Perfect Portions REVIEW

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About Perfect Portions

Perfect Portions is a color coded food portion control container system that claims to lets you control your intake of food so that you don’t overeat. It assures to let you lose weight and inches within three weeks without dieting, starving or fasting. Perfect Portions asserts to be dishwasher safe and microwave friendly so that you can eat the foods of seven food groups that you like and have the ease to clean the containers. Perfect Portions guarantees to be better than costly diet programs and time consuming gym sessions.


How does Perfect Portions work?

The secret of Perfect Portions is stated to be in the portion control containers. Based on your weight loss goals, there are a set number of color coded containers for each day that fit just the right amount of food you need to eat every day. Perfect Portions declares to let you have food of your choice – from fruits, veggies, healthy carbs, proteins, good fat, and seeds and dressings. When you finish all the food in the containers of Perfect Portions, it means you have consumed just the right amount that your body needs. With this you are promised to control your food intake and avoid overeating.


Lose weight without dieting or fasting – Anyone who is struggling to lose weight and doesn’t fancy following a crash diet or strenuous workout regime is convinced to have the perfect solution with Perfect Portions. A food portion control container system, Perfect Portions promises to help you consume a healthy amount of food and not binge eat. There are allegedly different containers for seven food groups that you enjoy eating and benefit from. You just need to pack each container of Perfect Portions with fruits, veggies, good carbs, proteins, good fats, and seeds and dressings. When you are out of containers, it indicates that you have eaten enough for the day. Perfect Portions emphasizes to let you combine more containers and fix breakfast, lunch and dinner that are tasty and healthy.


Results in just three weeks – The problem with diet systems is that you tend to gain weight right back when you are off it but Perfect Portions promises that you will keep the weight off if you follow this system diligently. What’s more, instead of sweating it out in the gym or fasting and starving, Perfect Portions helps you lose weight and trim inches in just three weeks. One often doesn’t realize that they are overeating even when they think they are eating the right amount. Perfect Portions maintains to ensure that you don’t overeat. You can take Perfect Portions to work and it states to be microwave safe and dishwasher friendly to give you ease of use. Perfect Portions assures to have color coded containers that are better than difficult calorie counting. It proclaims that it costs just a fraction of expensive diet programs and saves time on workout regimes. Perfect Portions asserts to let you eat satisfying and delicious meals while keeping extra calories and weight at bay.


Perfect Portions Review

Perfect Portions is a disappointment because the containers leak. If you use a lot of marinades on vegetables then the fact that the containers leak will definitely bother you. Also, if you like to turn lidded containers sideways in the fridge or a lunch bag, then the Perfect Portions containers won’t work for you.

The quality of the Perfect Portions materials is poor. For the price, you pay the Perfect Portions containers should have been of better quality. The size of these containers is small too.

The Perfect Portions containers focus on a specific meal plan and don’t allow for any variety or substitutions. For instance, if you eat a serving of ice cream or a cookie or a food that’s not on the list, the booklet doesn’t explain how to account for that. Perfect Portions is to use only for 21 days so it’s just not worth purchasing it.

The Perfect Portions container sizes are extremely small. You will definitely lose weight using these containers because you will be starving!

Perfect Portions containers are too small for any meals. The containers seem a lot bigger in the pictures and what it was explained to be.


Perfect Portions Questions and Answers

Q. What are the Perfect Portions measuring spoons used for or used with?
A. Perfect Portions can be used to measure certain types of foods properly, according to serving size, like peanut butter, salad dressing, nuts etc.

Q. Are Perfect Portions labeled?
A. No, Perfect Portions are only color coded. The e-book has the sizing information for the containers; you can print it out and keep it handy.

Q. Does the orange leak your salad dressing? Just experienced oil/vinegar all over from my “official” beach body set.
A. The seals are tight. It doesn’t leak.

Q. Do the Perfect Portions really help with weight loss, or do you feel hungry all the time?
A. They help the most with portion control, it’s almost like weight watchers but instead of counting points you are counting containers. With the app 21 day fix (free) you can get help with tracking and lose weight too.


What do I get?

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  1. I ordered a set, but at checkout – AFTER GIVING MY CREDIT CARD INFO AND ADDRESS, PHONE, AND EMAIL – I was asked if I wanted to pay for an UPGRADE to a BPA-Free set! Since I assumed the set I was already ordering was safe to use, I tried to back out of the checkout page and deleted all my info, never finishing the order sequence, but I got a confirmation email that I had ordered it anyway.

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