Pop Clocky

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What is Pop Clocky

As per the TV infomercial it’s an alarm clock uniquely designed to convert into a kid’s toy. It states to come with a cute character that literally pops out of the clock in the morning and falls on the floor to wake the kids up.


What is Pop Clocky

Waking up made fun – Pop Clocky assures every parent that waking their kids is not going to be a difficult task anymore. All thanks to its toy-cum-alarm clock design, every kid will love waking up with it around. Although the effectiveness of the alarm is still to be confirmed once user reviews for Pop Clocky come out. Pop Clocky claims that its unique design of characters that come in four different variations will not only woo the kids to play with them but also wake them up. Such fancy claims can be only substantiated when user reviews for Pop Clocky come out.


Popping up characters – Pop Clocky promises to be a very appealing alarm clock that no other can match since it’s an alarm clock and a kid’s toy. How well this toy appeals to kids is a question left to answer by Pop Clocky user reviews. Pop Clocky alleges that its uniqueness lies in its different characters that are cute and cuddly. These characters generally sit over Pop Clocky and pop out and fall on the floor whenever the alarm goes off. Currently there are no Pop Clocky reviews available to back that claim. Pop Clocky asserts to be very amusing when it pops as the toys are soft plastic that bounce down the stairs or along the ground without breaking. This makes them a daytime play pretend toy too. These features sounds too fanciful, only Pop Clocky user reviews will tell us if it is true.

Four different characters – Pop Clocky proclaims that it is designed keeping in mind every kid, which is why there’s a choice of four colorful, cuddly and cute characters – yellow Sunny, pink Rosie, green Gilbert and blue Charlie to choose from. Every one of them has a unique set of ears, one opened and one closed eye with four square teeth. Do these characters really appeal the kids? Send us your Pop Clocky reviews. Also there is a choice of mixing and matching different characters for more fun but there is no Pop Clocky review that states this interchangeability delightfully amusing. The toys in Pop Clocky are mentioned to come with mustache stickers to add variety to them. However, there is a doubt about how good the stickers are and how much they last with only Pop Clocky user reviews having the answer. Pop Clocky also states that the toys are made of durable plastic that lasts for a long time but is a fact that can be affirmed with Pop Clocky reviews.


Alarm clock features – Pop Clocky declares to be different from regular alarm clocks. Pop Clocky asserts to come with a digital display and a button on the right side to illuminate Pop Clocky’s. Only Pop Clocky reviews will tell if it’s this good. Plus, Pop Clocky promises to not wake up the kids with annoying sound but has a pleasant sound that is soothing to wake up to. This claim of Pop Clocky sounds too far-fetched and can only be confirmed with Pop Clocky user reviews.


What do I get?
Get Pop Clocky for $19.99 each plus $8.99 p&h each. Official website: PopClocky.com

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