Shiwala Car Mop Review

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About Shiwala Car Mop

Shiwala Car Mop states to be a car mop that has a large surface so that you can clean your car right at home and save money on car-washes. Shiwala Car Mop claims that it holds more soap and covers a larger area than a regular sponge and works great on vehicles of all kinds like SUVs, trucks, cars, etc. Shiwala Car Mop asserts to have a non-abrasive mop head that reaches every corner of the car without scratching the surface.


How does it work

If washing your car at home is a tough chore for you, then Shiwala Car Mop proclaims to make it easier for you. It assures to be made of the same material that’s used in brushless car washing. Shiwala Car Mop declares to have multiple layers and fringed edges that reach any contour of the car, the large mop head covers more surface area of the car and the extra-long mop handle ensures that the water and soap don’t touch your hands.


Car wash right at home

Everyone needs to have their car washed regularly but trips to a car-wash cost a lot of money. Traditional sponges take hours of backbreaking work and don’t clean the contours of the car. But the car mop Shiwala Car Mop promises to eliminate all these problems. Shiwala Car Mop states to let you wash your car right at home within minutes thus saving your time and money. Shiwala Car Mop assures to hold more water and soap compared to any sponge and it has a large mop head that covers larger areas of the car surface so that the job gets done quicker.

For spring cleaning and winter salt removal

Shiwala Car Mop emphasizes to let you spring clean your car or have winter salt removal. Even if it’s biting cold and you cannot imagine spending hours outside to wash the car, Shiwala Car Mop guarantees to come to your rescue. Shiwala Car Mop does not have any moving parts and maintains to have just a large mop head that covers the car surface to wash it in minutes so you do not have to be out in the cold for too long.


Tough yet gentle

Shiwala Car Mop declares to be so tough that it is indestructible and would last for a really long time. At the same time, Shiwala Car Mop declares to be so gentle and non-abrasive that it won’t cause scratches on the surface of the car. It claims to replace at least 10 sponges with this one mop. The extra-long handle of Shiwala Car Mop alleges to let you reach the roof of a van or even the largest truck without getting your hands wet.


What do I get?

You get Shiwala Car Mop and Shiwala Car Wash Powder for $19.95 plus $13.9 P&H.Official website

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