive and will be confirmed with Soda Boss reviews. The best part claimed about Soda Boss is that one can make soda by a simple twist of the button and the fizz starts to pour out from it. Is Soda Boss this easy to use? Only Soda Boss reviews will reveal the truths.

Healthy soda on the go – Soda Boss claims to provide a way to make soda right at home. This means normal tap or bottled water can be easily converted into sparkling water. Such tall claims can be only substantiated once the Soda Boss user reviews come out. Soda Boss emphasizes that it is healthy but with the fuzz and fun that carbonated drinks provide outside. Only reviews can bring to light how far this fanciful claim is true. In fact, without any added sugar or preservative one can enjoy a great drink with Soda Boss thus avoiding carbs and calories of packaged drinks. Can beverages made using Soda Boss really that tasty and healthy? Send us your reviews for Soda Boss.

Soda Boss states that one can add any popular flavor like cola, diet cola, orange, lemon lime and root beer in it for a tastier beverage easily and allows homemakers to come up with their own unique recipes using it. Sounds too good to be true, reviews of Soda Boss will reveal more. Soda Boss guarantees to stay fizzy for up to 5 whole weeks – a lot longer than any bottled beverage. This means there are no chances of the drinks going flat and down the drain easily. But does the fizzy nature of drink made using Soda Boss remain intact is a question better left on its user reviews.

Perfect portable solution – Soda Boss emphasizes that it is battery or electricity free making it very portable. Plus, Soda Boss states to be based on 100% recyclable cartridges that are available easily. This claim can be certified only with user reviews. These canisters of Soda Boss are declared to be perfect when it comes to carbonating the water in the right amount with a twist of a knob. This promise by Soda Boss, however, cannot be believed upon until users review it. Soda Boss also assures to save money by making drinks at 1/4th of market price to provide a cost effective and healthy solution with eco-friendly feature as well. Does Soda Boss really help save money on drinks? Do send us your reviews. Soda Boss alleges to come in three colors – red, black and white.

What do I get?

  • 1 Soda Boss Soda Maker
  • 1 Master Mixologist Guide For Carbonated Beverages
  • 100 Servings Of Soda Mix(Cola and Lemon Lime)
  • 10 pack of CO2 Cartridges

Price: $99.99 + Free S/h. | Official website:

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8 Comments on "Soda Boss | As Seen On TV Soda Maker"

  1. Terrible, waste of money. Took 4 cartridges to properly carbonate my pop. apparently can’t find cartridges anywhere either….Wish I never bought it!

  2. Where do I find replacement cartridges?

  3. Disappointed not very fizzy like flat pop

  4. After purchasing this product.. I went to see where I can get the CO2 Canisters and flavors for this.. And they are nowhere to be found.. I went to their webpage only to find there is nothing on there to direct you to where these are available! So I believe This product is just to much money for only one use, because I still have no idea where to get the CO2 and the flavors!!

  5. where do I order on line or buy at store the cartridges for my sodaboss please email me thank you.

    • I have just received my soda boss and very disappointed to find only 2 bottles of syrup . I went to the web site High Street TV where I purchased the machine and they were offering for 1 day only syrup for £1.99. Went to purchase only to be told that it is news to them. They said customer service were the only people to correct the price. Well they did, they took the offer off the screen. I need diet coke but they did not have it. Unless we get confirmation that they can supply the syrups at a reasonable price I will return this item 1st thing Monday morning.. It will probably cost me an arm and a leg in postage so it will be a big let down.

  6. Ordered Soda Boss. Will write review when I get it.

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