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What is Slim Panties 360?

They are panties that claim to offer you the comfort of regular panties while giving you the benefits of shape wear as well.

Slim Panties 360 assert that now you don’t have to contend with bulges or horrible hook marks that can become the bane of your existence. You want to make the best impression every time you step out of the house. That’s why you don’t mind spending good amounts on clothes you buy. But are you paying enough attention to your inner-wear? Does it cause you discomfort while you are out? What if you were told that you could go out feeling confident and without having to worry about panty-lines? That’s exactly what these slimming panties promise to offer you. But since we don’t have enough Slim Panties 360 reviews we can’t confirm these claims for you.


Slim Panties 360 REVIEW

Slim Panties is designed as a cheap (in every aspect) alternative to Spanx. Well, Slim Panties 360 is not the only “slimming panties” in the market. There are tons of tried and tested slimming panties available at with genuine reviews and ratings, so we do not see any purpose why you should buy the Slim Panties 360. One thing we can be sure of is that no slimming panties is going to do what they show in the Slim Panties TV ad, thats too far fetched.

You need to appreciate the camera tricks used to show the smoothened fat of that lady in the Slim Panties 360 video ad. That TRICK is what impresses us more than anything about the product. The “360 Degree” is just a fancy name given to a cheap slimming inner-wear to make it sound scientific – morons fall for this.

Note that they are so bent on selling their shapewear with unsubstantiated claim that they don’t care to publish important information about the Slim Panties 360 like what material is used and washing instructions – though common information it seems Slim Panties don’t care about having such valuable info on their website

No sizing chart
The does not provide the sizing chart an absolute requisite for buying the right size Slim Panties. Most of the reviews that we have analyzed are of women who ordered the wrong size. This is very unprofessional on Slim Panties 360’s part not to put up a sizing guide/chart on their website. It is somewhat tricky to find the right size of Slim Panties 360 that fits you. We have found this page here which will simplify your size-finding task.

Will Slim Panties 360 work for me? – It all depends upon how much fat you have in the tummy, buttocks and in the thighs, if it is just too much – nothing on the earth will smoothen it to your liking, you are going to have bulges.

Slim Panties Pricing – It costs $27 and is available only with the official website No need to elaborate all the hassles involved with these as seen on tv sites. The other similar slimming panties are available at much lesser price on, branded Slimming Panties (like Spanx) are even costlier.

Does Slim Panties never roll-down? Well, this fact is not attested yet due to lack of actual user reviews, but based on our research we think there is no need to believe this. All the slimming panties if not of proper size, roll up.

Is Slim Panties comfortable – Nothing that is tight is comfortable, it is bearable though. It does restrict your movements a little bit. But for a few hours its ok.

Slim Panties 360 Features and Benefits

360 degree compression for stunning slimming effect – For starters, these panties stress on the fact that you will start looking two sizes smaller in a matter of seconds. That’s because it instantly shapes the body while giving you the much desired slimming effect. But we are more interested in knowing whether you experienced it and look forward to hearing about it in your Slim Panties 360 reviews. The secret of these panties lie in the 360 degree design with extra wide compression band that covers the entire waist and abdomen. Thanks to the high compression front panel and side compression panel, your body is shaped without any difficulty. What did you make of this compression band? We hope to know more about it in your Slim Panties 360 reviews.

Slim Panties 360 can also give us more information about the non-slip silicone band that never rolls down, which is why you get the perfect fit every single time.

Assures you complete comfort – While these panties give you a cool slimming effect, the comfort you get is never compromised upon. That’s partly because of the ultra cool breathable fabric, which can keep you cool and dry at all times. We will analyze Slim Panties 360 reviews closely to analyze this claim for you. These panties can be worn all day long without any discomfort, according to their claims. They also emphasize on the fact that they will help you eliminate panty lines and unsightly bulges while hiding excess fat with ease. These seem to be tall claims that will have to be confirmed after going through Slim Panties 360 reviews.

Another advantage of using these panties is that they don’t have any zippers, hooks, buttons or seams for that matter. Thus they do the job without causing any irritation at any point. Slim Panties 360 reviews can reveal more about these features.

What do I get?

  • 3 Black Slim Panties 360
  • 3 Nude Slim Panties 360

Price: $59.97 + Free S/h | Official website:

Compare Slim Panties 360 with SPANX

225 Comments on "Slim Panties 360 REVIEWED | EXPOSED"

  1. I have place my order over 2 months now n have not till received my order. Plsssssss what is going on? Return my money back pls.


  3. I agree with all the negative comments that I read. This is a terrible product to wear Living in a city that gets up to 110 degrees and the slim panties make you feel like you’re a sauna garment. I found out that if you need to go to a toilet allow a few more minutes earlier than normal because of the extra time it takes to pull down the garment. What a waste of good money.

  4. KEEP YOUR MONEY THE ASK YOU TO UP GRADE FOR THICKER TIGHTER MATERIAL AND ITS NOT I TOLD THEM to cancel my order and they didn’t I tried to ask him for a return label I had trouble getting that and it cost me $13 to send the product back I asked if they can reimburse me for that to keep me as a happy customer and they said no it’s not their fault it was my fault and the lady that I ordered it from on the phone she said there would be an invoice and a return label in there and it wasn’t I’m A VERY UNHAPPY UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER !!!!!!

  5. Thank you,Ladies very much your reviews help me not to place a order

    • Please don’t make the same mistake I did I’m having all kinds of trouble with the return label getting my money back i called customer service and they said it wasnt there fault it cost me 13.00 to return they didn’t want to meet half way with the shipping back fee to keep a happy customer.

