Qixels vs Beados vs Perler vs Aquabeads

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Compare what is it? Qixels vs Beados vs Perler vs Aquabeads

Qixels – It is a game kit containing cubes that join with a blast of water to let you craft your own world of pixels creations.

Beados – It’s a gem jewelry kit that lets you create accessories and jewelries with gems that magically join with water.

Perler – It is a kit of small plastic beads of different colors and style with a hollow center that can be arranged in patterns using a pegboard and fused together using an iron paper to create designs, accessories, activities, and 3 D works of art.

Aquabeads – It’s a kit of beads that lets you create fun designs with beads including accessories and craft projects.


Compare Features: Qixels vs Beados vs Perler vs Aquabeads

Qixels – It contains 1,000 Qixels cubes that can build a whole pixels world. The Fuse Blaster sprays the design with water and fuses the cubes. Kids just need to choose the design and position the cubes and with just a blast of water spray fuse the cubes together to form a design. Qixels has different themes such as Martial Arts, Medieval, Deep Sea, Warriors, and Skeleton Army or lets you create your own designs and Pixeled world from Castles and Dragons or anything else.

Beados – The gem jewelry magically joins with just water and is very easy to use. You just need to pick your design, choose the color, pop the gems out on to the design, spray water, and the gems will stay together to form a jewelry or accessory to be worn.

Perler – It contains 22,000 activity beads in a huge range of colors in solids, transparent styles, glow-in-the-dark, and glitter. It is designed to be used with a pegboard and ironing paper. The plastic is food grade and free of any chemicals. They make for great fun for kids and adults and create thousands of patterns and projects,

Aquabeads – It comes with beads, trays and pens and you need to first create a design by picking the beads and popping them on the tray and then spray water on the design to see it magically sticking together and turning into a creation. It has a Beginner’s Studio for new players, a Rainbow Pen Station, Artist Carry Case, and different templates and designs to suit your level, right from beginners to advance level.


Compare Benefits: Qixels vs Beados vs Perler vs Aquabeads

Qixels – Kids can let their imagination go wild and build their own pixel world with monsters, warriors, castles, or create their own designs. Qixels requires no heat and no glue to fuse the cubes together, so it is a mess free way to craft creations. Just by choosing the design, positioning the cubes, and blasting it with water, the creations will be ready for action.

Beados – A whole glittering range of jewelry can be created easily by popping the gems on to the designs. Just spraying water on the design will stick them together without the mess of glue or heat. Beados will get young girls’ creativity flowing by letting them create designs that they want.

Perler – The activity beads kit lets you create keychains, coasters, 3D works of arts, and tons of DIY projects that bring out the artist in you. They make for great party activity, helps young children develop hand-eye coordination skills and learn basic color names, colors sorting, patterning, and counting, hand therapy, and re-developing fine motor skills. They are great for groups and encourage kids to share their design ideas.

Aquabeads – It lets you create beautiful bead designs with many templates and water. Aquabeads is easy and fun to use and can make the kids’ creativity come alive using water and without the mess of glue or heat.


Compare what to expect: Qixels vs Beados vs Perler vs Aquabeads

Qixels – Craft an entire Pixels world fusing designs with just water. It lets you create avatars, deep sea creatures, castles, and a lot more without heat, glue or mess to stick things together.

Beados – Create gems jewelry and accessories such as necklace, finger ring, bracelet, or an entire jewelry range easily and magically joining them with water. You can use the designs provided or even create your own design.

Perler – Bring your favorite video games characters or cartoons to life and indulge in more than 80 creative DIY projects with pre-made Perler Beads using bright and colorful beads and ironing paper.

Aquabeads – Create beautiful, fun, and colorful designs from different themes of your choice and see them magically turn into solid shapes by using just water.


Compare themes/templates: Qixels vs Beados vs Perler vs Aquabeads

Qixels – The Themes include Marital Arts, Medieval, Monsters, Deep Sea, Skeleton Army, and Warriors.

Beados – 6 design templates including a crown, butterfly, owl, candy, and lets you create your own designs too.

Perler – There are tons of fun shapes such as Critters, Accessories, Nature, Animals, Food, Holidays, Ocean, Transportation, and 3D art.

