Poopsie Daisy Review

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About Poopsie Daisy

Poopsie Daisy proclaims to be an odor controlling toilet spray that does not just mask the odor but gets rid of it completely. Poopsie Daisy claims to be a blend of exotic essential oils that freshen the toilet up so no one will ever know that you used it. The toilet spray asserts that it is not just for women but can kill the manliest of odors. Poopsie Daisy declares that you do not have to spend money on candles, air fresheners, etc that are ineffective.



How does it work

Getting rid of odor in the toilet is as easy and discreet as the creators of Poopsie Daisy convinces. You can carry the compact spray bottle in your purse or bag and just spray Poopsie Daisy into the toilet bowl before you go as it maintains. The aroma of the extract blend of the exotic essential oils of Poopsie Daisy is alleged to create a barrier on the surface of the water thereby trapping the odor under the water. This entrapped odor is assured to not escape thereby keeping the bathroom fresh and odor free.


No more foul smelling toilets

It is common to have a foul-smelling toilet after you have just used it. Not only is the stench annoying for you but it also gets embarrassing when someone else is using the toilet after you because they know that you raised a stink, as it were. But Poopsie Daisy promises to let you go without a worry whether you have guests home or you’re a guest at someone’s. Usually one resorts to spraying air fresheners, lighting aroma candles, incense sticks, or matches but these methods don’t always get rid of the odor. The new odor prevention spray Poopsie Daisy asserts that it can deal with the problem for you almost instantly. Unlike other perfumes or air fresheners, Poopsie Daisy promises to kill the odor instead of just masking it. The blend of exotic essential oil extracts o Poopsie Daisy maintains to create a barrier on the surface of the water trapping the odor under water so that the odor doesn’t escape.

Kills the manliest of odors

The ginger and lime aroma of Poopsie Daisy emphasizes to make the bathroom feel like a spa. It states that you can stop wasting money on candles and air fresheners that don’t work. Poopsie Daisy convinces that you can confidently use the toilet in public practically anywhere because no one will know what you have been doing. Poopsie Daisy declares to be such a compact spray bottle that you can carry it in your bag or purse and use it anywhere you want. Not only will you be saved from foul smell while using the washroom but also save yourselves from embarrassment, as Poopsie Daisy claim. It maintains to be ideal for offices, restaurants, airplanes, dorm rooms and even your own home. Poopsie Daisy asserts that it’s not just meant for use by women but can mask the manliest odor.


What do I get?

You get Four Poopsie Daisy™ Sprays today for just $10 + $13.98 S&H.Official website buypoopsiedaisy.com

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