  6. My recommendation to everyone who never received their order, call your credit card company & ask to cancel or dispute the payment on your behalf because the order was never received. Don’t know if all credit card companies will do this but Discover was able to get a response when I couldn’t. Then Google the Better Business Bureau in the state the billing address is listed and file an online complaint. You have a right to get your money back and these types of businesses need to be reported and/or shutdown! Hope this helps most if not all of you. Good luck!

  7. The product has a pretty good concept for slimming my tummy, however I tried a M and then a Lg and still didn’t get it right because I’m an in-between size. Still prefer shaper cuz they made it totally custom to my body and seem to have the fastest and best customer service I’ve seen anywhere. I go for the guaranteed fit now instead of messing around with returns and exchanges and all that.

  8. I order for my wife these Slim Panties and was up sold on these Leggings which only come in XL. Representative all but guaranteed me these would fit and work while knowing I didn’t want to buy them. Knowing my wife loves to wear legging I purchase them with the knowledge and statement if they didn’t fit simply send them back for a refund. I stated why would I purchase them and pay to send them back and representative said No we would take care of the shipping if the legging didn’t fit. Call to get a return label set and another representative ask if I could give them to a family member and I was responsible for return leggings. Never will I purchase anything else from them or tell anyone to buy from them. They are all Liars !!! They don’t care about customer service and telling the truth, nothing but the sale !!

    • Have any of you reviewers ever heard of the Better Businness Bureau or Consumer Affairs? I’m not technologically savvy however I’m a letter writer and these agencies follow up and respond. So don’t Roll Down without a fight for Your cash!

  9. I received mine and they are to small. I would like to exchange to L/XL if possible.

  10. I ordered them they were delivered promptly within the specified time. but they were the wrong size i called for return and exchange for a smaller size i got excellent customer service and follow up emails ,and my exchange came pronto. however i am disappointed that it does not do what the tv ad claim to do ,it does not hold in your tummy you look the same in them as without. misleading advertisement i think it is. It just works as a full size panty. very disappointed.

  11. I get it that this is a bad product with poor customer service but does anyone ever proof-read what they type?

  12. DO NOT
    I REPEAT, DO NOT order from here!! First of all, took forever to get em and once I did…they suck!! I’m a 41 year old, fit sz 8 (lost 80lbs by working out and kept it off for 6 years now) however I ordered these to make my midsection appear a bit slimmer/smoother and they did not work. I even upgraded the order for a better hold and still nothing. They are nothing more than glorified granny panties. I have not had any trouble with them rolling down but they did absolutely nothing for my shape, they actually made my stomach appear more round and protruded, an embarassment!!! I ended up donating them to a local Shelter (the 5 remaining new) On top of all that my credit card was charged $90 with three installments of $29.95 so when I called the company to complain I could not understand the representative that answered nor the supervisor that I ended up requesting to speak to. And there was a lot of VERY LOUD background noise. Be prepared to stay on hold FOREVER as well!! They were of no help other than offering to take $10 off of my statement. I am not happy with this purchase at all and I do not recommend anyone to give them a dime. I’m pretty sure you could go to the Dollar Tree and find underwear better than these. They do not slim at all. They requested I return the underwear and they would refund the remaining amount after a “processing and restocking” fee. Bull!!! They wouldn’t say what that amount was. I’m so angry that I watched the stupid infomercials and fell for this crap, I could’ve used that money for a lot better things than this trash!! Trust me….they’re trash. You’d be better off wrapping you’re midsection in tissue paper, same support!!! Seriously!!!!!!

  13. I placed my order on December 4th and after 4 emails to the company with no response they finally today answered me and told me they are going to ship them but it takes about 3 to 4 weeks. I ordered them as a Christmas gift for my Mother In Law and they won’t arrive on time. This all sounds like a scam that I regret ever getting myself into. I have been reading all the reviews which I should have done before I purchased these and most of them are negative reviews. Never ordering from these guys again and if I can I will return them once I receive them because after all Christmas will be over.

  14. I placed my order on December 4th and after 4 email to the company the finally today answered me and told me they are going to ship them but it takes about 3 to 4 weeks. I ordered them as a Christmas gift for my Mother In Law and they won’t arrive on time. This all sounds like a scam that I regret ever getting myself into. I have been reading all the reviews which I should have done before I purchased these and most of them are negative reviews. Never ordering form these guys again and if I can I will return them once I receive them because after all Christmas will be over.

  15. Wowser. The grammar used in most of these comments makes me wonder how many of you graduated from high school. Seriously. I gave up trying to read them. Perhaps you should too….

  16. I ordered in August and was disappointed. The representative kept asking me to purchase more items and I refused. I was very disappointed when I was charged $200.00 for items that I did not order. I returned them and am still being charged. This has been a horrible experience. I do not recommend them to anyone. Pay attention to the reviews. — Sarah


  18. I ordered the slim panties and it took forever when it came I try one pair on and it really didn’t do anything so I called customer service an explained to them I’m no longer interested so she tried to convince me to give it to someone I know so I asked for a shipping label to return the items she told me she will send me a shipping label an I never receive it WASTE OF MONEY!!! DO NOT BUY THE PRODUCT YOU ARE GOING TO BE VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

  19. Glad I read the reviews, I was almost sucked in. Thank you all.

  20. Sheila Messinger | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

    Do not waste your money, smoke and mirrors! I received mine and they sent s/m way to big the unit goes all the way over my bra area- they are not what they say they are

  21. I got my slimpanties360 Today and I feel like it is not working for me. but it feel nice on my body. I like it a lot.