Aquabeads – There are Strawberry and Heart templates for beginners, Tiara and Bow for Intermediate, Flower, Bouquet, Animals, Seasonal – Valentine, Christmas, and Halloween, and Sylvanian Families including Chocolate Rabbit, Walnut Squirrel, Hedgehog, Sheep, and Silk Cat for Advance levels.


Compare what do I get: Qixels vs Beados vs Perler vs Aquabeads

Qixels – The complete Qixels kit comes in Fuse Blaster Pack and Theme Pack. The Fuse Blaster Pack includes 500 Qixels Cubes, 1 Fuse Blaster, 2 Design Trays, 4 Design Templates, 2 Display Stands, 2 Display Bases, 2 Plug in Accessories, 1 Storage Tray and 1 Instructions Booklet. The Theme Pack includes 500 Qixels cubes, 1 Design Tray, 4 Design Templates, 1 Display Stand, 1 Display Base, 2 Plug in Accessories, 1 Water Sprayer Bottle, and 1 Instructions Booklet.

Beados – The complete kit includes 500 Gem Beads, 1 Gem Designer Studio, 1 Necklace String, 1 Necklace Pendant, 1 Ring, 6 Jewelry Plugs, 1 Bracelet, 5 Bracelet Disks, 2 Bead Trays, 6 Design Templates, Bead Scoop, 1 Water Sprayer, and Instructions.

Perler – 22,000 Perler Beads, a small pegboard to create more than 80 projects, a large interlocking pegboard to create over 20 DIY designs, transparent and solid color beads, 3 ironing paper sheets, and Instructions.

Aquabeads – Each different kit comes with hundreds of colorful beads, 1 spray bottle to stick the creation, storage case, bead pen to arrange beads, 4 template sheets with different designs. Different kits have pen sets, layout trays, charms, and gems depending on the kit you choose.


Compare price: Qixels vs Beados vs Perler vs Aquabeads

Qixels – $19.99 + $ 9.99 P&H

Beados – $24.99 + $ 5 P&H

Perler – $18.67

Aquabeads – Beginners Studio $14.99


Compare reviews: Qixels vs Beados vs Perler vs Aquabeads

QIXEL Reviews

A reviewer of Qixels says that their kids love the kit and it is better than the iron-melting beads. But they also wish for more colors for kids to really get creative and not making parents buy two kits just to suffice colors. The lack of beads restricts kids from making the patterns as creatively as the kit claims. Another customer also states that the kit is too small and beads too few to give great playtime. They exhaust right after making just a couple of small things. A user of Qixels Mandy Samuels writes that the kit is good but there are not enough beads. 500 beads are enough to make decent designs but won’t suffice for two kids creating at the same time and there aren’t enough black beads. The kit lacked colors and the refill kits don’t have enough beads for $15. However, the kit is a lot of fun, but it is limited because of small amount of beads.

Another reviewer Paula Newman calls Qixels a fun tech-free way to promote children’s creativity. Because of its small pieces, the kit works only for kids who are 4+ years old. The small cubes stay on the design tray with difficulty and can be frustrating. The cubes are enough for the design templates but there should have been more of each color and even more colors, as a lack of that curbs a kid’s creativity. Paula adds that it is important to have dry hands while making designs or else the cubes stick to fingers. You also need to be careful about where you lay the design to dry because it may stick to some surfaces. A customer of Qixels Halle McBride writes that it is not as good as Beados and takes much longer – 45 minutes – for the cubes to dry. The cubes that are suck on just 1-2 sides need to be handled too gently or they come off easily. Qixels have to be laid on little pegs, so when you peel it up after drying, the pieces get stuck and fall off and need to be re-sprayed to stick again.



A reviewer says that their daughter of six years finds creating designs using Beados exhilarating. The problem was not in creating but the issue surfaced when they wanted to fuse it together. Even after following the directions to the tee and letting it dry for an entire night, the pieces fell apart. This is heartbreaking for kids as they spend a lot of time and effort in making a design only to see if it falls off easily. This also makes Beados a bit pricey. Instead, this concept should be used on a cookie tray or something and should find a way to fuse the pieces together.

The Beados beads get wet and stay sticky as one has to literally peel them off the feet if they fall down. Which is why it’s not good to use it on a carpeted room as the lint will stick to them too if they fall. Generally it is not an advisable gift for kids.

