Snuggie Tails REVIEW

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What is Snuggie Tails

It claims to be comfortable fleece blankets for kids with variety of appealing character designs. Snuggie Tails guarantees to enthrall the minds of kids with its snuggie design. Snuggie Tails emphasizes to be a blanket meant specifically for kids and comes in 9 colorful characters.

Snuggie Tails CLAIMS

Comfort in different characters – These characters are Blue and Pink Mermaid, Clown Fish, Shark, Dolphin, Rainbow Fish, Penguin, Dragon and Orca Whale. Snuggie Tails assures that these characters are designed with fascinating design that makes it perfect for sleeping, reading a book, sleepovers, playing games, etc. We will await Snuggie Tails reviews to analyze its claims.

Superior material – Snuggie Tails assures that it’s made using soft velveteen material. This fabric provides a cozy comfort while sleeping. The stitching is also maintained to be durable for years of use. It claims to have a design that fits all kids up to 5 feet height. Such universal design and soft fabric does make Snuggie Tails highly impressive; user reviews will reveal the facts soon. Snuggie Tails promises that it’s easy to maintain as well. Simply throw it in a machine to wash it clean for reuse. Snuggie Tails reviews will verify all its claims.

Snuggie Tails REVIEW

Destiny Holland who used Snuggie Tails complains in her review, “It is very difficult to clean especially if the fabric gets stained. A simple dry cleaning also doesn’t work for cleaning it. Rather it needs regular vacuuming for surface dirt and a steam carpet cleaner to get rid of stains.”

Lucy Steele mentions in her Snuggie Tails review, “The surface material wears out quickly over use. Cleaning wise it’s not at all a friendly blanket and is highly dust absorbent.”

Jessica Wade who used Snuggie Tails reveals in her review, “When used regularly, Snuggie Tails tends to wear off easily. Any damage to the fabric will simply ruin its texture. It requires gentle use and care so that it remains soft and not matted or faded over time. If by chance the fabric starts to fade or stained it will need replacement. Such a delicate material used for something to be a children’s blanket is really a poor choice.”

Melissa Hale writes in her Snuggie Tails review, “The blanket came with a huge hole on one of the sides. I had to stitch it myself since the shipping back cost itself is very high.”

Kylee Dawson reveals in her Snuggie Tails review, “I’ts thin fabric sheds and can rip easily. The quality and finish is poor. The only plus side are the attractive colors. I returned it since it didn’t come across as value for money.”

What do I get?
You get 1 Snuggie Tails Blanket (In your choice of Character) for $19.99 plus $4.99 p&h at the Official Snuggie Tails website

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