PetPlus Review

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About PetPlus

PetPlus is a comprehensive online pet care program that promises to serve you in an effective and economical manner. It claims to give you access to vets and also wholesale pricing on your pet’s medication and supplements. The PetPlus program assures you of convenience by providing you with free home delivery and also a pick up facility from a local pharmacy in your vicinity. As this PetPlus program is not an insurance it alleges to qualify pets with pre-existing conditions as well.


How does it work

PetPlus is pet care program for dogs and cats designed to save you time and money when the pet suffers from an ailment. It is very simple to register, one can sign up online and get enrolled into the program and avail outstanding discounts on a wide array of pet prescriptions and supplements. If you have more than one pet the then program also declares that you can add them to your account. Once you become a PetPlus member you have to log-in to your account and place your order on It maintains to give you a convenient home delivery option other than pickup on your purchase.


24/7 access to live vets and medications

A sickly pet can be really disconcerting for the owner. And when the cost of medication and pet care is added it only adds to your woes. But now the online pet care program PetPlus ensures you have 24/7 access to a vet, with a flexible and convenient service. If you are on the lookout for medications for Rx, Flea & tick and heartworm you can get them at PetPlus. Enrolled into the program alleges to give you access to supplies, treats and foods. PetPlus asserts to be a one stop online place when it comes to pet essentials especially medications.

Effective and efficiently cares for your pets

A PetPlus member benefits with assured and proper care to his or her pet at the right time. The 24/7 availability of this service proclaims to provide great assistance and value to the pet owner. The professional care your pet gets in crucial time is priceless. One can allegedly find almost all products and medications with regards to pet care on PetPlus. PetPlus claims to have an effective and efficient delivery system ensuring you get your order in time.


User friendly marketplace

PetPlus guarantees that it is a user-friendly program for pet owners. Keeping in mind the busy life nowadays it is great way to streamline and organize yourself for your pet’s needs. PetPlus convinces that one can change the way they go about their pet’s healthcare needs and is sure to benefit both your pet and you. The website declares to be very easy to navigate and it showcases different products in an organized manner so that you do not waste a lot of time scouting for the important medication or supplements you are there for. Along with the ease in navigation the order placed in a swift manner and is processed smoothly.


What do I get?

You can join PetPlus for $0.25 per day.Official website

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