  22. I too was going to order these slim panties 360. After reading all these reviews, well, you all saved me money and time. I am a small size and they might work, but if customer service is bad, and returning them could be a problem, well, I’ll pass. I try to wait for these ‘as seen on TV’ items to make to to Walmart and Bed Bath and Beyond, and then you can return easily. So I will do just that, WAIT! Thank you all!!

  23. Fyi: sometimes your credit card company will reimburse you. Amex definitely does when u buy a product that is not to ur liking and specially if it’s not ding what they claim. JUST letting you know!!

  24. Horrible. Not at all what you see on TV. Took forever to receive and now I have to return it, since they do nothing to me. But I have to pay for shipping. Will not recommend.

  25. I’m so glad I saw all these reviews before I ordered!!!! Definitely will not order!

  26. They suck, it doesn’t no way in hell lift your butt, I’m still waiting for my other 3, their not comfy they roll down, it’s doesn’t even make u look smaller at all I say just excercise n eat healthy, I’m 5/10 145 I had a csection so it’s so hard to flatten your tummy after that so I have a lil exta skin which I hate n these damn things kept rolling down on me DONT OREDER THEM GO TO KOHLS ALOT CHEAPER N WAY BETTER!!!! Frauds

  27. Don’t buy this product everyone, their ads have been photoshopped with the “after” photos – take a look again and look at the curves in all the backgrounds HAHAHA couldn’t even afford to get proper photoshop

  28. Irene Masserelli | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

    Ordered early Oct. Just received today, Nov. 5th. Was so disappointed!! When will I learn to check reviews before I order anything I see in an info-add on t.v.?! Does less to hold in belly than I care to say!! Will be returning!

  29. Well I got my order November 1st I ordered on the 6th of October and they told me it was out of stock now I tried them on and they do not push your stomach in as much but they works for the love handles on your back and it feels comfortable and I also bought Leggins and they feel comfortable and look wonderful I’m very happy what I order.?

  30. I was just about to order, desperately wanted them but now that everyone are complaining about the delays, and or the performances of the supposedly girdle panties, I guess I’ll leave this one alone. Thank You viewers for the advice.

  31. It sounded too good to be true. I almost fell for it. Thank you.

  32. I ordered awhile back and haven’t received anything yet where is my order ??? The order #19120081

  33. Wow, how can they take your money and not deliver the product?? Ladies, if you really want to buy them, they are in the “as seen on TV” sections of the store. I was looking at them at Walmart, so don’t get ripped off ordering them on the phone or on line, buy them directly. What I wonder is what happens to the probable muffin top that would occur with the body exposed between your bra and the slim panty? A big muffin top bulge is what! Carefully consider if this product would work on you if your a curvy gal. Good luck:)

  34. Really?!?! Really?!?! Thank you all so much for such genuine, detailed and non biased reviews!!! I watched the infomercial with my wife–who, by the way is 5 foot 1 and 125 lbs, beautiful and sexy–and she was convinced this was the Emperor’s New Clothes!! Not about to have my wife try and definitely not about to buy this product…try to get popcorn back in the kernel!!! Aint happening! Thanks for saving me some cash!!

    • Nick, it takes genuine love to see the beauty in one’s spouse, even when time adds a few extra kilos. Your comment made me laugh and cry at the same time. Thank you

  35. This is atotal fraud. I did not look 2 centimeters slimmer, much less 2 sizes. All this did was give me a shape like a barrel…no waistline at all. I want my money back. Please send return information.

  36. I order my slim panties 360 on October 6 2016, when you go to the website look up top in red writing that says track your order when you go there it has six different options two tracking your order the first one is your last name and your order number the second one is your phone number and the last four numbers of your credit card and then you have your email and you phone number to track your order I track my by my order number and it tells me they are out of stock and it would take up to two to three weeks before my order comes and when it do come I will write another review own house the slim panties 360 fits me..

  37. gwendolyn martin | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

    I thank all you ladies. I was wondering if these panties was that they said. I will not be purchasing them.

  38. Just tried on my first pair. I do NOT look two sizes slimmer. True, I don’t have lumps of fat showing but there is not much compression, either. These would be nice if they reduced my waist, but they don’t, they just round everything from the hips to the bust. Except for the excess fat rolls they have NO effect on my appearance.


    • Really! Sounds like you are from the companies marketing department Jacob. Oops! Should have changed your name. I’m sure your husband loves your new body Jacob. I was going to call for a price, they never advertise this, especially with the Australia tax added. This forum has saved me the trouble. I will lose weight the natural way… Diet, exercise and give these quick fixes a miss.

    • No way!

      But glad they are working for you.

      I was hoping for this kind of result, but didn’t happen!

    • JACOB??? Are you a tranny wearing women’s underwear?? Either way I find it very hard to believe you would go from a 24 to an 8 wearing an under garment.

    • BS “JACOB”! There isn’t a slimming product in the world that will take you from a size 24 to an 8!!!!!!!!! !!
      Nice try. We aren’t idiots. This would be on national news if just by putting these on you go down around NINE sizes!!!!! You should of thought of a more realistic lie.

    • W

      • This is to Jacob who left a review about 360 slim panties. I have a strong suspicion you work for the company. Maybe you should have changed your name to a woman’s name first. But your name is not the only thing that gave you away. The way you worded your comment seemed strange. Judging by the reviews, with only 3or 4 positive ones out of dozens, (& I’m not sure the good ones were not employees of the company), I will order Spanx or similar instead. You will learn that people are fed up with con artist.

  40. So disappointed with the service of this comapny. Placed order on 9/23/2016 . Offer was buy the 2 and get 4 free ( total of 6). Received the 2 but still haven’t received the 4 free. Per company will replace the order for the free ones, another 10 days for their screw up. This product is being sold in the USA but when you have a problem and call you get connected to someone in India, REALLY. They have no clue whats going on, I will never refer this company to anyone. And if my product is not here in 10 days I’ll dispute the charges on my card and they can kiss my ***.

