Snacky Wonder Review

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About Snacky Wonder

Snacky Wonder proclaims to be a two-in-one snacking container that has a snack box on the top and a drinks cup at the bottom. With its design, Snacky Wonder promises to give you one-handed snacking at home or on the move. Snacky Wonder asserts to have a no spill lid to prevent spillages and a straw to let you sip on your drinks. Snacky Wonder promises to hold a full bottle of juice in the cup and an entire bag of snacks in the box and it keeps your food fresh with its sealed lid.

How does it work

The two-in-one snack sensation, Snacky Wonder assures to let you carry your favorite drink and snack all in one hand. Snacky Wonder convinces to have a split design that holds the beverage and snack together. Snacky Wonder maintains to have an airtight seal and straw cover that ensures the food stays in the container and does not spill even when it is knocked over. Whether a moving car, a football game, or your kids playing a videogame, Snacky Wonder promises the snack and drink will stay in because of its no-spill lid and straw.

Carry your snack and drink with one hand

It’s often impossible to handle your snacks and drinks together whether you are chilling on your couch at home or having a snack and beverage while driving. Clumsy spills and food dropping is de rigueur for anyone especially kids who cannot deal with their snacks and colas at a party and end up spilling and dropping everything. But Snacky Wonder declares to be a two-in-one snack and drink carrier that lets you carry your snack as well as drink in just one hand and frees up your other hand. Snacky Wonder states to have a snack box on the top and a drinks cup at the bottom to let you hold your snacks and drinks at the same time without clumsy spills and droppings.

Hold a full bottle of juice and bag of snacks

The sealed lid of Snacky Wonder assures to keep your snacks and beverages fresh. The snack container can hold a whole bottle of juice in its 400 ml drink cup and a whole bag of your favorite snacks in the box. Snacky Wonder promises to eliminate spillages even when the container is accidentally knocked over. It alleges that you can easily carry it to the gym, the playground or keep it in the cup holder of your car or treadmill without the contents spilling or dropping. Snacky Wonder proclaims to be ideal for picnics, long drives, swimming sessions, dance classes, or anything else you can imagine.

Funky colors, ideal for parties

Snacky Wonder states to come in four funky colors – pink, purple, blue, and yellow to choose from. Because of its no spill and trip design, the snack container declares to be ideal for kiddy birthday parties where kids can have fun and play even while snacking or sipping without dropping anything and making a mess.

What do I get?

You get Snacky Wonder for £9.99.Official website

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