Shakeez Review

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About Shakeez

Shakeez maintains to be the fast and easy way to make healthy shakes and smoothies on the go and without using blenders. Shakeez states that you can make and consume the shake right from the same cup. The shake maker proclaims to make shakes and smoothies in seconds and eliminate the need for blades, wires and the mess of cleaning the blender. Shakeez asserts to have a built-in storage for vitamins and supplements and a bigger compartment for extra proteins, nuts, or snack.



How does it work

The alleged revolutionary design of Shakeez pulverizes ingredients right in the cup. So, all you need to do is add the fruits or protein and liquid to the cup, shake it for 15 t0 20 seconds, and you will have a healthy shake or smoothie ready as Shakeez convinces. The spherical shape of Shakeez declares to use the power of physics and create tumbling crushing momentum to emulsify the ingredients to their nutritious most nutritious form.


Shakes and smoothies on the go

Getting healthy smoothies and shakes no longer need blender, electricity, time and all the hard work as the new shake maker Shakeez guarantees. It just takes adding ingredients, proteins, yogurt or peanut butter into a cup and shaking them to get your smoothie or shake if the claims of Shakeez are to be believed. Shakeez emphasizes to take just about 15 to 20 seconds to emulsify the fruits and proteins and lets you consume the produce from the same cup on the go. Whether an athlete, someone working out, or even kids, Shakeez asserts to make shakes and smoothies for everyone in a fast, easy, and fun manner and let you consume it too. Shakeez proclaims to have no blades, wires, or mess like traditional blenders do and just use spherical shape and the power of physics to create tumbling crushing momentum to pulverize ingredients.

Built-in storage for supplements

Not just giving you healthy meals and smoothies, Shakeez assures to also let you store your supplements and vitamins in its built-in storage so that you won’t forget to carry them with you. Shakeez also maintains to have a bigger compartment at the bottom to let you store extra protein, nuts, or even a snack to help you consume healthy foods when you get hungry between meals. Or, you can allegedly also hide your keys in this compartment of Shakeez while you work out at the gym. It also convinces to let you make instant omelets as it is microwave safe. It states that all you need to do is crack eggs into the cup and toss it in the microwave to get omelet fast and easy. The shaker also declares to be lightweight and an on-the-go cup so you can have the shake or smoothie while you are driving to work or the gym. Cleaning Shakeez is promised to be as easy as making meals. It is dishwasher safe so you just need to toss it into the dishwasher and have it clean to use again.


What do I get?

You’ll get Two Shakeez™ in your choice of Blue, Green or Grey plus Recipe Guide with lots of easy, nutritious recipes that your family will love for just $12.99 plus $4.99 shipping and handling.Official website

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