Shake N Peel Review

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About Shake N Peel

Shake N Peel is a kitchen accessory that claims to be the easiest and quickest way to peel hard boiled eggs and takes just seconds to get rid of the shells. The egg peeler asserts to peel six eggs in the same time as peeling one egg the traditional way. Shake N Peel proclaims to prevent the mess of cleaning egg shells and is dishwasher safe.


How does it work

You can say goodbye to peeling eggs by rolling and picking them, and peel up to three eggs simultaneously with Shake N Peel. All you need to do is place up to three eggs inside Shake N Peel, add water, close it and shake it and you will have perfectly peeled eggs right there. Shake N Peel declares that its micro abrasions panels separate the egg from the shell as it shakes around inside to give you perfect-looking eggs.


Peel eggs within seconds

Everyone likes eating hard boiled eggs but peeling them is painful and cumbersome because no matter how much your roll and pick, the shells are impossible to remove. But now Shake N Peel promises to let you peel hard boiled eggs in just a few seconds and easily. Shake N Peel alleges that all you need to do is place up to three eggs inside the device, add a little water and shake it. Its micro abrasion design will separate the egg and the shell when it shakes. Shake N Peel emphasizes that you can peel up to three eggs simultaneously and save time and effort in peeling them one by one. Shake N Peel convinces that you can peel six eggs in the same time as it takes to peel just one egg by hand.

Endless recipes

Whether you want to relish or serve any egg recipe Shake N Peel guarantees to let you do it fast and easy. It maintains to let you make endless egg recipes in just minutes. Deviled Eggs, Egg Salad, Egg Sandwiches, yummy appetizers, Garden Salad with eggs or egg recipes as sides, you can make just about anything with Shake N Peel, as its manufacturers convince. A protein-rich recipe on the go, fun egg preparations for the family or something more gourmet-like for guests, Shake N Peel assures to let you do it all. Shake N Peel maintains to be so easy to use that even kids can peel eggs in seconds. And the shell is proclaimed to stay inside the cover of Shake N Peel so there is no mess on your countertop and you won’t waste time cleaning up. Shake N Peel also states to be dishwasher safe so cleaning it is just as easy.


What do I get?

You will get (2) Shake N Peel™ & (2) Recipe Guides, (1) Bonus Super Slicer for $10.00 plus $13.98 P&H.Official website

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