Scoop TV Review

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How does Scoop TV work ?

Do you just love watching television but hate to waste your hard earned money on paying exorbitant cable bills? Are you tired of paying expensive monthly bills, and have had enough with subscriptions and contracts? Then what you need is the amazing Scoop TV. With Scoop TV in your home you are guaranteed to save thousands of bucks on your cable bills. Simply plug it in your TV and start saving money on your cable bills today.



By installing Scoop TV in your home you get to watch HD TV for free- for life. Scoop TV works by receiving an uncompressed digital signal from all the top broadcast networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, and many more so you can always stay connected to your favorite channels for life. Watch news, drama, realty channels and much more in just one plug.

The secret of the incredible Scoop TV is the powerful signal-capturing technology. This amazing technology delivers cable quality broadcast directly to your television and that too for free. You can enjoy watching television for years to come at a remarkably low cost. You and your family are guaranteed to love the Scoop TV.
Scoop TV’s signal is uncompressed ensuring you always get crystal-clear reception. With Scoop TV plugged into your television you can watch all your favorite TV shows with amazing clarity whether its news, sports, reality, drama. You also get high definition broadcast channels.
Scoop TV is so simple and easy to use. Simply plug it in the back of your TV and you are all ready to watch your favorite channels non-stop. Scoop TV is sure to help you save money you would have otherwise spent on your expensive cable bills. So start saving money and enjoy watching uninterrupted television the moment you plug in Scoop TV.
Scoop TV is hassle-free and you are guaranteed to love it. With Scoop TV there are no contracts, subscriptions, or hidden fees or monthly fees. It is guaranteed free TV for life and you get to save thousands on your cable bills too!

Say goodbye to huge cable bills and start using Scoop TV today! Order your Scoop TV right now and enjoy watching your favorite channels with crystal-clear reception ad HD channels too! There is nothing better than watching your favorite TV channels and not worrying about having to pay your cable bills.
Get your Scoop TV right now!


Scoop TV Reviews

Wendy Miles, a Scoop TV reviewer reveals that the antenna fails to receive any signal. Even after placing it in the highest window, her antenna couldn’t pick the signal from a tower that is only 33 miles away. She further discloses in her review that she tried various orientations and changed the position of Scoop TV antenna to no effect. She didn’t expect it to provide 72 channels but hoped to receive 5 to 6 channels but it failed to receive even a faint image.

Another review by Melvin Owens states that Scoop TV comes with no customer service. There is no way of canceling or returning it since they don’t pick up the phone and when they do, it is already too late. Another problem he mentions in his Scoop TV review is that users have to pay shipping and handling if they can’t cancel on time.

One other customer, Terri Andrews, complains her review that Scoop TV is a scam of sorts since it is just a glorified VHF/UHF antenna that can be bought at a much cheaper rate at any store. Her review further claims that Scoop TV doesn’t really provide anything special and doesn’t recommend it just because of its price.

Joe Saunders, a Scoop TV customer, writes in his review that the antenna isn’t anything special since TV’s themselves have an ATSC tuner that is required to receive over-the-air ATSC signals. His review also asserts that Scoop TV’s HD claims are pointless since no stations broadcast in full HD quality.


Scoop TV Questions/Answers

Q: How does Scoop TV work and does it work for multiple TVs?
A: The cable is to be screwed into the coax port of the TV set to start receiving. Also, it caters to only one TV at a time.

Q: Does Scoop TV require internet to function?
A: No.

Q: Is Scoop TV compatible with holder non-HDTV sets?
A: Yes, it can work but will require a converter box to connect to the older interface.

Q: Will an outside antenna be required for Scoop TV to get all the channels?
A: It depends a lot on the location. For a person who lives in areas with less large buildings nearby and not densely populated area, the antenna can offer decent reception for all the local channels. If not, it might require a little boost from an outside antenna.

Q: How does Scoop TV work to receive channels?
A: Connect it to the coaxial port of the TV that generally is connected to the cable. Place the antenna at a location where channels are received well, and start watching.

Q: Will Scoop TV work in New York City?
A: It will work in any city of the United States of America. Just make sure that there is a tower at least 50 miles from the location to receive signals.


What Do I Get?
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  1. This is just the same old digital Free TV signal antenna. A gazillion of ’em around for 19.95… ones you can hang on the wall. They make it look like a dish to sucker the unwary…

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