Screen Wonder Review

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What is Screen Wonder?

Parking your car outdoors under the sun can cause your car to get really hot and make it almost impossible for you to sit inside your car. Now there is an amazing windscreen sun shade for your car windscreen to keep your car cool every time you park it outdoors.
Here’s introducing Screen Wonder, a double-sided rollable sun shade for the windscreen of your vehicle. Screen Wonder is designed to keep your car cool always. This amazing windscreen sun shade is what every car needs. Screen Wonder will protect your car from the harsh sun when parked outdoors. You are sure to love Screen Wonder.


Easy To Install

Screen Wonder is extremely easy to install. Simply roll it out on your car’s windscreen and stick. It’s that easy.

Protects Dashboards, Steering Wheel and Car Seats

Screen Wonder uses sun protection technology that will not only keep your car cool but will also protect your car’s dashboard, steering wheel and car seats. You are guaranteed to love Screen Wonder because every time you get into your car on a hot sunny day you car is sure to stay cool.


Adapts To Most Windscreens

Screen Wonder is designed to adapt to most windscreens. So no matter what car you have, Screen Wonder will do the job for you. It is the only windscreen sun shade you will need to keep your car staying cool.



The maximum length of Screen Wonder is 55 cm x 125 cm. It can be fully extended to cover your entire windscreen.


Great For Side Windows Too

You can also use Screen Wonder for the side windows of your car. This will keep the scorching sun out of your car while driving.
Order your Screen Wonder today and keep your car cool always!


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Screen Wonder for £16.99
  • Official website:
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