Puzzle-A-Face Review

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About Puzzle-A-Face:

Puzzle-A-Face asserts to be a collection of puzzle pieces that can virtually create any number of faces. Puzzle-A-Face states to be a new-age puzzle that can be changed and anyone’s face can become a puzzle instantly. Also once the puzzle is done one can use it simply as an art piece or break to down to make another puzzle out of it. What is more attractive about Puzzle-A-Face is allegedly the fact that it does all this with the same piece of puzzles.

How does it work:

Puzzle-A-Face claims to come with an app for smartphones that can be used to click a picture and convert it into a puzzle code. Puzzle-A-Face maintains to have these codes available on the back of the puzzle pieces too. Once the picture is clicked and its unique code data is decrypted, all one needs to do is follow the codes and symbols and lock the pieces of puzzle like a jigsaw puzzle.

Jigsaw of anyone’s face

On a fun evening with friends or family, games and puzzles are the best way to have fun, but once they have been played multiple times they become repetitive and boring. But Puzzle-A-Face guarantees to be an amazing way of enjoying a classic jigsaw puzzle by creating virtually anyone’s face whether people, pets or your favourite characters. With its smart phone app and color coding and symbol, Puzzle-A-Face declares to create faces with its 300 pieces that need to be followed according to the picture in the app and placed systematically on an assembly board. Puzzle-A-Face declares to be flexible and can be re-done for someone else’s face by just following the procedure all over again.

Endless fun

Puzzle-A-Face promises that it doesn’t get old or boring. One can keep repeating the process to create as many faces, as many times as you like. Puzzle-A-Face asserts to be a great fun for kids where they can create their own, friends or favourite pets’ faces easily and keep their minds involved and sharpen the brain with healthy exercise. Puzzle-A-Face can serve to be a great activity for sleepovers, birthday parties, etc. Puzzle-A-Face convinces to be endless fun not just for kids but also for grown-ups and can provide an activity with kids.

Transforms into wall decoration artwork

Puzzle-A-Face claims to let anyone create multiple puzzles with it. The app of Puzzle-A-Face assures to be very easy to use and has simple steps to be followed. It convinces to be available for different smart phone platforms too. The quality of puzzle pieces is quite good and the locking mechanism is also sturdy so that it creates a good puzzle out of it and the same 300 pieces can make billions of different faces with just one puzzle as the pieces come part and go back together. Puzzle-A-Face emphasizes that it creates faces in a nice mosaic tile artwork form which has a very interesting appeal. This artwork style proclaims to let you use the finished puzzle as a wall decoration piece.

What Do I Get?

  • You Get 1 Puzzle-A-Face for $19.99 + $9.99 P & H.
  • Official website: puzzleaface.com

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