    • Susan, i an going through this not. I purchased mine a month ago and they were too big so i sent an email and they go back to me and it said they would immediately send my exchange out and when i receive them to send my original ones out in 30 days or i will be charged for the replacement.Today is my second call and i was told they are pending and as soon as they receive the return ones they will send out the exchange, well this was not what the email said. I am not happy about this and i told the guy i spoke to today that if i don’t receive my package by the end of next week, i want my money back.

      • You must have my package. These could not be the size I ordered.

        The struggle was exhausting!

      • Do you notice the way these ladies speak? I know e-mail can be “dumbed down”, but some of these e-mails are obviously from women whose first language is NOT English. I’m not a snob (just an old English teacher!) but why are many of these complaints so dificult to undestand?

    • I bank with BOA. They was very very understanding, that people like this will try to take your money. I paid for a down payment on a car. And my bank refunded all my money back on my account. Try calling your bank to see if they can help. Most bank will refund your money back if you haven’t received your order from any company. Good luck

  41. I ordered the slim panties 360…I dont remember how long they took to arrive but when I tried them…they did nothing for me! Absolutely nothing at all! It just felt like I had a regular panty on! So I had to return them…

  42. I was going to try them but thanks to these ladies I wont be ordering

  43. you have to guess

  44. I would like to know about sizes for slim panties360 ??

  45. Thank you ladies for the reviews. I just saw the infomarcial while I was flipping channels & came across this review page. Sounds to good to be true. I’ll find something on good ol’ Amazon!??

  46. I purchase a total of 6 pair of slim panties plus what amounted to a waist cincher. It took over 2 weeks and 2 shipments to get the product. The infomercial states you will appear 2 sizes slimmer. I tried on and I did not look slimmer. I looked like a fat person in thick (&hot) underwear. I still had the same visible fat bulges & I did not look thinner. I have returned everything at a cost of $13.45 for shipping. They have received my package but I have not received credit. The saying “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. DO NOT BUY! Their claims are not true.

    • I am returning mine too. They didn’t even have return instructions in the package. So I now have to wait until Monday when they re-open to return.

      We should not have to pay shipping since the product did not own up to the infomercial. If the product worked, we would not be sending them back. I will be talking with a supervisor.

      6 pair came for me and I am going to try and fit them in one of those flat rate envelopes.

      If any one has returned their slim panties, and the shipping was less than the $13.45, Please post.


  47. Damn rip off just took my money.

  48. I ordered them and they were due to me on Monday. Nothing. Called customer service they said it was on back order and it would be another 6 weeks. So I changed sizes and she said they were in stock so it would be 7 to 10 days to get them. If they don’t work I will happily return them. No harm done!!’

  49. After watching the commercial last night I was ready to order this morning, but after reading sooo many negative reviews of all kind, I thank you ladies for taking the time to comment about your experience, fiuuu…it saved me a headache.

    • Melissa brady Melissa brady | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

      You should try them. I weigh like 160 lbs I got a ex large and they hide all the muffin too and slim my waist. You need to pull them up. At first I was like no way as how high up I needed to pull them up. So I did and wow I saw a difference. I love these and I am glad I bought them. I bought my slim panties at Walgreens . Best purchase of my life. I feel so good as I have no rolls and fat hanging out my tops. So reviews can be negative. But I am saying if you don’t pull them up will look the same. I had another slim wear on it rolled down and even showed through my clothes. Then I put slim panties on and wow I was happy. So buy them and try. Good luck. Thanks

  50. The pos review was from the company buyer beware

  51. I was going to buy this product thanks for reviews to many people having the same experience they can’t be just lying I will pass

  52. I only saw one positive review so I will definitely not be ordering….

  53. I ordered the slim panties about a week ago and they are due to be delivered to me Tuesday. After reading these reviews im a little skeptical about them but as I’ve already brought them it wont hurt to try. Once I get them Tuesday ill definitely return to write a review of my experience.

  54. I ordered the slimpanty360 nearly a month ago. Still nothing. When I called I was told that it could be another 3 weeks. At least. Poor Poor customer service.

  55. wow I just ordered them. Hope they come and are better than the reviews.

  56. Thank you lady’s after seeing what everyone wrote well no thank you I will pass

    • Thank you all for the reviews….. Everyone should always look at the reviews before purchasing anything. You all saved me the headache….. Thank You Much!!!

      • There were no reviews when I ordered. I usually wait it out, but I was so excited thinking that it might really work. I did order a size larger for the comfort, but it still didn’t work.

        I am very, very disappointed and requesting my money back!

  57. Thanks Girls, I was just about to order these and ya’ll saved me the anguish.

  58. I order nothing without reading reviews first, then I still end up ordering nothing! Our world has become very deceptive & marketing has always been a huge farce when trying to sell a product.

    If it is too good to be true, don’t buy!!!!!!!!! Very few are happy with their bodies, no matter how skinny or over weight. It takes hard work to eat right & exercise to get that hot body you are looking for when wasting time on the quick fixes, they don’t work! Save yourself the time & money & eat right & exercise.

    • Yes!! You are so right!!!!

    • Word!! You said it!!! That is soooo true!!! That’s what my man told me when I begged him to buy em for me.. he said , the only thing that’ll help you get in shape is change of diet, and exercise..

