PRx Performance Rack Review

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What is PRx Performance Rack –

As per the infomercial it is a home gym equipment designed like a folding rack for weight lifting and workout. It claims to be highly durable and ergonomically designed to be used and stored right on the wall.


Foldable home gym equipment

PRx Performance Rack is home gym equipment that asserts to let you work out and lift weight right with its folding rack design. It declares to have accessories attached to it and you just need to pull down the rack and start working out. With these features, the home gym states that you do not have to work around your schedule to go to the gym or move the equipment in and out of the storage. It sounds too fanciful that PRx Performance Rack can be so good so let’s wait for user reviews first. PRx Performance Rack proclaims to have a full line of accessories from barbells, medicine balls, kipping bars and plyometric boxed so that you can get a full workout in no time. It sounds impossible that a simple home gym can have so many accessories so we should wait for PRx Performance Rack user reviews to know more.

Light yet strong

The slender steel rack of PRx Performance Rack convinces to work as a gym base and can be easily stored against the wall in any room including the garage. PRx Performance Rack promises to be only 4-inch deep when folded and stored so that it won’t take too much room. As of now there are no user reviews to ascertain whether the equipment is really so sleek and compact. PRx Performance Rack maintains to have smooth gas shocks that keep the hinges light so that anyone, even someone who doesn’t lift weights, can push it inward to store it. The safety locking pins and lift-assist handles make the rack safer and child-proof. Whether PRx Performance Rack is really that safe and secure will be known after there are more user reviews to analyze. PRx Performance Rack guarantees that the gas shocks are super strong to take the weight of the person working out and is ideal for anyone no matter what their fitness level. Did you find PRx Performance Rack that great? Send us your reviews.


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