Rocky Mountain Tumbler REVIEW

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What is Rocky Mountain Tumbler

It claims to be superior tumbler that keeps cool beverages cold for 24 hours and hot beverages hot for 12 hours. Rocky Mountain Tumbler guarantees to be a stainless-steel tumbler that has the capacity to keep cold beverages cold till 24 hours and hot beverages hot for up to 12 hours of time. Although currently it difficult to accept or reject of Rocky Mountain Tumbler’s claim since there are no user reviews available.

Rocky Mountain Tumbler CLAIMS

Stainless-steel tumbler
Rocky Mountain Tumbler asserts to be a stainless steel design tumbler with a double-wall vacuum insulation to keep drinks cold and fresh all day long. Rocky Mountain Tumbler proclaims to have 30 ounces liquid storing capacity. And it also states to have a clear lid so that users can view the beverage level remaining. More shall be revealed once Rocky Mountain Tumbler is reviewed. Rocky Mountain Tumbler maintains to have a tapered design to fit in standard cup holders easily. It also convinces to have a body that prevents condensation for sweat-free grip. Rocky Mountain Tumbler assures that it doesn’t leave a metallic taste behind and is BPA free for safe use. We shall know more once Rocky Mountain Tumbler is reviewed by users.

Rocky Mountain Tumbler REVIEW

Rocky Mountain Tumbler review states that Rocky Mountain Tumbler is a decent insulated mug for keeping hot beverages hot for some time. If it is used to hold a large quantity of liquid, it stays hotter and doesn’t go from steaming hot to warm for at least 20 minutes. Rocky Mountain Tumbler stays warm for about 1 hour 45 minutes which is a decent time for a lesser priced insulated mug.

Rocky Mountain Tumbler review says that it has an average design with a thick lid that spills down the face while drinking the beverage.

Rocky Mountain Tumbler review states that it is a good option to keep hot coffee warm longer than plastic tumblers. Rocky Mountain Tumbler is good at holding the temperature but has issues in its design. The lid is not effective at keeping the beverage sealed and should have had come with a cap to make it work better.

Rocky Mountain Tumbler review complaints that it is not good at keeping hot beverages hot for a longer time as it promises. Although it works nicely to keep water ice cold for hours as it claims. For hotter beverages, Rocky Mountain Tumbler keeps it warm till it is unused. The moment the reviewer drank coffee from it, more air started to enter and as a result it is unable to hold the temperature. Rocky Mountain Tumbler also would have done better if there was a straw available similar to its competing tumblers.

Rocky Mountain Tumbler review says that Rocky Mountain Tumbler did not keep hot tea warm enough for a long time as it claims. There are better brands available at similar price that performs better and are easily available at Walmart. Rocky Mountain Tumbler is good at holding colder temperature but cannot hold the temperature long enough since it starts to condense at the top.

Rocky Mountain Tumbler review asserts to be a good one for the price it is available .Except for the lid that does not close well, it has a decent design and good insulation.

Rocky Mountain Tumbler review complaints that it fails to be a good tumbler with respect to some similarly priced brands. When compared to them, Rocky Mountain Tumbler fails to retain the ice after about 9 hours at the office. The review also states that Rocky Mountain Tumbler’s construction is decently sturdy and looks appealing. There are no screws on the lid to seal the beverage tightly and leaks it when it tumbles.

Rocky Mountain Tumbler Questions and Answers

Q. Should I buy this Rocky Mountain Tumbler?
A. I would not recommend Rocky Mountain Tumbler, because there are better brands like Yeti and RTIC.

Q. Where is Rocky Mountain Tumbler made?
A. Everything is made in CHINA.

Q. Does it come with lid?
A. Yes Rocky Mountain Tumbler comes with a clear lid.

Q. How much does Rocky Mountain Tumbler hold?
A. The official website says 30 ounces.

Q. How are you supposed to drink from it?
A. It has a sippable lid

Q. Could this Rocky Mountain Tumbler be used for soup to pack in a school lunch?
A. Not really. It is designed to be carried in the car cup holder.

Q. Does the outside of the tumbler sweat and get your hands wet?
A. The outside of the Rocky Mountain Tumbler does not get wet at all. No reviews that state any condensation on the outside of the cup. If it does then something is seriously wrong with the insulation mechanism and you need to stop using it and return it.

Q. Is the Rocky Mountain Tumblers bpa free?
A. It claims to be BPA free.

Q. Are the lids splash-proof?
A. They are “sealed”, not sure if they are splash-proof.

Q. What is the diameter of the bottom of the Rocky Mountain Tumbler?
A. Approx 3″.

Q. Is Rocky Mountain Tumbler as good as a yeti?
A. It’s the same. But would buy Yeti as this is not tried and tested and is “As Seen On TV”.