Another user who used Beados feels that it is a great choice but can be toxic for kids, especially little ones. There is a caution that it should be used under supervision as children tend to put things in mouth and can end up being harmful to them. Another user tried to build many different figures using Beados but was disappointed as it just kept falling apart. Use too less water and they do not stick, and too much of it means it will never dry. Even after the user tried every different trick there was no way it worked to fuse together. Another user who reviewed Beados mentions that her six year old daughter enjoyed it in the beginning but grew bored of it soon. The drying of the beads takes a lot of time and the pieces are quite small. Although the small pieces work well in small hands but parents can’t play along well. The directions and application is a bit too detailed and at the same time confusing. Overall it’s not worth the money and the user isn’t interested in purchasing any further packs.



A user who used Perler says it is a great buy for his son but the problem is that all of different colored pieces come together. This makes it really frustrating for kids when they have to go through so many colors to find just few ones which they like. The manufacturers should instead just put them in individual color packs. In the end of it there weren’t enough blacks and whites. Another user who used Perler also complains about similar problems of sorting the different pearls to find the specific color. The sorting process itself is painstaking and kills the entire imagination and enthusiasm of making something unique out of it. One other user who also used Perler says the colors are great but there is the sorting issue. The multi-mix pack is frustrating and it’s better to spend a bit more on the pre-sorted packs. The customer though rates Perler highly as a good concept. Another user who purchased Perler agrees on the same issue and says Perler is good for kids and can keep them busy for hours sharpening their imagination and hone their creativity.

A user says Perler provides a great deal in terms of both quantity and price. Getting over 22,000 beads for under $20, which is absolutely a steal deal. It can be a great thing for everyone – kids or even for adults too to bring out the creativity out. But these are good for only recreational purposes and cannot extend its use if the plan is to buy it for a craft show or make display items. There are lots of colors and definitely a great deal with the exception of organization. Like the other users, the user again puts forward the point that there is no easy way to find the particular color without sifting through the hordes of many other beads. In fact, the user received the Perler jug a week back and is still sorting through the colors. The user would prefer paying higher to get pre-organized packs instead. Besides the jumble of color, the user rates it three stars.


Aquabeads REVIEW

A user who used Aquabeads complains that it does not work properly. It may come across as easy to use but is highly time consuming to load. Once loaded it does not keep the beads in place and will spit out a bead or two. Instead, the user’s daughter would do good with beads in a bowl to create with. The beads also take a lot of time to dry off and needs much more patience that doesn’t come easy for 4 year old kids. Another user got Aquabeads as a part of Christmas present for 5-year-old daughter. The kid loves it and keeps her busy for a while. The magic pen holds only about 15 of each color beads, which is a big waste of time. Its accuracy is flawed due to its thick point. It is suggested to use fingers instead of the pen.

Another user who reviewed Aquabeads says her 5-year-old patiently waited for the pen to be filled for use. The pen though wasn’t easy to fill up and lacks accuracy. Drying took another good hour or two and by the end the kid lost all interest in it. Younger kids may need to invest more time in it to really get some good design coming off it. This user also found the pen to be completely useless but mentions that the final product does comes out to be good. One other user who used Aquabeads also says its pen doesn’t hold many beads as one would want, it is tricky to use and bulky to handle. The template tray should be kept still as a little bump many cause beads to dispense crazily in all directions. The sprayer design is bad and its top can pop off if it’s squeezed too hard. A travel sized spray bottle works better instead of it. There are not many beads in the pack and no way to organize or store them back. Another user who used Aquabeads finds it to be good for kids to improve their ability, practice patience and enhance fine motor skills regardless of its shortcomings.

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  1. Christopher D. Helwig | November 11, 2016 at 11:23 pm | Reply

    My daughter loves beados. She started when six and just turned seven. I just ordered refill pack from amozon. Was searching info on aquabeads. How I came here. Kids 10 month old creations are doing great. She just started using tools for beados. She used tweezers for 1st 10 months. No adults required!!! Empowerment!!! Great product. Note: she made a cat on her own shorty after getting project. Its better then templates. She’s hooked on templates. Beados nailed it for me and daughter.

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