Roto Chop Review

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About Roto Chop

Roto Chop is a kitchen tool that claims to be the easy way to chop, mince and dice food ingredients within seconds. Roto Chop asserts to chop and dice tough ingredients with its 3 ultra sharp blades and its cord is still gentle and safe for your hands. Roto Chop maintains to have a compact design to save your kitchen counter and storage space unlike bulky choppers that need to be plugged in.


How does it work

Chopping ingredients has allegedly never been so easy. Roto Chop states that you just need to drop the ingredients into the bowl and pull its cord about three times to get perfectly chopped, minced and diced foods in seconds. Roto Chop proclaims to have 3 ultra sharp blades that cut up to 100 times per pull to give you chopped ingredients easily and quickly.


Chop, dice and mince ingredients in seconds

Chopping food ingredients with a knife is very time consuming and tiring work. But Roto Chop guarantees to make it a quick and easy task with its ergonomic design. You just need to drop your favorite ingredients in the bowl of Roto Chop and pull the cord a couple of times to get chopped foods. It promises to let you make garlic garnish, chop onions or even make fresh salsa sauce in seconds. Roto Chop declares that its pull system is easy on your hands unlike knives and chopping boards.

Create tons of garnishes and sauces easily

Homemade hummus, guacamole, salsa sauce, or simple garnishes, or tuna salad Roto Chop declares that sky is the limit when it comes to creating options with it. Not just savories, it can also make toppings for desserts just as effortlessly and quickly. Roto Chop maintains to come with sealer top so that you can chop, mince or dice ingredients and then store it in the same container thus saving space in your refrigerator and eliminating the need to use many different containers. Not just in terms of prepping but Roto Chop promises to be easy when it comes to cleaning too since it is dishwasher safe. Roto Chop emphasizes that it is a more convenient option than food processors or other choppers since it does not require plugging in so it saves power and effort.


Compact and saves space in the kitchen

Roto Chop declares to be very compact so it saves kitchen counter and cabinet space unlike other choppers. The blades of Roto Chop are allegedly made of hard construction so it chops even the hardest of ingredients easily and quickly and also lasts long. You can chop onion without your eyes tearing up and burning or make exotic olive spread with the same kitchen tool.


What do I get?

Buy the Roto Chop™ today for just $14.95 USD + $6.95 USD P&H.Official website

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