  59. my thing is you have a 60 day money back guarantee less your shipping and handling SOOOO if you wanna try it … TRY IT! imma see what my budget will allow unless one of my sugardaddys provides funding 🙂 / its worth a try im about to get that genie waist belt thingy sent to me i think i liked it when i tried it but was strapped for money and had to return it sooo imma see how i like that im bout to get the maxi climber to assist with my workouts and the flex belt and air climber im in INTENSE lose weight mode from sept to march so imma do 200 crunches per day/ maxi climber/flex belt and air stepper ALL together for a good variety and weight loss regimen along with walking eating sensibly … i MIGHT try this too tho

  60. just tried to order on both my tablet & computer, during process I received a call from telemarketer to place order. I told her about all the comments about not being able to get thru website, she didn’t know anything about that, but she has to be monitoring the website to be able to call me. Anyway, I think you cannot get thru, because they want to sell you a “firmer” panty and they have more specials to offer. I am looking forward to using the panties, after reading the reviews.


  61. Assets by Spanx are really great and you can buy them in a store or order online at Kohls, Bealls or Palais Royal store or on line. There great a little pricey but you get what you pay for.

  62. I saw the TV ad and I was very disappointed. I will not buy too many negative reviews and too many lies. So sad we can’t trust anyone these days!

  63. They aren’t inexpensive, but I have been wearing Body Wrap high waist pain ties for years now. They are fabulous.

    • They could use any size woman they want. We all have areas that are not perfect. I saw a commercial and looked up these reviews. I don’t understand why you would be mad they use different sized women. My issue is that the commercial I saw said get 4 pairs of nude and 4 pairs of black for $19.99. I didn’t see where it was monthly payments of $19.99.

    • Your answer is cracking me up. You said to get a certain brand of pain ties. Perfect description.

  64. Don’t buy SlimPanties 360. Go for Maiden form instead, available at

  65. I ordered mine on Sunday July 31 and my order came on Friday. I ordered a large even though I wear a size 10 jeans it was too small. I wore them all day Saturday and then hand washed them and tried to stretch them out and it didn’t work. I am going to send them back and go up a size to ex lg and I might be more comfortable. The band stayed in place although you have to keep the front even with the back all the way around and it shouldn’t roll down.

  66. If you only want to order 2 pairs to try it still is the 3 payments of $19.99 which is $60.00 more with tax. Why can’t u just order 1 or 2 pair to test for a cheaper price to try before you invest the $60.00 and are disappointed like so many people who have posted reviews.

  67. Wow! I’m so disappointed to read all these negative comments! I was just about to order them! I agree that the ladies in the commercial did end up questionably small waists. And why is it taking so long for shipping? I better think about this some more.

  68. Your video is ridiculously fake
    Who ever edited the video to make the waists smaller needs to get some more training
    Everyone look carefully..if they have to rely on digitally enhancing the video
    It means the product doesn’t work

  69. I did not trust the ads every one lies now a days but I order it took 2 months but they came I tried and now my jeans are falling off me they do not roll down I have had them on for eight hours now I wish I would have order more

    • What size did u order?

    • You mind if I ask your size? For the smaller women, I can see them staying in place. But for the more fuller women with a tummy problem, why we ordered, they do not stay up, they roll.

      Just tried mine on today. It was a struggle getting in them, a struggle to get them up as far as the ad shows, and then they rolled back down. I immediately, took them back off.

      Again, you must be a smaller size.

      Really glad they work for U. Enjoy! But I am requesting my money back. Nothing like in the infomercial, for the more fuller, rounded women.

  70. Hi: I am very interesting for slim panties ,so could you let me know the price? and I saw extra TV got the slim panties buy 1get another 2。 It is same or not?

    • The price as advertised on TV, is 3 payments of 19.99 and you will get 3 black and 3 nude and the shipping is free.

      • I think it’s buy 2 to get 6 pairs so it’s 6 payments of $19.99. That’s $120.00 altogether if I’m not mistaken.these reviews are not good I’m not buying?

        • I found it on line getting the 6 pair for 44.o.o still waiting to receive will let you know more when I get them.

        • I watched the ad last night. You get 6 pairs, 3 black & 3 nude, for $59.97 plus S/H or 3 payments of $19.99 plus S/H. Also, they offered firmer compression options at a cost of $1.66 per pair.. Bringing the monthly payment up to $29.00 a month for 3 months ?

        • I did receive my slim panties two months later got concerned called and sent an email was told the slim panties were on back order I paid $85.00 for six pair which was deducted from my account. Finally I received my slim panties I love the way they fit I am a size 10 the size s\m fits well. Also I am not sure if the slim panties were shipped from the United States if I am not mistaken the packaging was from another country that is probably why it took so long for the delivery. I will try to find the slim panties from stores like Walgreens, Bed Bath and Beyond to avoid not receiving my package.

  71. Hi: I am very interesting for slim panties ,so could you let me know the price? and I saw extra TV got the slim panties buy 1get another 2。 It is same or not?

    • Yes, $59.99.. but by seeing all these bad reviews..I want to cancel my order..

      • Keep up with this. I ordered on 09/14/16 and have not received my order yet. I called this a.m. and was told that they were on back order. My card was charged back when I ordered & they didn’t have the decency to at least email me with this information so that I could decide whether I wanted to wait or cancel the order!

        • If you paid with a credit card, call your credit card company and they will cancel the order and refund your money.

      • Smart lady!!

  72. Now I’m Scare To Order …. Can’t Fine a Phone number to Order ….Someone please tell me the truth. …?

    • Emma McMorris seems to love hers,
      Saying that she wished that she had
      ordered more.
      Try calling 18007092101
      Going to order me a couple

      • No offense, but Ms. McMorris must be a smaller size between 12 and maybe a 14, depending on how she is shaped.

        This product is not for the women larger trying to pull the tummy in as the ads claim. It just doesn’t work, and I order a larger size just so.

