Rodent Sheriff vs Eco Defense vs EcoRaider

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Compare what is it? Rodent Sheriff vs Eco Defense vs EcoRaider

Rodent Sheriff – It’s a natural liquid repellent that’s an easy and effective way to keep all kinds of critters and rodents including mice, rats, roaches and more out of your home, car, garage, storeroom, trash, garden, around barbecue grill, and all such places.

Eco Defense – It is an organic and all-natural mice repellent that keeps all kinds of mice and rats away from your home and attics without using the inhumane mouse traps, glues, or poison.

EcoRaider – It is bed bug killing solution, which is all-natural and claims to kill bed bugs with 100% efficiency. The proven results are backed by the Entomological Society of America’s journal publication. As per the publication it is highly rated and works in the best way. When compared to professional grade pesticides that are generally used for killing bed bugs, it outperforms them and also effectively kills the eggs.


Compare how does it work? Rodent Sheriff vs Eco Defense vs EcoRaider

Rodent Sheriff – Unlike rat poison and mouse traps that are inhuman to the pests and can be dangerous for your pets and kids, Rodent Sheriff has handcrafted peppermint formula and the essential oil keeps the critters away. It just needs spraying around the doorway, in the garage, on or around the plants, and other areas to keep rodents away because they naturally dislike the smell. While the pests find the smell repelling, it works like refreshing scent for people.

Eco Defense – The mice and rodent repellent is formulated by professional exterminators and contains all Natural Essential Oils that are known to drive mice away because they cannot stand the smell of the oils. You just need to spray the Eco Defense in every area of your house, attic or even garage infested with mice to keep them away.

EcoRaider – One can use EcoRaider in a much better way than conventional pesticides as it has active ingredients that work at a micro-scale. It actively penetrates the exoskeleton of bed bugs and attacks their unique neuron receptor which is studied to exist in invertebrates. This action causes bed bugs to paralyze and die immediately. It is designed to only harm bed bugs and imposes no toxicity and is harmless to human beings or pets.


Compare what does it do? Rodent Sheriff vs Eco Defense vs EcoRaider

Rodent Sheriff – With just a spray it keeps all kinds of pests such as mice, rodents, and critters way without the need to spend money on expensive exterminator services, harmful chemicals, or annoying odors. You do not have to worry about being inhuman to critters since it just repels them without harming them. Rodent Sherriff is a handcrafted peppermint formula, which is so safe that you can even spray it on the garden produce without the harmful effects of toxins.

Eco Defense – It gets rid of all kinds of disease carrying rodents while preventing the need to clean poisoned or trapped mice. While driving the mice away, it doesn’t cause obnoxious smell and provides pleasant odor to humans.

EcoRaider – It kills bed bugs in all the stages including the most stubborn of bugs. It is effective at killing adults and nymphs on instant contact with 100% efficacy and even eliminates the eggs. It also has dry residual protection system. As per university study, it provides extended protection that lasts for up to two weeks. The dry residual of EcoRaider is capable of instilling 97.5% mortality to bed bugs even in this two week period.


Compare what does it work on? Rodent Sheriff vs Eco Defense vs EcoRaider

Rodent Sheriff – It repels all kinds of critters and rodents whether mice, cockroaches, raccoons, ants, or other pests that infest and invade your homes.

Eco Defense – It works on all types of mice you are pestered by – House Mice, Field Mice, Deer Mice, Country Mice, and also on all types of Rats.

EcoRaider – It can be used easily and safely on mattress and box springs where bed bugs generally hide. It is non-toxic, safe and eco-friendly and dermatologically safe and has an EPA “Minimum Risk Pest Control Product” rating. It is safe to use around children and pets.


Compare ingredients ?Rodent Sheriff vs Eco Defense vs EcoRaider

Rodent Sheriff – Handcrafted peppermint formula.

Eco Defense – It uses all organic and natural ingredients such as peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, and castor oil as active ingredients and soap surfactant and distilled water as inactive ingredients.

EcoRaider – It has all-natural ingredients that comprise of 1% Natural Geranoil, 1% Natural Cedal Oil 1%, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 2% and inert ingredients including Glyceral Monooleate, Silica Hydrate and Water.


Compare price: Rodent Sheriff vs Eco Defense vs EcoRaider

Rodent Sheriff – $10 + P&H

Eco Defense – $24.95

EcoRaider – $18.99


Compare REVIEW: Rodent Sheriff vs Eco Defense vs EcoRaider

Rodent Sheriff REVIEW

It is a peppermint oil solution that is completely natural and keeps the rodents out of home. It is completely safe to use around children and pets and keeps mice, roaches, raccoons and other pests away. The repelling odor of peppermint is effective in repelling pests. One user who used Rodent Sheriff states that the smell is quite strong initially and if sprayed indoors there should be enough ventilation. The smell dissipates in a day but keeps repelling pests for weeks. The after effects of the peppermint spray may even be pleasant. The user suggests reapplying it regularly for better results. As it can be easily washed during a storm, Rodent Sheriff should be sprayed outdoors after rains. The user also notices that it is also good at keeping ants and insects at bay.
Another user who used Rodent Sheriff reveals that it has a herbal smell that can be pleasing after initial use. It is safe to play on plants too to keep the rodents from harming them. The effect of the sprays works for a long time and is natural to use inside and outside the home.

