Drain Strain

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What is Drain Strain?
Drain Strain is a bathroom sink drain stopper designed to prevent blocked drains and prevent your valuables from getting lost down your sink.



How does Drain Strain work?

Drain Strain features a patented detachable basket that acts as a drain hair catcher and a safety net for jewelry, contacts, and other valuable items.

How to use Drain Strain – Drain Strain is easy to use installing in less than 60 seconds. Simply remove the nut under your sink that secures the drain, pull your old drain stopper out of the sink and insert your new Drain Strain into the sink, then line up the pin and re-secure the nut. It’s that easy! When you want to clean the drain, turn the cap to the left, lift the cap out of the sink and click the button to release the basket. To reinstall, place a new basket into place, insert the cap back into the drain and turn the cap to the right.

Available colors – Drain Strain comes in a three colors: Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Brushed Nickel to match your sink. With bathroom sink drain stopper you will never have a clogged sink or have to use your hands to clean out the muck. Order Drain Strain today!


What do I get?
Select from

  • 2 Chrome Drain Strain Drain Stoppers with 6 Baskets for $24.99 + Shipping
  • Brushed Nickel Drain Strain Drain Stopper with 3 Baskets for $15.99 + Shipping
  • Chrome Drain Strain Drain Stopper with 3 Baskets for $14.99

Official website: DrainStrain.com

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