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About Quikmax

Quikmax states to be a universal socket wrench that replaces all kinds of sockets and wrenches whether metric or standard. Quikmax claims to have a unique design that automatically adjusts to any shape and size of nuts, bolts, screws and hooks to remove them within 10 seconds. Quikmax promises to work with any ratchet driver or drill. Quikmax assures to be ideal even to remove broken or rusted nuts, screws and bolts that other wrenches cannot.


How does it work

Quikmax maintains that it can do the work of a whole set of wrenches or sockets singlehandedly. You just need to place the Quikmax socket wrench on to the fastener, nut, bolt or screw that you need to work on. With its allegedly revolutionary and ergonomic socket design and 43 retractile rods, Quikmax automatically adjusts to the shape and size to fit any fastener and these center rods retract and the outer pins instantly and strongly lock on to the fastener, nut, screw or bolt. On turning the fastener, the rotational force is transferred to the walls of the socket through the outer pins to let you complete you work.

Work on any nut, screw, or bolt with a single wrench

Working on home repairs, DIY projects or repair work in the garage always needs different tools. You have a big tool box with all the apparatuses that you need but looking for the right one is always such a hassle and takes up too much time. But now Quikmax assures to be a universal socket wrench that can replace your whole set of tools. Quikmax proclaims to remove any nut, screw or hook in less than 10 seconds. Quikmax asserts to have 43 retractile spring pins and an ergonomic socket design that adjusts to the shape and size of any metric or standard sockets and wrenches. Quikmax claims to work with any ratchet driver or drill and works great on practically any wing nuts, stripped nuts, broken nuts, square nuts, eye bolts, hexes and more! Quikmax guarantees to let you save your time and even ease your work and do away with the hassle.


Ideal for even broken or rusted nuts and bolts

The universal socket wrench Quikmax claims that unlike any other screwdriver or wrench, it is very easy to use. The handy tool emphasizes to work on nut or bolt from 1/4″ to 3/4″ or 7-19 mm firmly gripping it to get your work done in half the time. Quikmax assures that even if a nut or bolt is broken or rusted, you wouldn’t have to work too hard to remove or fasten it, something traditional socket wrenches cannot achieve. The socket wrench proclaims that it is extremely durable and not only will it last for years and years but is also ideal for small personal projects as well as professional use. Guaranteeing to be a professional grade socket wrench, Quikmax claims that it can be used by a layman for small works without having to call professional.


What do I get?

You get QUIKMAX for £19.00.Official website islshop.co.uk

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