A customer who tried Rodent Sheriff says it works wonderfully for them. It does have a harsh smell and can be a little off putting but it does the job very well. The user has to spray it once every 5 to 7 days period and has noticed no mice around. It does not provide a permanent fix but it is good as a make do option to keep the rodents away. It is also cost-effective and does work better than other similar solutions. One other user who also used Rodent Sheriff says that the desert area where their house is located has lots of rodents and insects. It works great at keeping them away from the home and yard but needs reapplication at intervals to see the best of results.

A user who sprayed Rodent Sheriff claims that the effects are almost immediate and once the user sprayed it, mice started running out. But the spray is pretty strong and the customer suggests putting a mask on. The user, though, noticed the smell dissipate after a day or so and is worried whether it still works or needs reapplication. Another user who used Rodent Sheriff says that it worked wonderfully to keep squirrels away from the birdfeeder and also works against ants. But it has no effect on cockroaches.

One other user who bought Rodent Sheriff complains that it did not work at all. After spraying the problem spots the user did not see the mice run away. Instead, the kids and elders started to cough due to the smell. It is not effective and is better to use natural peppermint oil instead.


Eco Defense REVIEW

A user of Eco Defense says that the bottle is neatly designed with plastic seal cap that locks in the sprayer and helps prevent spills. One doesn’t need to dilute or mix it and one needs to do is shake and spray. The residue is slightly oily because of castor oil. It lasts longer and as a result, care should be taken on slippery surfaces. There is no scent emanating, which is a concern because it is meant to contain peppermint and cinnamon essential oils thus raising a question about how good it really is. Another user who used Eco Defense reveals that their cabin situated in the woods has lesser mouse droppings than before after using the convenient squirt bottle. Its odor is less strong and unpleasant than expected. The bottle was delivered well with spray top separate to avoid spilling during shipment and was received with proper usage instructions. Although one has to use it for once every day or every other day till the droppings are no longer found.

One other customer who purchased Eco Defense spray says its essential oil ingredients do work and is safe to use around their pets and kids. The rodent sightings have definitely reduced and after 3 weeks of use there are positive signs of no mice in their surroundings. The customer also says the package was available in a neat shipment package. One user who bought Eco Defense says its all-natural ingredients work great without affecting their pets and it does not have any bothersome smell. Another user also provided positive reviews saying the mice have stopped entering their yard with regular use of Eco Defense.

Another customer who used Eco Defence complains that the solution does not work and the mice are unaffected with it even after following guidelines. The customer says that it is not worth the money. Another customer found its scent obnoxious and harsh. Even with the kind of smell the mice did not leave and rendered it as a useless solution. One other customer who bought Eco Defense reveals that it may or may not work as it is not really very potent but is all-natural. If someone needs a bit stronger solution than they should try purchasing other solutions as this will not be worth the cost.


EcoRaider REVIEW

One customer who used EcoRaider complaints that the solution does not work as promised. Using it constantly on bed bugs and even spraying on them multiple times did not kill them. On multiple attempts it was noted that the effect does not even take place after a while which makes it completely useless. Another customer who purchased EcoRaider says it has a disgusting odor that can add up to the hassles of having bed bugs instead of resolving it. There should have been a fragrance free option to use.

One other customer who bought EcoRaider reveals that the product works well but only when it is sprayed directly on the bed bug making instant contact. The problem is these insects are not easily sighted and they hide in the beds and even lay eggs in the remotest of places. So a direct contact system is not a great solution. It consists of cedar oil which is a great repellent for bugs. But spraying it on clothes will mean a strange odor coming from the clothes all the time.

One customer who reviewed EcoRaider says that even after spraying it everywhere, even in the cracks on the walls and nearby bug nestings, there was no effect. Instead, there was a strange, disgusting odor that made sleeping in the bed worst for over a week. The solution fails to achieve what it promises. Another customer who used EcoRaider complains that the spray might work well but only when it is in direct contact which is difficult as it sprays in a ring shape. It’s a hassle to aim the bugs that move very fast. The customer also states that they may kill on contact but does not eliminate all of them so they stop coming back. It also made the skin burn and gave rashes on the affected area after use on bedding which is guaranteed to be safe to use.

One customer who bought EcoRaider praises its performance but complaints about the smell. It stays for a long time and tastes like chemical. The ingredients although stated as all-natural do resemble chemicals. If it gets in the eye by mistake it can cause burning so be cautious while spraying it. If it such harmful it cannot be used around kids and pets surely as it claims. Another customer who tried EcoRaider complains that it cracked up half way of using it and started to spew out mist rather than spray. This level of quality for the money paid is not acceptable.

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  1. Rodent sheriff does not work, you have to spay to often. Nozzle is awful and the solution gets on your hands. Waste of money. I’ve gone through 4 bottles.

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