Rock Gym 6-in-1 Review

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About Rock Gym 6-in-1

Rock Gym 6-in-1 states to be a total body sculpting machine that gives six workouts on the same machine. Rock Gym 6-in-1 proclaims to give you toned mid-section and lower body in just weeks by letting you do hundreds of crunches and full sit-ups without straining your back or neck.




Exercise machines are difficult to use or have a limited range but Rock Gym 6-in-1 asserts that anyone who can sit on a rocking chair can use the machine. Rock Gym 6-in-1 alleges to have a dynamic support system with a high-tension spring coil system that support your back while going down and adds resistance on your way up. Rock Gym 6-in-1 guarantees to be scientifically designed to sculpt the entire mid-section and lower body in just weeks.


Total body sculpting in weeks

Anyone who hits the gym to lose weight knows that sit-ups are the best exercise for toning the mid-section. But they strain the back and neck and most equipment have a limited range. Rock Gym 6-in-1 declares to let you do supported sit-ups, leg training, body stretching, pushups, strength training, and many resistance cable exercises all on one machine. With the ease Rock Gym 6-in-1 maintains to provide while doing crunches and sit-ups, you can do up to 10 times more repetitions to get the maximum out of your exercise regimen. Rock Gym 6-in-1 declares to give you the perfect V-Cut oblique and bikini line. While other ab exercises need you to be on the floor, Rock Gym 6-in-1 claims to engage your core as soon as you start and the high-tension cord adds resistance while you go down. Rock Gym 6-in-1 promises that your hips, back, and lower back will be just as toned as your abs.


Do hundreds of crunches and complete sit-ups

The comfortable foam cushions of Rock Gym 6-in-1 assure to support your back completely and makes you feel like you’re getting a massage while the high tensile action fires your muscles up. Rock Gym 6-in-1 states that no matter what level of exerciser you are – a beginner or a pro – anyone can use it effectively. Rock Gym 6-in-1 proclaims that one or more spring coils can be detached to make the workout more intense so that you can get washboard abs. Rock Gym 6-in-1 assures to have a 200 degree motion that gives you double the muscle activity for fast results.


Rock Gym Reviews

A review of Rock Gym by Cathy Armstrong reveals that this exercise equipment is not suitable for someone who is tall or even of regular height. The top back rest sits in the middle of the back and the springs on it do not offer sufficient resistance. She states in her Rock Gym review that leaning back will leave the user in an uncomfortable position and is completely useless for the money it came for.

Another review of Rock Gym by Myron Clarke asserts that it isn’t as strong as it should be. Also, it isn’t really comfortable to sit on and workout, especially for people who had a knee replacement.

One other customer, Mercedes Thornton, states in her review that Rock Gym hurt her back badly after the initial use itself. The rollers under the bike are very hard and uncomfortable. She also noticed that the pins got stuck and were difficult to remove.

Claire Wilkins highlights similar problems with Rock Gym and adds in her review that its design and lack of length adjustment gave her a terrible headache.

One other review by Byron Fowler exposes Rock Gym as a badly-designed equipment that is way too small for people that are of 5 ft. 9 inches height. He expresses disbelief since he falls in an average height category.

A thorough Rock Gym review by Cesar Ingram discloses that the leg space is limited and so is the size of its seat. The bike has very low resistance and doesn’t provide adequate back support. His review further adds that Rock Gym is promoted well but fails to deliver all the goods that it promises.

On the contrary, Elaine Collins, a Rock Gym reviewer, found it to be good value for money since its compact size gave her multitude of exercising options.


Rock Gym Questions and Answers

Q: Is Rock Gym suitable for performing upper body exercises?
A: This machine is designed to offer upper body exercises, which can be achieved when used creatively. The system is designed with fewer parts and can be customized for workouts while sitting, lying down, or standing to target the relevant parts of the body.

Q: Is Rock Gym good for 6 ft. tall individuals?
A: Yes, it is designed to accommodate taller individuals and has exercise ropes that are sufficiently long.

Q: How much space does it take?
A: It requires as much space as a chair takes and is lightweight for easy portability.

Q: Can Rock Gym be used to tone the triceps?
A: Yes.

Q: How many times should Rock Gym be used in a week to achieve desired results?
A: There is no thumb rule to it since it depends a lot on the physical level of the user, the activities they perform, the exercises performed, and also their age and genetics. The climate, environment, and culture are also some factors that will affect the outcome.

Q: Is Rock Gym foldable?
A: It collapses to go under the bed.

Q: Does the back support on Rock Gym allows resting or makes it go straight?
A: It doesn’t support the back similar to a chair but gives a little resistance that isn’t really good enough to stop users from going backward.

Q: Can one change the resistance on this machine?
A: Rock Gym provides 3 different positions to set for variable resistances that can be used by users to either go way back or just do stomach crunches.

Q: Is Rock Gym good for people with back problems?
A: It is recommended for such users to consult their physician before use.

Q: Will Rock Gym work similar to dumbbells for weight lifting?
A: Yes, one can, but it might be a little uncomfortable work bench since it isn’t perfectly horizontal.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Rock Gym 6-in-1 for $199.80+S&H.

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