        Hope you enjoy yours. If you are smaller, you may.

    • I’m afraid to purchase them to but if you want the number I’ll give it to you.

      1 800 755-7935
      If you buy the please give a review.

    • I read bad reviews about people not receiving them at all and the ones that have received them don’t see same results like the TV-infomercial claims … But in any case I got this number from TV-infomercial
      .. SlimPanty customer service
      # 1 (800) 712-8244

    • Everything you read here that is negative is the truth!!!!

    • There are several reviews, ALL BAD! Ive learned the hard way to always read reviews and trust what folks are saying.

  73. i rang to ask sizes. i was told 3 sizes 8 to 10, 10 to 12 and 12 to 14. no others. so what is the model in the ad wearing? she looks to be a size 24.
    But what size 8 person is going to wear them. Duh.
    I havent ordered any further as they wont talk to you unless you give your email. No way.
    I have read the reviews and now wont bother. Much appreciation for the info. lea

    • There probably weren’t any reviews when I ordered. If there had been, I would not have ordered them!

      Horrible product!!

      Keep Your money!

  74. Can see some health concerns with these products…
    Where does the muffin tops end up ? Is everything pushed internally where your organs will be cramped up? Seen comercials for obesity showing what all the body fat this going to have a similar affect?

    • no! you pay for them, just never receive them.

    • I ordered some and was very disappointed myself still makes your stomach look round and if you wear pants with them that are elastic the pants will roll down I told them that when I called I have finished making my payments and they were still trying to charge me saying that now it was called membership services called my bank and they are going to stop payment and they tell me to call them to take my card number out of their system what a joke please do not order Diane Sadiki

  75. Well I watched the ad, was impressed and ordered, $99.90 aud. Came yesterday. Tried them on today.
    A complete waste of money. They do not alter my shape whatsoever , I am around 60kg and wanted them to hold my tummy in.
    I look exactly the same with the on as I do without them. What a con

    • So very true, I received mine around a week ago, I have tried them, I found no .in my shape at all, plus the item does roll down, I am very dissapointed again, Shame on tv programe that supports there lies. Will never purchase anything on line again

      • These criminals should be in jail,but we as consumers must learn to stop being so gullible I don’t buy anthing seen on ? soon you’ll find then in the dollar store or ross because they don’t sell well

        • Slim panties 360.. is nothing but a scam! Then look at the models they use.. skinny women.. they don’t need slim panties cuz they’re already slim.. why didn’t they use plus size women?! Because they know it’s bullshit!! I’m so mad! I wish I’d seen these reviews b4. My man purchased them for me.. he couldn’t find any reviews.. now I have to cancel!!!

    • I ordered dlim panties in August, and have not receivef them yet. 2 payments have already been deducted from my account.

    • If you used a credit card, they will charge the product back to the company.

    • Confirmed!

      A waste of money. I am requesting my money back!

  76. I ordered Slim Panties in April have not received my order yet.

    • Have you gone to the post office to see if maybe your order is there? Sometimes it’s misplaced or sent to wrong address. Or call SlimPanty customer service
      # 1 (800) 712-8244

      • Gerard, look at the stats. Do you really think that all these orders got lost at the post office. This has happened to many times. Seeing all the delivery issues on the reviews makes me think this is a fraud and I guess I wont be buying them! If you are a company person and the company is legit someone should get to the bottom of the delivery issues fast!

    • I got a reply from them on Nov 13 saying my order is complete, and I still didn’t get them!!!there is no phone number or company name on the e-mail either.

  77. I ordered Slim Panties in May… have not received my order yet. It says website is down. Very disappointed.

  78. Orders For Wave

  79. Maria Lourdes Sansano | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

    How & where can I Order?

    • Keep your money!

    • I saw them today and Walgreens Pharmacy on the aisle that as seen on TV. It was just two pair for $19.99 you could always buy them and if they don’t work, take them back just hang onto your receipt. I was thinking about getting them myself but I didn’t. Maybe even at Walmart or Kohl’s they have a isle as seen on TV items also. Hope it helps!

      • I got mine at Walmart for 10.00. They was on sale. I love them.

      • This is true, and that is what I did, purchased them at Walgreens and I kept mine. I like them. No they are not miracle workers but they do slim you down a bit covering up some of the lumps and bumps. Once you break them in they are not to uncomfortable to wear. If you are just a little flabby these work like a charm. If you are like myself who is 80 lbs overweight, they just smooth you out a bit and also help you not too over eat! ☺♥

    • I never received my order. They took my $ but never supplied the product. Rip off!!!!Sue


    • I order my slimpan ties too and it was from October and everytime i call I’m getting Arun a round tell me thy ship it and I didn’t get it call back tell me they will ship in7 to 10 day i have enuff of it so they tell me the ups didn’t pick it up lie this company his not good so I tell them to put back every cent back on my back and I will gonly to my back to make sure my money go back on my card they need to be reported.

      • Scam

      • I’m happy that I read up on this. I saw how women was so happy they tried them, and love it. Maybe they got paid to say all that. If any of y’all women paid with your bank card. Most bank will refund the money back to your account. If you haven’t received your orders. I paid for the down payment on a car, and we know that wasn’t a little bit of money. My bank was very very understanding. And refunded all my money back onto my account. Thank you. You all save me from a big headache.

    • Dicen que no sierven.

    • Por todas las opiniones posteadas aquí, le sugiero que no las compre. Vaya a Amazon y busque otras alternativas.

  81. How and where can I order the slim panties 360

    • You can go to the official site at:
      or you can also go to:
      if your trying to find a bargain…… let us know how it work.

    • Keep your money!

