Sensilight Mini Review

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What is Sensilight Mini?

It proclaims to be the most advanced at-home hair removal system that gives permanent results. It assures to give great results within a few weeks and works on the most sensitive areas such as the bikini line as effectively as large body parts. Sensilight Mini promises to be the best at-home hair removal system that will permanently get rid of unwanted body hair. Methods like threading, waxing, or using razors can be messy, painful, causes cuts and burns, and the hair always grows back. Sensilight Mini guarantees to let you get rid of the unwanted hair permanently right at home without going to a dermatologist’s office for expensive laser treatments. How far this claim is true will be known once Sensilight Mini is reviewed by users.

Sensica Sensilight Mini Review

Lindsay Hengler complains in her review“ Sensica Sensilight Mini may burn your skin. Using it just once was very painful.”

Emily Charron shares her Sensica Sensilight Mini experience in her review“After using Sensica 3 or 4 times it stopped working, it turns on but never flashes. Sensica was described to be working on or about 200,000 flashes and it didn’t even reach the 1,000 flashes and it stopped working.”

Jenny Brown mentions in her review“Sensica Sensilight Mini may be fine for a while but after sometime your leg may start burning like hell. Even if you do not have sensitive skin, be aware.”

Casey Dicker reveals in her review“Sensica Sensilight Mini was very weak and took too many pulses to get one small area. Sensica doesn’t work on gray/blonde hair.”

Nicole Foster reveals in her review“Even after using Sensica for 4 sessions you may not see results.”

Patricia Gibson mentions in her review“On the videos they advertise, it seems so fast and there’s only 1 second in between pulses. But in reality it takes at least 3-4seconds, which makes the process very long.”

Anne Hoggard bought the Sensica and this is what she has to say – “Those lasers had some results that sort of lasted. They hurt, but hair shed afterwards, as the pamphlet in this device said it would do. Using Sensica Sensilight Mini the first time at a medium setting (you are supposed to start at one, but seemed unnecessary and a waste of time) nothing happened. There was no hair shedding, and no noticeable difference.”

Mekenzie Willard complains in her review“Using Sensica Sensilight Mini the second time at full blast at five, it stung a tiny bit, but not much. (Compared to the higher settings on other lasers, this wasn’t even half the pain. It also wasn’t even half the effect. Even after almost two weeks, no hair has been shed.”

Hannah Fiddler states in her review“Sensica Sensilight Mini is disappointing. You may be surprised that they don’t include any sort of glasses or eye protection.”

Gracie Hart complains in her review“You can absolutely see a lot of the flash unless you are purposely closing your eyes or looking away…which would be challenging if you don’t want to accidentally overlap or miss spots.”

Sensilight Mini – Permanent hair removal at home

Sensilight Mini has taken the clinically proven technology – Intense Pulsed light (IPL) and has revolutionized it into Sensilight RPL or Reactive Pulse Light technology. Continuous RPL technology eliminates the need to wait between flashes giving faster and effective treatments. The pulses light down the hair shaft and disable re-growth of hair at the root thereby giving permanent results. It sounds too good to be true for a simple at-home device to do so let’s verify these claims with user reviews.

No refills required

Though the skin varies in pigmentation the Sensilight Mini has a unique built-in skin tone sensor that glides continuously by automatically sensing variations in skin tones and with every flash it alleges to give pain-free and safe results. Currently there are no reviews available to substantiate with Sensilight Mini’s claims. The sophisticated technology of the Sensilight Mini is declared to be created for professional spas and is transformed into a compact and easy-to-use design that gives excellent results. Does Sensilight Mini really work that well? Send us your reviews. Hard to reach and sensitive areas like bikini line are treated perfectly as Sensilight Mini maintains. Repeated full body treatment is now possible at no additional cost as it features 50,000 flashes that ensure expensive refills are not required. The system works perfectly for both women and men. Sensilight Mini does sound highly impressive; but before buying the device, it would be wiser to read more user reviews.

