Scrub Armor

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What is Scrub Armor?

As shown in the infomercial, Scrub Armor is a stainless steel scrubber that can be used to remove stubborn grime from the surfaces of Pyrex, stainless steel, cast iron pans and other vessels. It claims to cut through charred on messes effortlessly and almost instantaneously. Scrub Armor declares that it cleans up your pots and pans without leaving any scratch marks on them. At first glance, these claims do sound promising but how far it really works is a decision best left in the hands of those who would provide their personal Scrub Armor reviews.


How does Scrub Armor work?

The hallmark of any American kitchen are the cast iron pans and stainless steel pots. Whether you are baking biscuits in a cast iron oven or flipping pancakes on a griddle or for that matter cooking pasta in your favourite stainless steel pan; while the food may taste out of this world but it’s the aftermath cleaning part that can dampen your spirit any given day.

Scrub Armor claims to offer respite from cleaning those tough-to-clean grime stuck on your favourite pots and pans. If the promises are to be trusted, Scrub Armor is the ideal way of effectively cleaning cast iron, stainless steel, pyrex and other non-coated cookware without causing any damage whatsoever to the finish of the vessel or seasoning of the food cooked in it. Currently there are no Scrub Armor reviews to support such lofty claims. The way it works is through the stainless steel rings that cut through charred on messes quickly and effortlessly. These thousands of stainless steel rings move independently and break up cooked on stains without scratching your pans. And then there’s also the flexible design of Scrub Armor that reaches out into tough-to-clean corners and crevices to give a sparkling clean finish.

Scrub Armor convinces us that there is no need to scrub over and over with your traditional sponges or scrape pads. Scrub Armor does the job more efficiently in half the time or even lesser. The makers further reassure us that it is a hygienic way of cleaning your cookware without getting too worked up and feeling guilty about continuously replacing germ-infested sponges and scraper pads. On one hand where the traditional sponges end up getting ripped up and rusted thus making them unfit for reuse, Scrub Armor on the other asserts to be durable and guarantees to stay effective for a very long time. Plus it is very easy to clean, protects your hands and is also dishwasher safe. All of this sounds sound very convincing but we would rather wait for Scrub Armor reviews to substantiate the claims.

Being small, lightweight and flexible, Scrub Armor seems to easily fit into a bag. This in turn makes it more useful especially when you are having an outdoor barbeque party or picnic. It easily removes the tough oil grime and food particles stuck on the grills, griddles and skillets.


What do I get?

Get 2 Scrub Armors for $10.00 + $13.98 S/h. | Official website:

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