Power Blaster Pro Review

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What is Power Blaster Pro?

Power Blaster Pro claims to be a contraption that can turn a regular garden hose into a portable pressure washer instantly and give you the same results at the fraction of a cost.

How does Power Blaster Pro work?

When the water flows through the Power Blaster Pro, the innovative hydropneumatic technology claims to pressurize the water to create a powerful and unstoppable blast of water spray for thorough cleaning.

Turn your garden hose into power washer
If your garden hose does not have a powerful spray, and the pressure washer is an expensive and cumbersome affair, then Power Blaster Pro asserts to be the solution. Power Blaster Pro maintains that it can turn a regular garden hose into a powerful portable pressure washer instantly by just attaching the Power Blaster Pro contraption to your hose, turning the water on and spraying it to get cleaning like powerful machines. Power Blaster Pro claims to fit into the palms of your hands. Power Blaster Pro asserts to wash large surfaces with force like your house, car, RVs or boats. Power Blaster Pro also guarantees to be turned down to a gentle mist to water your plants too with its On/Off valve.

Power Blaster Pro maintains to be so powerful that it can blast away the debris and weeds from paver blocks. Power Blaster Pro emphasizes to reach the second storey window of your house without a ladder. Power Blaster Pro proclaims to let you wash your patio furniture, clean yard machinery and garden tools quickly and easily. Power Blaster Pro assures to save your time and money by giving you the same effect as a power washer. Power Blaster Pro claims to have such a lightweight wash wand that anyone can use it and its universal adaptor can fit any hose.

What Do I Get?

  • You get the Power Blaster Pro for $19.95 plus $7.99 P&H.
  • You also get light weight wash wand, on/off control valve, quick connect universal adaptor, all brass high pressure tip and fan spray tip, and the soap and scrub kit!
  • Official website: powerblasterpro.com

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  1. This is not a review. You have simply stated what is on the products website. Not helpful at all.

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