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About Rig Rap

Rig Rap claims to be a fishing rig storage solution that prevents tangled rigs by organizing them neatly. Rig Rap asserts to be a holder that is effective at pre-tying and storing rigs anytime. The rig holder and organizer proclaims to work with any kind of fishing rig right from Apex Rig, Harness Rig, Live Bait Rigs, Lure Leaders and even the difficult Sabiki Rigs. It is compact and lightweight to go into a tackle box, on the rod, with any rig accessory and even in your pocket so that it is always handy when you go fishing.

RigRap maintains to be a tangle free fishing rig storage system that’s great for all freshwater and saltwater rigs. RigRap asserts to save time untangling rigs and money because you won’t have to throw away tangled rigs that won’t untangle.


How does Rig Rap work?

Tying and storing your fishing rig is allegedly extremely easy with Rig Rap. All you need to do is wrap the rig, close the rig storage case, and stow it away in your tackle box or even pocket. Rig Rap declares to keep all your different rigs neatly organized and de-tangled so that you just take the storage case out, untie the rig and go fishing. Rig Rap ensures that you do not have to throw away rigs that are badly entangled by storing them neatly.

Storing rigs is alleged to be made very simple as you just need to unlatch and open RigRap, set end of leader and wrap it, set the hook or bait and close and latch RigRap again and store it in your fishing box, bag, pocket or clip it on the fishing rod.


No more tangled fishing rigs – Fishing is a fun hobby meant to de-stress you, but untangling tangled rigs takes all the fun out of it. Now the fishing rig storage system RigRap promises that storing rigs will be hassle-free and mess-free. RigRap asserts to save your time de-tangling rigs and money because tangled rigs often have to thrown away. RigRap seems like a great fishing accessory but we haven’t read user reviews to know if it’s that good. RigRap convinces to be easy to use and allows you to pre-tie all your rigs in the comfort of your home so that you spend more time fishing than rigging. RigRap guarantees to be great for single hooks, multi-hook, pre-rig flies, lure leaders and also difficult sabiki rigs. We haven’t analysed RigRap user reviews so it would be advisable to wait before buying it.


For any species of fish – Whether freshwater or saltwater fish, inshore or offshore, any species from catfish, striped bass, redfish, trout, tarpon, snook, snapper, or salmon, RigRap declares to be great for them all. It proclaims that you need not carry a pool noodle with you as long as you have it. That sounds very promising but we must read a few more RigRap user reviews before believing the claims. RigRap claims to go in your tackle box, bag, can be clipped on the fishing rod, and several can go into your pocket, so carrying it is convenient, too. Send us your experience with RigRap and if you found it great on all these accounts.


Rig raps organizer and storage solution – If you end up investing in a new fishing rig very often or waste time trying to detangle the rig every time you go out fishing then Rig Rap promises to be the best solution for you. Rig Rap is a fishing rig storage solution that assures to be very easy to use and prevent tangling of rigs so that you spend more time fishing than detangling the rigs. Whether a sea fisherman, trout fisherman or just a fishing enthusiast, everyone ends up having their rigs entangled. It especially happens when you end up fishing till late or in the cold weather and just cut off the lower end of the rigs in a haste and dump them all together in the tackle box or bucket to sort out later. You end up a big mess of entangled rigs that need to be thrown away or spent hours detangling, which is a backbreaking chore. But now Rig Rap emphasizes that all these problems will be history if you bring the rig organizer home.


Works with any kind of rig – Rig Rap guarantees to be ideal for your rig no matter what kind it is – Sinker, Harness, Single or Multi Hook rigs, Pre-Rigged flies, Lindy Fishing and Harnessing Rigs. Rig Rap maintains to work well on Lure Leaders and even the difficult Sabiki Rigs and all the kind of rigs you can imagine owning in your tackle box. Rig Rap states to be so compact that you can store it anywhere you please. It convinces to go right into the tackle box, on the rod, neatly into a rig rack storage accessory, and even into your pockets. Even if you have a number of rigs, you are promised to find Rig Rap handy because you can stock them easily in a box for different kinds of rigs.


Official website: GetRigRap.com

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  1. Shipping when ordering direct from RigRap website is crazy SLOW and pricey as heck…. Product might be good, but who knows when it will arrive

    • RIGRAP shipping is actually very quick. We pride ourselves on fast order turn-around. Most orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours. Not sure what you experience, but it sure isn’t the way RIGRAP operates. As far as being “pricey as heck”- RIGRAPs are actually priced very reasonably…as an example the most popular RIGRAP Yellow 8512 comes 4 to a package and is only $6.99…that’s less than $1.75 each. Free shipping is even offered on orders of $50.00 or more.

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