Q. How do you clean the Rocky Mountain Tumbler?
A. Hand-wash Rocky Mountain Tumbler in the sink.

Q. Does the Rocky Mountain Tumbler fit in most car cup holder?
A. Most of them. But it will have issues with 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee SE – it fits loose. Does not fit in Honda Odyssey’s cup holder. Also it does not fit in the 2011 bmw.

Q. Will the Rocky Mountain Tumbler fit in a standard backpack bottle compartment?
A. Not sure. The Rocky Mountain Tumbler is supposed to be carried in the car cup holder only.

Q. Can you use Rocky Mountain Tumbler for soup to pack in a school lunch?
A. Rocky Mountain Tumbler would definitely keep the soup warm, however the lid is not sealable. The Rocky Mountain Tumbler is meant to be carried in the car cup holder only.

Q. Does the Rocky Mountain Tumbler keep the coffee warm?
A. It is over-hyped. Nothing better than a regular decent insulated mug. It keeps cold beverages cold for longer than warm beverages warm.

Q. What is the height of the Rocky Mountain Tumbler?
A. They don’t mention it on the website. But maybe 8 icnhes

Q. Is this Rocky Mountain Tumbler like a RTIC, without the RTIC name?
A. You can say that.

Q. Is the Rocky Mountain Tumbler hot to the touch?
A. It is just normal. Not hot or cold. It is insulated.

Q. Will the Rocky Mountain Tumbler fit in a Keurig?
A. Not sure, but don’t think it will.

Q. Does it have a handle?
A. Nope, it does not.

Q. Is the lid of the Rocky Mountain Tumbler leak-proof?
A. No. the lid does not seal fully around the rim. It has an open slot that is where you drink from.

Q. My Rocky Mountain Tumbler makes noise when filled with beverage (not ice)? why is that?
A. Not sure, not a good sign. RETURN IT.

Q. Can I put the Rocky Mountain Tumbler in the Dishwasher?
A. Not recommended. Hand-wash it.

Q. Does it come with a spill-proof lid?
A. Nope. You can sip the drink from the lid.

Q. I travel a lot, will the Rocky Mountain Tumbler be of any help while traveling?
A. NO. The lid is not spill-proof. And not sure if other spill-proof lids will fit on to this.

Q. How long will it keep coffee HOT?
A. They claim 6 hours, but it is over-hyped. It should keep it HOT for say 3 hours max.

Q. Can the Rocky Mountain Tumbler go in the microwave?
A. NO!!! Putting the Rocky Mountain Tumbler in microwave or dishwasher will damage the vacuum seal and the tumbler won’t remain insulated any longer.

Q. How tall is this Rocky Mountain Tumbler?
A. Approx 8 inches.

Q. What if there is condensation on the outer side of the Rocky Mountain Tumbler?
A. In case of condensation on the outer side, DO NOT USE IT. RETURN IT. The tumbler’s vacuum seal is damaged and is no longer insulated.

Q. What is the insulating material inside?
A. They don’t mention anything about the insulating material in the TV ad or on the website But it seems to be the same material that is used in the thermos.

Q. Does Rocky Mountain Tumbler hold a straw?
A. I haven’t seen a straw in the infomercial video.

Q. Can you put the Rocky Mountain Tumbler in the refrigerator?
A. You can but why would anyone do that???

Q. How does the drink from Rocky Mountain Tumbler taste?
A. It should taste normal.

Q. Can you put carbonated drinks in the Rocky Mountain tumbler?
A. Yes you can.

Q. Can I put Beer in the Rocky Mountain Tumbler?
A. I think beer would go flat in the Rocky Tumbler.

Q. Do you have to screw on the lid?
A. Nope, it is a seal, You have to push it down and pull it off.

Q. Is it stainless steel inside the Rocky Mountain Tumbler?
A. Yes.

Q. Waht type of Stainless Steel?
A. No idea, but seems to be 18/8 stainless steel.

Q. Is there any warranty for the Rocky Mountain Tumbler?
A. Haven’t seen any warranty.

Q. Does Rocky Mountain Tumbler have a heavy bottom?
A. Presumably, Yes.

Q. Does the drink from Rocky Mountain Tumbler taste metallic?
A. Nobody have reported so yet.

Q. Does the lid leak?
A. Nobody has reported so yet.

Q. How long will Rocky Mountain Tumbler the keep my drink cold?
A. 4hrs max. Slowly its temp will begin to rise to room temperature.

What do I get?
Receive 1 Rocky Mountain Tumbler for just $19.99 plus FREE S&H! PLUS, we’ll DOUBLE the offer and send you a second Rocky Mountain Tumbler, just pay a separate $8.99 fee. Official Website:

Compare Rocky Mountain Tumbler with Yeti and RTIC

41 Comments on "Rocky Mountain Tumbler REVIEW"

  1. Received this as a gift in February and just noticed after daily use that the rubber seal is desenegrating and the small bits of rubber is falling into my water. The more I attempted to clean it – the more that came off. Have only used water in mine.