    • What please number phone I will pay on November 3 on Thursday ok

    • dont do it its a rip off

      • I agree. Ordered and waited what seemed forever. Did any of you who ordered, notice the return address of this product, it was printed in either Chinese or Japanese? What a scam!!! I wonder how these people sleep at night, taking advantage peoples hard earned mone? That’s all I’ll say. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT.

    • Please don’t!! They are junk!

      • Absolutely terrible, the waist band cuts into my skin. The panty lines they leave are offensive and they pull in nothing. Just a big pair of tight granny panties. I waited way to long for them to be shipped to get this GARBAGE in the mail!!

    • Michele another dissatisfied customer! | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

      Contact the Better Business Bureau right away!

    • I bought mine at Walmart for 10.00 … They was 19.98… I got them on sale. I love them.

  82. I order the slim panties mid November 2015, have not received the order, paid for 5 day priority shipping, today is January 6, 2016, I have not received my order, there web site is down, it states coming soon. Very disappointed

    • Did you ever receive your panties?

    • Have you gone to the post office to see if maybe your order is there? Sometimes it’s misplaced or sent to wrong address. Or call SlimPanty customer service
      # 1 (800) 712-8244

      • i went to their website i ordered it i paid 36 dlars can. money when it came the brand was not Slim Panty it was Munafie i was really disappointed. I dont know know if i trust this website anymore, mayby il hust keep my money and forget about this scam advertisement,,,

        • Gabriela Schaeffer | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

          Just saw you’re post and I had the same problem should have stuck to my “gut” feeling. I put them on and couldn’t stop laughing as I’ve always said “if it sounds too good to be true” don’t waste your money.



    • I ordered my panties and did not receive a confirmation number. When making many cal ls to find what my order status was, it was a challenge. Both numbers would answer with a recording, no person would come on. !st number -1-844-255-8701 2nd # 1-973-287-5173
      There were times I would stay on hold for ( 43 ) minutes. Just lay phone on counter and listen to loud music. When a lady did answer, there was very loud background noise, she did find my order, and relayed I would need to give them another four to seven weeks. I requested to cancel the order. She wanted me to give them another week, still requested to cancel. Sounded like the person was in Central America. There was a big push to join something and get gift card from Wal Mart, not interested. Pay the little extra, go to Amazon or Ebay, this is a rip off.


      • Stella Mae Meacher | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

        Ordered and paid for mine twice and never received them it’s been months now maybe that’s why there’s no reviews because nobody has her panties! Not at all pleased

        • I received mine but very disappointed. the customer service # I called, no representative every answered, only prompts to place an order.

          If anyone out there has a number I can call to return order, please note.

          Horrible product and did not do what the ads claim.

          • I called customers service and I got someone but listen to the prompts and make sure you press the right number, to get the right person. I didn’t have any problems getting through to them. Normally I have problems with others and not getting no where. I ordered my SlimPanties 360 a couple weeks ago and received them yesterday. I’m doing the 30 Day trail to make sure I like them. Not paying for nothing if it’s not going to work. All I paid was the $1.00 and had the free Shipping & handling. Good luck to everyone out there.

        • Linda Kannemeyer | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

          Didn’t get mine either and did not reply to my email.

      • I ordered these from some website called Thedeal. No contact us. No legit website when i emailed them. So they got me for 24.99 . Use amazon or ebay for sure. Don’t get bet like i did.

      • These things are the worst I’ve ever seen,don’t waste your money, they are junk and the jeggings are even worse!!

    • I also order them and I didn’t receive them what to do

      • Request for your money back IMMEDIATELY!! it’s a waste of money

        • Absolutely! The quality is horrible and the fit is even worse, and I paid the extra $5 per pair for the “better grade”. The jeggings are a joke, I ordered L/XL and they sent S/M and my Goodwill pj pants are much better quality!
          And good luck with getting your money back!! Sent my order back, they received it on Nov 22, now 7 days later they are telling me I have to wait 5 more business days before I should expect it, and by the way, they charge a handling fee if you return it!! I am thru ordering from these fly by night operations, they seem to always be a rip off!

    • I made the mistake of ordering . I will tell you right now I will never do it again ! They roll ! They flip down ! They bunch up !when you sit down they bunch up around the waist and it hurts your stomach ! Oh , and might I add I will be doing a YouTube review.

      • Ty..I have tried slimming panties before…After a few hours the tightness made me nauseous and dizzy…

      • Hi Kristina,

        Did you do a utube video on this product?


      • Oh, my goodness, my mother and I just ordered this product from a television infomercial now I’m worried about the product quality? it’s been almost three weeks and we still haven’t received our product order.going to call them right now.

    • Agree been waiting on mines and I can’t event cancel my order n get my money back or speak to anyone

    • Wait, you placed your order and paid for them in Nov 2015 and as of Jan 2016 you still haven’t received your order, a whole year later??? No refund either???

      • Judging from these posts, this company appears to be a total RIP-off. Funny thing, I was just about to order a pair of those slim panties until this little voice in my head told me to check out the reviews first. I’m glad I listened

        • Melissa brady Melissa brady | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

          I got them and you need to pull them up. I see a difference. I love these . So I don’t say anything negative. I have a wedding to go to now its ok. Because of slim panties .

        • Me too, glad I checked

        • Same here…..I went back to check reviews. I always get good info from reviews! People tell it like it is! And notice ALL the negative reviews. I’ll go to the department store first and pay through the nose, but it will be a quality product that fits correctly.

      • She ordered them in Nov of 2015, Jan 2016 is 3 months!!! Where do you get a year???

