Phone Sling

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What is Phone Sling

It is a sling for you smartphone to ensure that it is drop free while you can use it conveniently too, according to its claims. Phone Sling maintains that now it is possible for you to ensure that you don’t drop your phone every now and again no matter what position or situation you are in.


How does Phone Sling work?

You know that your phone has practically become your lifeline and you just can’t do without it. How often have you ended up dropping your phone while trying to read from it in an awkward position? You just can’t have your phone non-functional or in need of repairs frequently and you don’t want to spend huge amounts replacing it either. This phone sling asserts that now it’s very simple to keep your phone safe and drop free at all times. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough Phone Sling reviews to confirm this claim for you.


It lets you secure your phone – This sling has been designed to assure you phone safety in myriad ways in several different situations. It stresses on the fact that the sling is very easy to use and all you have to do is apply the sling plus adhesive mount to the back of any smartphone or tablet for that matter. However Phone Sling reviews are awaited to decide whether it’s actually that simple to use. It offers you complete flexibility because the sling can be adjusted in many different ways to be able to hold it easily and securely. If you think that’s really possible we would like you to let us know in your Phone Sling reviews.

Gives you several hands free options – It’s understandable that there are times when you need to use your phone while you are engaged in different activities. The good news is that this sling can lead to several hands free options and possibilities. It seems like a lofty claim that can only be verified when we manage to look at Phone Sling reviews closely. It emphasizes on the fact that now you can simply wear it around your fingers and have full use of both hands. At the same time you can also wear or mount it to offer you complete security while you get on with any kind of activity. If that kind of maneuverability is actually possible, can be ascertained when we have Phone Sling reviews.


It has several applications for you – The sling claims that it has several applications for you as you can wear it like a bracelet for hands free and easy access. If you wear it on your hand or sleeve, you will have complete freedom when you are working out. Only when we get enough Phone Sling reviews will we be able to substantiate these claims. It also promises to be handy for use in your car. You can latch it or mount it so that it’s ideal for the GPS in the car or when you want to listen to music. Phone Sling reviews can tell us whether that’s actually the case.

The strong adhesive backing of this sling is not only easily removable but residue free as well. Hence it won’t leave any marks on your phones; another claim that has to be validated with Phone Sling reviews.


What do I get?
You get 2 Phone Slings for $14.95 plus $9.90 P&H | Official website:

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