  2. If I turn my Rocky mountain tumbler upside down it leaks

  3. NOT good only lasted with hot stuff 5 hrs and then only warm. Haven’t tried the cold pathway yet. I believe these are very over rated and would like a refund for this 30 oz piece of over rated mug. My recommendation is DON’T buy this. Go YETI and get what you pay for.

  4. What happens to the Rocky Mountain Tumbler when washed in the dishwasher?

  5. What is the black sticker that comes with these cups for and where do you put it?

  6. The Rocky Mountain Tumbler is a great product except for one flaw … the top isn’t leak proof! If it is accidentally tipped over in a cooler bag or on a table your, perfectly hot or cold, liquid will spill out.

    … and if I can add a suggestion, an option with a handle on it would be great too!

    Enjoy your product, it works hot or cold, but please fix the lid issue … we’ve had a number of things leaked on because of the top.


  7. Is there anything legally that can be done? They are continuously ripping people off and getting away with it.

  8. Cassandra Bertrand | September 2, 2017 at 1:56 am | Reply

    I bought the Rocky Mountain tumbler, was surprised at the plastic see through cover. I use it only for my frozen smoothies and they do last long. I haven’t tested it for 24 hours but it does last pretty frozen for the 12 hours. So far I’m pleased with it. Didn’t know there are metal covers, would like to get one. The plastic covers don’t look durable.

  9. Crappy product! Does NOT keep drinks hot OR cold! Tumbler sweats! Does the OPPOSITE of everything it says it does!!

  10. Rocky Mountain tumble does not keep the drinks cold for 24 hour and hot for 12 hours. It leads. NO GOOD

  11. I love this tumbler. I have no idea what the negative comments are all about. I never write reviews, in fact I believe this is the first time. But I can’t stand by and read this false reporting on such a good product. My brother got 2 of them and gave me one, both of ours work great in fact better than we expected. I recommend buying them. I don’t leave home without it. Neither should you.

  12. DON’T BUY THIS CRAP! I ORDERD TWO, THEN STUPIDLY BOUGHT THE EXTRA ONE AND THE “HANDLES” – REALLY CHEAP PLASTIC THINGS THAT YOU WOULDN’T USE. GUESS HOW MUCH THEY CHARGED ME $93.00!!!! FOR THREE TUMBLERS! THEY WOULDN’T RESPOND TO EMAILS OR PHONE CALLS! My next step is to turn them into the Attorney General for the state of Nevada as a fraudulent company! Don’t even think about it!!!!

  13. Sergio Molina | July 13, 2017 at 5:54 am | Reply

    Doesn’t keep any drinks hot or cold. This is a scam. Don’t waste your money!

  14. Lid get funky from my coffee cannot clean under the slide,and clumsy to drink from ,spills down my face,wish I wouldn’t of wasted my money

  15. very poor product for the money, I did better at Walmart. Also the customer service is poor. There were 2 email addresses listed on the shipment box. I emailed one and it took 24 hours for them to tell me to call customer service. Why advertise email addresses if all they do is tell you to call. Dumb. When I called they immediately offered me $5.00 off to keep the order. Why keep something that is no good. Well better keep it or get really ripped off cause they keep 1/3 of the price you spent for service fee. I will never buy from them again. Buyer Beware don’t buy this product.

  16. I just received my 2 tumblers and yes this is a scam The tumbler says right on it that it keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. Not true. Also it says the cup is leak proof lid. Not true. It says water tight spill proof Lid. Not true soon as you close the lid it leaks out where it closes. Will never buy anything from this company again

  17. I bought this product and am highly disappointed as it doesn’t do what it claims. Drinks do not stay cold longer than a few hours and hot drinks only about 2 hrs. Wish i could get my money back! What a rip off!

    • Me too,and coffee stuck under lid ,impossible to clean,and spilling as you drink,wish I could get a refund also

  18. Okay, I will admit I am a sucker and went ahead and purchased these tumblers. I actually purchased 3 with buy one, get one free, received six, but than paid an additional $10.00 fee for each cup. When all was said and done, I ended up paying $153.00 US (I live in Canada), plus an additional $38.00 duty when it was delivered to my house. So basically I paid $204.00 plus the $38.00 Cdn for these tumblers. Now as for the review, they do not work as they claim. Had hot coffee go to luke warm within the hour after being outside. I am going to try and return them. Save your money, definitely false claims on their product. NOT IMPRESSED!!!!

    • Scott Sparrow | March 29, 2017 at 12:38 am | Reply

      Same here, this is a total ripoff. The ad said 19.99, plus 9.99 for an additional tumbler.
      So i clicked on purchase, but i got charged $80.99 for 2 cups. I try to call customer service and surprise…. no answer….
      What a ripoff…

  19. I bought my Rocky Mountain Tumbler at Rite Aid for $19.99. It works perfectly according to everything they claim. I filled it with ice and ice tea and the ice remained for over 24 hours. I love it!

