Simply Straight Pro REVIEW

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What is Simply Straight Pro

It claims to be a hair straightening device that is designed in the shape of a hairbrush to provide straight hair quickly and easily. It uses Ionic technology to provide a smooth, natural finish to hair.




Simply Straight Pro CLAIMS

Silky straight hair – Simply Straight Pro guarantees to be a device designed to use at home for providing that salon-like straight hair without the cost. It assures that it can straighten up hair easily with its conventional brush design that reaches deep and optimally straightens hair with ease. Such fanciful claims will be analyzed once users send us their Simply Straight Pro reviews.

Smart Technology – Simply Straight Pro states to have Ionic 3D Gold Tourmaline Ceramic Bristles that straightens the hair with the help of its heating core. It alleges to heat quickly and stays at an optimum temperature to give silky shine and frizz-free hair. Whether or not these claims are true will be only revealed once Simply Straight Pro is reviewed. With a handy, compact design and an extended swivel cord, it maintains to straighten the thickest, curliest, and coarsest hair easily. Does Simply Straight Pro really offer salon-like straight, smooth hair at home? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.



Simply Straight Pro Review

Janie Hughes, a customer who reviewed Simply Straight Pro discloses that it doesn’t give straight hair as a regular flat hair iron. She shows disappointment since it doesn’t really work the way she expected it to.

Another review of Simply Straight Pro by Cathy Morgan states that it failed to provide good straight hair compared to her hot iron. It took a long time to work and the temperature setting on the device doesn’t come with specifications. So users are left guessing what setting will work best on their hair. Even after setting the right temperature, her problem was that the device didn’t get as hot as it should to get straight hair.

One other review by Emily Mendez complains that Simply Straight Pro required several times brushing in one spot for her thick curly hair. Another issue she faced is that that hair remains frizz-free only for a single day, after which they start to get frizzy and loose straightening easily.

As per Lindsey Hodges’s review, the device didn’t work on her hair at all plus it worked on her friend’s hair but didn’t achieve the kind of results as they expected.

Victoria Webb has a similar issue where she says that her naturally wavy hair made her hair frizzy and says large barrel curling iron or flat iron do a better job over Simply Straight Pro.

According to Edna Drake, Simply Straight Pro doesn’t save any time and doesn’t provide any satisfactory straightening of hair. Instead, her review reveals that the hair was left a mess and in a puffy condition. She also warns that people with thick curly hair can get their hair stuck in it.

Olive Butler, a Simply Straight Pro reviewer asserts that the brush doesn’t heat up well to straighten the hair. She also found the buttons in a bad spot for easier handling while using it.


Simply Straight Pro Question and Answer

Q. Does Simply Straight Pro come with an AU plug?
A. No, it comes with a regular cord and plug.

Q. Can users put a little curl in the ends of the hair using it?
A. Yes, simply use the brush straight at the roots and give it a round motion at the end of the hair to get a curly end.

Q. Can Simply Straight Pro be used on damp hair?
A. It should be used on dry hair to achieve optimal results.

Q. Will Simply Straight Pro work on short hair above the shoulder? Can it straighten them if they are wavy, baby fine Asian hair?
A. No.


What do I get?
1 Simply Straight Pro Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush for $79.99 plus FREE shipping!
Official Website:

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