Qixels Review

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What are Qixels

They are specially designed cubes that fuse with water to help you create a magical and fun pixel world.

Qixels emphasize on the fact that now you have a smart and fun way of keeping your kids entertained while you boost their creativity as well. You know how difficult it can be to keep your young ones engaged and occupied. That’s why you get them toys and activity games, which cost a fortune. However kids grow out of them way too quickly and that’s just not what you want. You want to make sure they are having the time of their lives with their friends while their imagination is fueled too. The fun, cool and funky cubes claim to do that, by taking your kids into the adorable pixel world. But we haven’t received enough Qixels reviews to be able to validate these claims for you.


A customer Mandy Samuels says that even though the Qixels kit is very good it does not give enough beads; in fact, the amount is just too little and even if it makes decent design it doesn’t suffice for two kids playing at the same time. According to her there aren’t enough black beads to make a ninja and there were no green, orange, or pink colors with just two shades of gray, white, a small pack of blue, red, and yellow included. The customer adds that the refill kits don’t have enough beads either at 1400 beads for $15. And the kit has more gray beads. So even if the kit is fun, it is limited to a small amount of beads. Another reviewer Jackie Bright states that Qixels don’t spray together as easily as the instructions claim and need to be sprayed down and let dry completely. It works like 80’s hairspray though the pegs are a good feature and it comes with a dryer. It is easier to put in front of a fan and needs a good wait after spraying if you want it sturdy. The beads always appear a bit sticky and react to wet hands and cannot be set permanently. It is important for young kids to keep their hands dry if you want them to avoid ruining their designs. Jackie adds that her nephew was disappointed because the kit lacks durability. It also didn’t instantly stand up and battle each other like shown in the video. The Grid in the kit prevents 3D projects and cannot be relied on for everything.

Another reviewer of Qixels Paula Newman says that it’s a fun tech-free way to promote a child’s creativity. But because the pieces are so small only kids more than 4 years of age can play with it. There are 1200 cubes in the kit that can be used to create a variety of designs and templates. The small cubes are at times very difficult to get to stay on the design tray and can frustrate young players after a while. The storage tray makes it possible to keep cubes of different colors separate. Even thought there are enough of cubes for the design templates in the kit but there aren’t enough of each color and would have helped to have more colors. The colors and amounts are limited and restrict the child’s creativity and imagination, though cube refill packs can be bought too. It’s important to have dry and clean hands when playing with Qixels because if you are not careful they would stick to your fingers since they fuse together with water. The kit includes a small bottle of spray to fuse the cubes together after the design is complete and you need to be very careful when laying the cubes to dry, especially when they are being removed from the tray to spray the other side. If you lay it on paper towel the cubes may stick to it and can ruin the design.

Another user Halle McBride writes in her Qixels review that her son wanted to get the toy after seeing Beados but it didn’t prove to be as good as Beados and takes a lot of time to dry – 45 minutes unlike Beados that dry in 20 minutes. You need to be very gentle while playing with the cubes that are stuck on only a couple of sides to the others beads as they break off very easily. Since Qixels are laid down on little pegs, the pieces fall off when being peeled off after they have dried and you need to re-spray them all over again so that they stick again. Even if kids would like the kit and play with it happily, it’s the long wait for them to dry that will frustrate them. Halle thinks that the kit just need a bit of redesigning.

Maximum fun for your kids

For starters, you need to know that this set includes 1000 cubes that can be used by your kids to create the entire Pixel world. They have the option of resorting to the design templates that are available to them in the set or they can also create their own creations if they wish to. What do you make of this tall claim though? We would like to know about it in your Qixels reviews. This set of cubes also asserts that there are several cool and fun options for your young ones. In fact there are various themes including Martial Arts, Medieval Monsters, Skeleton Army and Warriors, and Deep Sea to choose from. Thus it’s not difficult to find the right pixel world for your little one. Qixels reviews can tell us more about these different options and their appeal with the young ones.

The design tray, display stand, display bases and plug in accessories are some of the important elements of the set that also comes with an instruction guide, making it easy to use for kids. We hope your Qixels reviews will tell us whether it’s really easy to use.

Blast the world with water

One of the major highlights of this set is that the cubes used to create the pixel world can be fused with water. Kids can use the Fuse Blaster to ensure that the design is neatly sprayed with water. It will immediately fuse the cubes together and your magical world will be ready to play with. What did you make of this aspect of the set? We are keen on knowing about it in your Qixels reviews. We also want to get our hands on Qixels reviews to find out whether it is really that safe for use as it claims to be. After all, it allows your children to create this fun and exciting world without any glue or heat.

You will also be happy to know that since only water is used there is no mess around the house. Qixels reviews can talk about that too.

What do I get?

You get the Qixels Complete Kit for only $19.99 + $9.99 p&h.Official website buyqixels.com

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  1. Is the Qixels reusable or is it for one time use only?

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