  20. I brought 2. This is a scam. The tumblers don’t keep things cold or hot. And please don’t try to send them back. It cost to much, please please don’t waste your money. The TV add is lying. Avoid this add.

  21. harry foster | March 1, 2017 at 1:48 am | Reply

    how can i find the handles

  22. Just as good as the Yeti. Don’t understand these comments. Keeps my coffee hot for about 3.5hrs.Cold drinks about 6 to 7 hrs. I can’t figure out what people expect? If you want more time than that, buy another drink!

  23. I also got the rocky Mountain tumblers, coffee only last about a little over a hour hot.So I thought I would just use it for cold drinks well 3 hours in the car at 70 degrees it was just cool water. The price not worth the product. Very disappointed with it I brought two.

    • I have 2 of these. Don’t know what the problem is with yours. I use mine only for cold drinks and have left it full of ice and water in my black car in a parking lot in Florida with temperature of 93 degrees for 8 hours. When I came back the outside of the tumbler was too hot to touch but still had 3/4 of the ice left and the water was ice cold. They are a little over the top price wise.

  24. I can buy 3 Ozark Trail 30 oz tumblers which have been proven to be the best Tumbler on the mkt for $29.22. while you ask $28,98 for two. They are both made in China same as Yeti, by the same company.

  25. F***n people in these industry reps,I didn’t get my refund! Fire them all!!!..

  26. Mossy oak tumbler is better than a rocky Mountain it’s keeps coffee hotter longer ,I drive a truck don’t have to stop much for a hot cup of coffee that often as I did with a rocky mountain

  27. I agree my lid leaks but it keeps ice cold and lasts 3 days. And does not keep coffee hot. Does anybody know how to get different lids???

  28. It does NOT keep hot drinks hot or cold drinks cold! The seal is horrible!! Even when it was closed, it still leaked!! All over my bag, down my pants and coat! I ordered them but they didn’t get here in time, ONE MONTH LATER, and thank God for that because I would’ve been so embarrassed if I gave them as gifts!
    This is the worst thing I have ever bought on line!

    • I agree I just called customer service and they didn’t even want to send my order. That was paid for on 12/14/16. I’m glad I didn’t get them now. REFUND INSTEAD

  29. Another freaking Scam. That crap does not work. I recently bought two and less than 2 hours later, under normal temperature, my hot drink was barely warm. Damn me again for being dumb enough to waste my hard earn money on that crap.!!

  30. nice review, only problem is I went on the webb to order it, after all was done, wanted the buy one for 19.99,  get another for 8.99,  it cost me 29.99 +8.99+1.00 (web charges) and in the end,  I am  not sure whether the cover comes with it, you see there was an additional charge of what was supposed to be 5.00 for a handle and clear cover, I think that is why it was now 29.99,  but the ad on TV, and the ad on the web site showed the cover part of the original offer.

    so confusing?,  scammed? I think so…

    oh well, I will let you all know how this plays out in the end

  31. I agree that this is a scam. I ordered mine two weeks ago after a painful buying experience where they wanted me to buy 5 or 6 other things before I could check out.
    I have still not received my order and the tracking info they sent me does not lead me anywhere. It is not even a real tracking.
    I called their customer service and they said they cannot help me.
    I just called my credit card and told them to reimburse me. This is FRAUD

  32. To whom it may concern;

    My Rocky Mountain Order ######## is wrong. I ordered the “Deluxe” stainless steel lids and received the standard plastic lids.
    When I called your customer service number (844) 482-5762, I was told to pack them up and return them and they would reshipped correctly.
    When I inquired about the shipping charges I was advise that you could send me a return shipping label, BUT IT WOULD TAKE 6 TO 8 WEEKS TO RECEIVE !!!
    It has taken me almost 1 month just to receive the incorrect order.
    When I asked your representative why can’t you just send me the two “Deluxe Stainless Steel” lids, she said she didn’t know.

    So, please, allow me to ask you, since you screwed up my order, instead of making me jump through fiery hoops to correct your mistake, why can’t you just put 2 “Deluxe Stainless Steel lids” in the mail to me. Is that so difficult?

    Sincerely yours,

  33. Asking for $8.99 to get a second mug/tumbler is NOT FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to WalMart and get two for $18.50 + tax. Exactly the same product. Do not buy from the website.

    • Agree scam

      • It is a Scam. I ordered 2 tumblers and then the deluxe upgrade for $5 more. They don’t let you see the total before the order is confirmed. The price was doubled to $85.00. I wrote them several emails with no response. I submitted a dispute with my credit card and refused the shipment.

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