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About Qurb Shot

Qurb Shot claims to be an amazing weight management shot that helps in curbing appetite and in the process cutting down unwanted eating. Qurb Shot alleges to help in managing calories, supplementing the body with dietary fibre and losing weight.


How does Qurb Shot work?

Qurb Shot proclaims to be a single shot wonder that if taken in the directed proportion provides weight loss of an epic proportion. Qurb Shot states to be made of ingredients that supplement the body and help curb hunger. For those who are trying to lose weight, appetite control is one of the main issues. Such a problem increases calorie consumption which Qurb Shot assures to cut down. Qurb Shot asserts to be a 3-oz supplement that it is only 20 calories and when taken with a meal or in-between snack time helps stop people from overeating. Qurb Shot declares to be best when taken completely with meals or 30 minutes before the meals or ½ bottle twice per day. Qurb Shot mixes with the body’s digestive system to make the stomach feel fuller. This feeling helps in portion control as well as unwanted snacking on fat-heavy snacks.


Highly effective ingredients – Qurb Shot maintains to have only 20 calorie per shot bottle that consists of ingredients such as fiber, green coffee bean extract, caffeine and vitamins. Fibers in Qurb Shot are essential for diet as it supports the digestive tract health and make the stomach feel fuller and reduce the appetite. Qurb Shot convinces that its green coffee bean extract is one of the safest and highly effective weight loss supplements. It is clinically studied to produce amazing weight loss results. Stevia is added as a natural sugar ingredient for safe use by anyone. The caffeine in it is in smaller proportion to help control jitters due to hunger and provide an energy boost to the body especially during afternoons. The B6 and B12 vitamins in Qurb Shot are allegedly available in the right dosage required by the body each day.


Exclusive features – Qurb Shot convinces to be extremely useful due to two main reasons, it is filled with clinically-proven natural ingredients and has no side-effects whatsoever. Qurb Shot guarantees that people will start to lose weight while using it since it has the capability to control the amount of calories that go in. Qurb Shot asserts to have a great effect on the body any time of the day and has no specific rules. Generally for an effective weight loss one needs to control the amount of calories and exercise. Qurb Shot alleges to work as a great supplement to boost people who exercise daily but cannot achieve results due to a bad eating lifestyle. Qurb Shot declares that even the lowest of calorie curb for example, 250 calories a day with Qurb Shot’s help can help in achieving weight loss that is equal to sweating for hours on a treadmill.


Numerous benefits – Qurb Shot promises people to help lose weight and fight the biggest of struggles that 90% of dieters face. Controlling portion and not answering a stomach growl with fatty food is possible with Qurb Shot. Another benefit that Qurb Shot claims to bear is the fact that it comes in form of individual supplement shots. This helps in carrying single bottles of Qurb Shot to work or the gym for use very easily. It fits well in a pocket, briefcase, backpack, glove compartment, purse, desk drawer, etc. In fact, if someone is planning a vacation they can carry only the necessary amount of Qurb Shot with them.

Qurb Shot also proclaims that apart from being easy to carry it is also easy to measure as one to two bottles per day are to be clinically measured to work perfectly well for the body. Qurb Shot also convinces to be effective over other dietary supplements because it is in a liquid form as opposed to pills which takes time to digest and have lesser effectiveness. Qurb Shot maintains itself to be as less as 20 calories that comes completely from fiber. In this way nor Qurb Shot adds up to the calorie count of the body and promotes slimming effect.


Safe to use – Qurb Shot emphasizes that it is completely safe for consumption and complies with the provisions of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act regulated by the FDA. Qurb Shot assures that it does not consists of animal products and is free of gluten, artificial colors and sweeteners.


What do I get?

12 Bottles Just $37.94 Total ($29.99 + $7.95 S&H) | Official website: QurbShot.com

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