What is RPL? (Reactive Pulsed Light)?
RPL technology used in Sensica Mini claims to be an advanced hair-removal system for use at home. Sensica asserts that with RPL there will be no more repeated visits at costly clinics. Simply arm yourself with sensiLight and get rid of unwanted hair in no time, at the comfort of your own home – claims Sensica. RPL sets the boundaries of technology, revolutionizing IPL, taking it one step further to create RPL.

How does RPL work?
Sensica affirms that clinically-tested RPL technology delivers light pulses absorbed by the melanin found in the hair shaft, generating heat and coagulating the follicle. This helps reduce hair growth!

About RPL Technology
According to Sensica unlike older technology like IPL that requires numerous pulses of light as well as regular pausing while treating a specific area, which means hair removal takes longer, is uncomfortable and doesn’t give you long lasting results, RPL’s unique sensors, continuously reacts with every single pulse. This ensures you get a safer treatment and a more effective one to remove unwanted hair on your body and face.

Reactive Pulsed Light claims to be safer
sensiLight not only ensures long-lasting results at home but also features an automatic, built-in skin color sensor for complete safety no matter your skin tone. sensiLight’s unique sensor is continuously evaluating skin tone so that the personal hair remover system performs at its best, and only on suitable areas. If your skin is too dark or not in the most favorable shape for results the smart color-sensor feature will automatically stop sensiLight. For extra safety, sensiLight’s applicator tip is designed to only emit a pulse of light when in contact with skin. So you have nothing to worry about, just smoother skin to look forward to.

Sensica Questions and Answers

Q. Can Sensica Sensilight Mini be used on private parts?
A. The directions say it is safe for the “bikini line.”

Q. Can Sensica Sensilight Mini be used on the face (upper lip)?
A. Yes, use it on a very low level first to make sure it doesn’t burn the area.

Q. Will Sensica Sensilight Mini work for a man’s face?
A. The instruction booklet clearly says: Never use around or near the eyes, not recommended for facial treatment.

Q. Can Sensica Sensilight Mini be used on ears, inner or outer?
A. No, based on the size and shape of instrument, it cannot be used on the ears.

Q. Is it effective on blond hair?
A. It is more effective on dark hair.

Sensilight Mini Verdict

Technology-wise, Sensilight Mini claims to be unique since it uses a revolutionary Reactive Pulse Light Technology (RPL) that is based on the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology. It basically eliminates the waiting period between flashes to provide faster and effective at-home hair removal. Since it’s a proprietary technology developed by the manufacturer, there is no outside research available that back its claim to be better over IPL. The system is available on Amazon apart from its official website. There are a lot many at home permanent hair-reducing devices available if searched likewise on Amazon. Do go through the reviews of people and consider the 3.2 rating that is averaged from the feedback of 32 customers. Do research more on various similar devices since its costing is in the similar range of all leading and well-proven devices.

What do I get?

  • 1 Sensilight Mini
  • 1 Treatment Lotion

Price: $199.00 | Official website:

7 Comments on "Sensilight Mini Review"

  1. What do you do when 50.000 flashes finish?

  2. i just brought one of you have to shave then yous the sensica.and when do you see the hair starting to disapear

  3. It works really well, and can be used on your face, instead if make up. No streaks at all, and great skin conditioner.

  4. It doesn’t reduce hair growth. It simply doesn’t work. Absolutely horrible company to deal with too and they use bully tactics if you want to return.

  5. I am so impressed with this!!!!
    I have been using this for a couple months and it has worked great!
    I am noticing less and less growth above lip area and chin. I have hormonal issues that give me such a problem with my facial hair. This has always been so embarrassing to me.

  6. For the price of this device I didn’t had any expectation it will work. I notice my hair getting finer and a lot of areas have already stopped growing. sensiLight mini is very easy use and I’m very pleased to this point.

  7. Can I use the laser treatment on my chin area. I am getting this product on the tv shop and they are charging me 500$ for the more option lazer treatment. the cheaper lazer is 400$ but less lazer. Is this the correct price? I see that other sites are charging less. Do I pull the hair or does the lazer treatment get rid of it?

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