Pressure King Pro REVIEW

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What is the Pressure King Pro?

The Pressure King Pro is a one of a kind pressure cooker that allows you to cook perfect meals at the touch of a button. The Pressure King Pro claims to be a sensation in the kitchen, which does the work of multiple kitchen appliances and cooks up to 90 % faster than the traditional, conventional cooker. The Pressure King Pro having no reviews yet, claims to have unmatched capabilities. The Pressure King Pro claims to be your one time solution for safe, quick and easy ways to prepare a healthy, lip smacking home cooked meal.

Pressure King PRO Review

A reviewer of Pressure King PRO, Edward Lamb, says that it looked like a decent item on TV but in reality he could get the lid off with great difficulty even though he exactly followed the written and telephonic instructions, the latter suggesting using a pair of pliers and brute force, which is not ideal when retrieving hot food. He says that it must be a design or manufacturing fault and sent the product back when he couldn’t get the lid off. Even though Edward got a refund of the basic price, the carriage or return postage wasn’t remitted stating that it was payable only on faulty items and not on what the user found unsuitable. Edward was disappointed because it was a faulty product and he wouldn’t be buying anything from the vendor again.

Another reviewer Mary Sanders says that it sticks when searing meat even when less amount of oil is used and it doesn’t often seal even when clean. She was returning it after a disappointing week and adds that one shouldn’t waste money on it. Reviewer Lucy Hide found her pasta turning out soggy and food that stuck to the bottom was impossible to remove. However, it makes vegetables and chicken. Julia Brunt says that the cooker is great at cooking ingredients quickly but is impossible to clean the burnt food at the bottom even when soaked all night. Another reviewer Anne Duggan says that it’s not as easy or quick as the TV commercials stage and needs 10 minutes to get to pressure point before the cooking time and a lot of things need open top cooking before the pressure cooking.

How does the Pressure King Pro work?

Quicker, tastier meals – The Pressure King Pro cooks with pressurized steam that helps in locking in all those delicious flavors and seasonings, bringing in all of the advantages of slow cooked meals but without having to wait half as long. Sounds perfect? Maybe so, but the Pressure King Pro is yet to receive any reviews from its users to clarify and comment on this claim. The Pressure King Pro allows you to make anything ranging from jams to steaks to salads to baked dishes and more. All this in just one cooker – Pressure King Pro – your ultimate kitchen solution. The technologically advanced Pressure King Pro has some enviable pre-programmed settings allowing its users to choose from Fish, Stew, Meat, Rice, Soup, and more for perfectly cooked dishes at the touch of a button.

The Pressure King Pro ensures that your meals will be perfectly healthy and tasty by making sure that adding fatty elements to your dish isn’t essential. That said, it does give you the option of adding fats or oils to enhance the taste. The stainless steel and non-stick material used in the Pressure King Pro allows its users to clean with ease. Just wipe clean and the Pressure King Pro is ready to use again. Cook your amazing meals without having to worry about the painful scrubbing and cleaning that you did with the conventional cookers.

Technologically advanced features – The Pressure King Pro has a number of advanced features it boasts of, allowing its users to try out new recipes and get their dishes ready in a jiffy. The Pressure King Pro maintains the perfect temperature from center to edge and from top to bottom, whilst cooking your food quickly and evenly. This helps you get all of your dishes cooked right down to perfection – no more half cooked, undercooked or semi cooked dishes. The Pressure King Pro also has a 24 hour delay timer function. What this function allows you to do is that you could wake up in the morning and dump in your ingredients into the Pressure King Pro and get on with your day’s work. This functionality allows your food to cook without any hassle on your side.

Once again, the Pressure King Pro claims to get your food ready to eat with just the click of a button. The Pressure King Pro also claims to have another function appealing to our constant need for convenience – the “keep warm” mode. This functionality helps your food retain the heat and stay warm right until you are ready to eat. The “fast reheat” function allows you to reheat the food just like how you would in a microwave. These various inbuilt functionalities really do make the Pressure King Pro sound like the ultimate kitchen solution. With its safety features that do not allow the Pressure King Pro to be opened until the pressure is released also appeals to those who have young children at home. The Pressure King Pro promises to have an impact on its users with all of these “to die for” features.

With no reviews and a long list of tall claims and promises, the Pressure King Pro is yet to be vouched for. Those of you tired of your conventional cookers and want to clear up your kitchen of multiple utensils and gadgets, go ahead and place an order for the multi purpose Pressure King Pro. Make a variety of dishes, using different methods but just one cooker. Those of you willing to try the Pressure King Pro please write in your reviews, your reviews will help the rest of us make an informed decision. It’s now time to make that judgment call about the Pressure King Pro – is it really a pro or yet another pressure cooker?

What do I get?

  • 1 Pressure King Pro (5L Capacity)
  • 1 Steam Tray/Inner Tray
  • 1 Measuring Cup
  • 1 Condensation Cup
  • 1 Spoon
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Recipe Book

Price: £59.99

10 Comments on "Pressure King Pro REVIEW"

  1. I’ve used the pressure king pro 5l twice once for chilli con carne, which turned out really lovely and another of sausage casserole which was great too that I used fast reheat function. Perfect so far. Was a bit frightened of it as didn’t want to break it but it’s been great so far. Prob write another comment after christmas

  2. Patricia francis | February 16, 2018 at 8:19 pm | Reply

    Just cooked rice, but stuck to the biotin, did I do something wrong

  3. Ive had mine 2 days snd have successfully cooked
    A chicken tikka masala one day and a szusafe casserole 2nd day.delicious

  4. Use you pro king cooker like a frying pan.fry onions 1st till
    Soft then sear the chicken till it brown chicken.then add everything to pot then put lid on steam part close then press meat x add to 20mins
    Then hey Pressto a smzshing cooke meal.Im 100%satified

  5. Accidently closed lid in wrong alignment.
    Nothing inside and not switched on.
    Completely stuck.
    Any advice?

  6. Bought this and so disappointed..buttons not very good and steam tray will not stay up inside bowl.. taking it back 😠

  7. BUYER BEWARE. Had one of these cookers for my birthday. Arrived with the lid jammed shut. Customer services not interested. Piece of junk.

  8. It’s not true you can’t make stew in 30 min and it takes at least another 30 min that mean the veg is turning into mush and it stuck to the bottom of the pot so you need to cook your meat before you put it in chicken sticks and burns rice sticks and you can’t steam veg in the times in the book I’ve tried it was still solid it’s pretty poor and should be tested right no use

  9. Hi just brought a pressure King pro can anyone tell me do you brown your meat before placing it in for cooking ie sausages etc

  10. can i download the booklet i want to see want i can do before i buy it

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