Ray’s Roto Shredder REVIEW

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What is Ray’s Roto Shredder

The infomercial declares that it is a kitchen accessory that can easily and quickly shred and tenderize meat. It assures that its spikes are sharp enough to tear meat apart but still safe to work with.


Shred and tenderize meats in seconds

Ray’s Roto Shredder promises to let you shred and tenderize meat in seconds easily. Anyone who loves eating meat knows the hassle of shredding it. But Ray’s Roto Shredder convinces that you just need a few minutes and twists to get perfectly shredded meat. Ray’s Roto Shredder states that you just need to place the cooked food and sauce in the center of the tool. Then replace the lid of Ray’s Roto Shredder. Finally rotate the lid of Ray’s Roto Shredder back and forth to shred the meat. With these easy steps, Ray’s Roto Shredder alleges to give you flavorful food that will explode into your mouth.


For better presentation and taste

Shredding and tenderizing meat creates a lot of mess. But Ray’s Roto Shredder proclaims that since it is done inside the shredder, there is no mess or cleaning hassle. Ray’s Roto Shredder declares to give you neatly shredded meat for your sandwiches or side dishes easily. Not just meats, Ray’s Roto Shredder assures to let you shred just about any other ingredient as neatly and niftily. Whether chicken, lettuce, fish or anything else, Ray’s Roto Shredder states to shred it as effectively and cleanly. Claiming to shred meats and vegetables to perfection, Ray’s Roto Shredder maintains that the dish will have perfectly neat presentation. Ray’s Roto Shredder also convinces that the recipes will taste better.

Unlimited options of dishes

Whether pulled pork sandwiches, chicken dip, turkey salads, fish tacos or anything else, Ray’s Roto Shredder asserts to give you unlimited cooking options. Ray’s Roto Shredder maintains that it can let you make healthy soup from leftover chicken. Ray’s Roto Shredder also declares to let your chunky and dry chicken salad into a delicious and moist delight. The shreds of meat from Ray’s Roto Shredder can be mixed well with sauces to give you evenly seasoned food inside out. Ray’s Roto Shredder guarantees to let you make dishes that would cost you a fortune in restaurants. Ray’s Roto Shredder promises that you can make Thai and Chinese food, tuna sandwiches and more such recipes to delight your family and guests too.


Safe and convenient design

The design of Ray’s Roto Shredder is alleged to be easy to use saving your time and effort in the kitchen. The spikes of Ray’s Roto Shredder are guaranteed to be safe even though they are super sharp. So Ray’s Roto Shredder will shred the ingredients but its thermostatic spikes won’t cause accidents. Ray’s Roto Shredder promises to have a non-slip base that doesn’t move even when you rotate the lid. Ray’s Roto Shredder is compact so it can be stored in a cabinet or drawer easily. Ray’s Roto Shredder assures to be easy to be used by anyone.


What do I get?

You will get Roto Shredder for pulling or shredding Meat and Vegetables and Schmidt and Bauer Knife Set for $19.95 plus $14.9 S&H. Official website raysrotoshredder.com

Ray’s Roto Shredder Review

Ray’s Roto Shredder is a completely new product not only in the as seen on tv market but also in the general kitchen gadgets category. We searched the internet to find a similar product but couldn’t find it. The Ray’s Roto Shredder is a cheap alternative to expensive traditional meat shredders and attachments which cost more than $50. The concept of the product is very good and they make it look so easy in the infomercial BUT you need to consider a few things before buying the Ray’s Roto Shredder:

  • The meat has to be really tender to shred it using the Ray’s Roto Shredder.
  • The Ray’s Roto Shredder is made of plastic so you can imagine the quality of the product and it won’t be very long lasting. The thermoplastic spikes will get weaker over time and eventually break.
  • Have you wondered how the Ray’s Roto Shredder’s base remain stable and unmoved when the lady in the infomercial turns the handle. It may not be so easy to use the Roto Shredder and in the infomercial they may have fixed the base to the counter to keep it from moving. They claim that Roto Shredder has non-slip bottom but do not show the bottom side of the Roto Shredder base.
  • Using the Roto Shredder may not be as easy as demonstrated in the infomercial and the meat may not get shredded as desired.
  • FYI…the Ray’s Roto Shredder is made in CHINA.
  • You still have to pay $6.95 for the FREE (?) Schmidt and Bauer Knife Set.
  • Not available in stores. Available only at the official website: RaysRotoShredder.com
  • May be out of stock/back-ordered and takes 2 – 6 weeks for delivery.
  • Advantages of Ray’s Roto Shredder – Assuming that the product works up to some extent, this Roto Shredder looks like a good investment. It is fairly priced at $28 (including shipping.) and is backed by 90-day money back guarantee that is 3 times the industry standard. The Ray’s Roto Shredder TV offer is really flexible and you have all the freedom to choose what you want to order, no “Buy 1 get 1 free” and unwanted upsell products. The free Schmidt and Bauer Knife Set is optional. Additional Roto Shredders will ship for even lesser price $4.95.

    Care to be take while ordering – Call the customer service and ask them if the product is in stock, when will it arrive to your location if you place the order NOW and when will they charge your card.

    Information about the Official Manufacturer/Distributor:
    Official Distributor – National Express Online
    Ray’s Roto Shredder Customer Service E-mail – customerservice@nationalexpresstv.com
    Check Shipping Status here – www.customerstatus.com

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  1. Has anyone tried the Ray’s Roto Shredder? is it any good?

    Does it work as claimed on the TV ad?

    Would you recommend this product?

    Is it a scam?

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