Rio Hello Skin IPL Hair Remover Review

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What is Rio Hello Skin IPL Hair Remover?

It is a clinically proven hair removal appliance from the house of Rio that guarantees the ultimate results and experience in the comfort of your home. It is an exceptionally advanced hair removal device which sends pulses of intense light straight to the hair follicles to gently deactivate hair roots for permanent hair reduction.

Sophisticated DIY hair removal technology
Rio Hello Skin IPL Hair Remover promises to help you remove unwanted body hair right at home easily and painlessly and simultaneously acquire beautiful skin that’s baby soft to touch. The creators of this new Rio launch allege that other hair removers make tall claims of helping you get rid of unwanted hair effortlessly but in reality simply don’t deliver what they guarantee.

According to them, you are always vulnerable to ill-effects and risk of hurt if you use ordinary hair removal devices. However, Rio guarantees total safety and salon-quality results without taking help of professionals and spending a fortune for what it does it a fraction of cost and efforts. It claims that this hair removal device has been designed to give you the freedom to use it yourself without depending upon anyone. All you have to do is first place the device on your skin so that pulses of intense light that are released directly head towards hair follicles with enough momentum to disable the hair roots.

It is understandable for one to feel concerned whether a procedure like using pulses to attack hair follicles below the skin is really safe and painless. Even though it sound intimidating to hear such jargon, its promoters assure you that the Rio Hello Skin IPL Hair Remover is totally harmless and causes no discomfort. It simply targets the hair follicles beneath your skin gently without affecting the surrounding skin area at all. You can use it to remove hair from most parts body such as underarms, legs, chest, back and bikini line and some areas of the face but not around the eyes or the lips.

A must-have personal care tool
Removing unwanted hair from the body figures as an important beauty routine but the thought of actually doing it seems daunting. Rio Hello Skin IPL Hair Remover proclaims that it will make the entire procedure simple, easy and time-saving so you no longer have to feel alarmed or fret when it’s time to remove unwanted hair. With this exceptional hair removal tool, you can not only remove unwanted hair anytime but also be sure that its unmatched features and functions are treating you to a luxurious experience. It employs triple pulse technology which is equipped to emit a total of more than 150,000 flashes while guaranteeing exceptionally fast treatment times.

You can get rid of hair from large areas quickly and feel sure that in the coming times things will be only easier because it disables hair roots for ever steadily. It is also provided with handy features like long life replaceable bulb, no need for recharging and more. Rio Hello Skin IPL Hair Remover has also qualified as a clinically safe appliance that delivers consistently without causing harm or pain. At the most, you may experience some amount of redness and a mild sensation while it glides over your skin, but it does not hurt, and you can always discontinue if you are not comfortable. It also has an ergonomic design and is easy to handle. These factors seem to cater to all the issues and requirements that one would expect from a home use hair removal appliance.

Easy and reliable to use
The creators of Rio Hello Skin IPL Hair Remover go all out painstakingly and put in efforts to explain the procedure in a step-by-step method. It is a unique combination of simplicity and hi-tech functions like use of security code to operate the device that help you remove unwanted hair. To begin with, they clarify that it’s important to test whether this treatment is suitable for your skin type or not. At the outset they state that this appliance is not recommended for those who have dark skin tones. Hence women belonging to Afro-Caribbean, black African, Indian or Pakistani origins may not find it useful as it cannot work on their skin tone. Its use is also not recommended for red, light blonde, grey or white hair.

Further, you need to take a patch test to 24 hours prior to the treatment by testing a small area of your skin to find out whether it really suits you and determine the maximum power you can bear. If the outcome is positive and you are ready to take the treatment, you need to first shave the area to be treated so that light energy can penetrate the skin smoothly and reach the hair roots. After that, switch on the appliance, punch in the security code provided, press the enable button and place the wand over the skin. You need to take adequate care that the skin sensors are in contact with the skin, then press and hold the treatment button on the wand to remove hair, which you continue with the other parts in the same way.

Moving ahead with the times
Using Rio Hello Skin IPL Hair Remover is all about the convenience you desire to take care of your grooming needs. If your skin type is suitable for this device, you can count on it to have the comfort of getting hair roots permanently disabled. Ideally, you need to use it at an interval of two weeks for desired results even though some prefer using it every week while others feel the need to use it once a month. Since the hair growth of every person is different, everyone has different levels of need, which determines how frequently you use the hair remover. As long as the hair follicle or surrounding skin does not experience undue redness, soreness or inflammation, it can even be used at a gap of 48 hours.

What do I get?
Get the RIO Hello Skin IPL Hair Remover for £350.00 at

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