      • Geez Alexis Dobbins, you must have worn yours too tight for sure! They must have cut off the oxygen to your brain! Really, a whole year! Nov. 2015 until Jan. 2016 is not a year! It’s 2 months! We’re still laughing.

    • Michele another dissatisfied customer! | November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am | Reply

      Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint on line right away!

    • do not buy this product , i have an dispute in with company , i called the company after trying there product for a month, i told rep at hat the product didn’t want the company claim , he was willing to credit 15.00 to my account rep never told me send product back , which never happen, then i called again i nothing next rep told to send product back, eplain to her last rep told i didn’t have to and she was willing to credit me 7.50. they had already start taken the money out of my out , and still is. i had to put a dispute in with my card company and product was return, but after realizing that. how in the hell can you start taken money. when you have 60 day to try product. this is what on there website . 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Genie order, simply return your entire product within 60 days directly to us at the address listed below. Following the receipt of a properly returned complete product, we will refund the full purchase price, less processing and handling. Please include proof of purchase and your mailing address. Tristar Products Inc., 500 Returns Road, Wallingford, CT 06495. i sent my compliant to attroney general office

    • Me swell I predecessor in december 2016 still nothing

    • I wish I would’ve read these before I purchased them!
      I ordered these panties because they claim to come in plus sizes. Well I received them and I am truly plus sized and plus sized, these are not! I called to get the information for returning them and the representative I talked to told me that I would have to pay to return them but as a courtesy she would offer me a refund of $15 if I were to keep them. I said so you’re going to give me $15 to keep them and I WON’T be charged in the future. She said yes but keep in mind that you will not be able to return them after this. I said okay and she said I should expect the refund withing 3 to 5 business days. Well it has been 3 to 5 business days and still no refund so I called to check on the status. First I talked to a representative who told me that I wouldn’t be getting a refund, that I only paid $1 so why would they give me a refund. I said that is what the other representative I talked to told me so I took it as if they were offering it as a courtesy so that I wouldn’t have to pay out of pocket to return them. I explained to the representative that I was told something completely different and that I wanted to speak to a supervisor. I was then transferred to supervisor Ivolyn ID #J58 who again said the same thing as the representative did and offered no kind of resolution. She just kept shooting off it’s our policy, it’s our policy and why would we give you a $15 refund when you only paid $1. I get that part so I then say okay I can’t fit the product it’s useless to me so what do I do. She says well you can return them at your cost, with no refund and that will be that or you can keep them and we’ll take $15 off the price. I’m flabbergasted! So I have to pay for something I can’t use, I have to pay to return them, OUT OF POCKET and be out of a product! So I’m screwed all the way around! I’m so upset because I took a chance on a product that I couldn’t even try on in person only for it to result in me not being able to use the product and still come out of pocket! What kind of company doesn’t offer to cover returning the product as part of their satisfaction guaranteed? Well I’m here to tell you this one doesn’t and I will NEVER order anything from here again and if you’re TRULY plus sized, you won’t either! Oh and I also asked to speak to the supervisor’s manager and at first she tells me she’s not available and so I say well how can I speak with a manager, she tells me I have to hang up and call back! So I say, so I can’t speak to a manager and she then tells me to hold for a manager. Tavia ID #B17 comes on the line and introduces herself as a supervisor. I say to her I don’t want to speak with a supervisor I want to speak with Ivolyn’s manager. Before I could even get it out good enough, she interrupts me and says smart and sarcastically ma’am you asked to speak with whom Ivolyn reports to so how can I help you? Keep in mind that this is Customer care that I was speaking with and they are supervisor’s and manager’s within this department! They offered no kind of resolution, just kept shooting off company policy to me! Well if this is company policy, it is a disgrace! So now I guess I have to go and pay to return this product and come out of pocket for something that I won’t even get to enjoy! Hope this helps other consumers to make an informed decision when buying from this company! If you can fit it your lucky, if not, that is your problem and you’re basically screwed!

      • Honestly after reading your review id cut my losses.. these arsehole fly by night companies should be stopped..welcome to Internet shopping.

        • Sorry. Had several run in with Zaful n Rose Wholsalers never buy from those two companies x China theives, liars n rude, usually some philapino or asian snotty cow quoting company policy. The worst in customer service. Returning is made so difficult of which they rely on.

    • I too have been waiting MONTHS for my order. I ordered Both the slim panties 360 3 in black, 3 in nude for $44.97 and the the firm control for $50.79 on May 11, 2017. I received the regular slim panties in the appropriate time, but Never the More expensive Firm Control.
      I really like the reg control panties, they are slimming and very comfortable.
      I might be a true fan of this product if not for the difficulty I have had in getting the rest of my order. They certainly took my Money on May 11, 2017 but now it is August 9, 2017 and I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE FIRM CONTROL PANTIES.
      Customer Service is Not helpful. If I had not liked the initial product so much I would demand my Money back. I have called them every month gone thru lengthy explanations, have been told they are putting request to send out , only to get nothing. It’s been 3 months now, today I was told I should get in 7 to 10 Business Days. They told me it was impossible to get a rush put on it, they could not give me a tracking number, could not offer me a discount on future products. When I let them know this was the THIRD time I have been promised, and have received nothing. They said oh we didn’t have in stock those other times. This of course is not what wss said to me then, and does not explain why once in stock, items were not them sent to me. Then after being very unhelpful, comes that obligatory ” CAN I HELP YOU WITH ANYTHING ELSE”!
      That just adds insult to injury when you have NOT been helpful in the first place!
      They must be a very large company, that is making money regardless; because this is a really bad way to treat your costumers. Instead of putting a lot of money into endless infomercials, I think they should put more into customer service so they can MAINTAIN REPEAT CUSTOMERS!

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