PocketWISP Review

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About pocketWISP

PocketWISP states to be the only tool that lets you clean away debris, leaves, and other such impediments from the putting green. pocketWISP promises that it is easy to use and lightweight enough to carry even in your pocket. It assures to be permissible by the official rules of golf.

How does it work

Forget clearing the putting green of impediments like debris and leaves with your hand, towel or hat. PocketWISP alleges that you just need to move it from side to side with one hand on the surface of the putting green to get rid of impediments. PocketWISP maintains to have a Unique Bristle Seal Technology that covers the surface and collects and directs the debris under the cover more effectively than any other method.

Clear putting line as the first players

If your game of golf suffers because the line of putt is full of impediments after it’s been played on by other golfers, then pocketWISP assures to get you back in the game. pocketWISP proclaims that you no longer need to clear the putting green with your hand or hat, which are anyway ineffective at giving you a clean line of putting. By just sweeping the surface of putting green from side to side, pocketWISP emphasizes to let you eliminate loose impediments like leaves, debris, twigs, sand and more effectively and with just one hand. pocketWISP declares to have a bending and flexing motion that instantly restore the putting green to greener conditions just like the first players at the course enjoyed within no time.

Permissible by official rules of golf

With its unique Bristle Seal Technology, pocketWISP guarantees to get rid of impediments with just one hand. And while doing so, pocketWISP emphasize to be a completely legal way of clearing the putting green. pocketWISP alleges that it is permissible under the rules of golf so that you wouldn’t have the niggling doubt of doing something illegal to enjoy your game. pocketWISP asserts that by using the tool, you will be able to make more putts and shoot lower scores thus improving your game phenomenally. pocketWISP promises to give you fair and equal conditions to play the game just like the first players of the day. pocketWISP claims that it is very easy to use and carry – you can easily clip it on to your golf bag or even carry it in your pocket.

What do I get?

You will get pocketWISP plus a Clean Putts Bag all for just $19.99.Official website pocketWISP.com

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